Goddard and Gomersall pose in front of their Hyundai Excel Race Car (Photo: Matt Stone Racing)

While everyone is using the Supercars break differently, Matt Stone Racing's Zane Goddard is taking the opportunity to impart some wisdom on his new young teammate at the Excel Enduro Cup.

The Supercars season is currently in an extended break, which wont see the championship return until October.

During this time, many drivers will be looking to stay fresh by participating in alternative racing events.

Matt Stone Racing driver Zane Goddard will pair up with team co-owner Jason Gomersall’s son, Ben Gomersall at this weekend’s Excel Cup Enduro held at Queensland Raceway.

Goddard is using this opportunity to “keep his eye in the game.” He looks forward to racing under the Matt Stone Racing name in different machinery.

He is also is looking forward to the experiencing the different formula, against some talented and seasoned drivers.

“With the long break in our season, it was looking like I wasn’t going to be in the car for a fair while,” Goddard said.

“So when Jason and Ben gave me the call up and asked me to have a go in their Excel, I jumped on it straight away.

“It’s good fun, especially when you have 38 cars out there and some strong drivers in the field with the likes of Tim Slade, Broc Feeney and Nash Morris.”

“It’s a bit of fun and just keeps your eye in it for sure.”

Goddard and Gomersall’s Hyundai Excel Race Car. (Photo: Matt Stone Racing)

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Young Ben Gomersall is relishing in the chance to race alongside a driver with the experience of Goddard.

He is taking every opportunity to learn from the second year Supercars racer, soaking in all of Goddard’s wisdom.

“I think it is really cool to work with Zane and for him to share his experience with me. It really helps me as a young developing driver in Excels,” Gomersall said.

“We are learning a lot from each other and how we can constantly improve the car. I think we will be a really good pairing for Sunday’s race.

“It is really helpful to look over Zane’s onboard video and see where he is braking and how he is getting the most out of the car.

“He is really pushing me to be a better driver and helping me to determine how to improve my driving.”

So far, Goddard has been impressed with Gomersall’s work ethic and raw speed. Despite his own career being in its early stages, Goddard appears to be loving the mentoring role.

“I am really enjoying working with Ben. He is proving that he is quite fast, and he is definitely keeping me on my toes,” Goddard said.

“He is a good kid, and it’s good going through data and onboard footage with him. I’m teaching him stuff and he is teaching me the way around a Hyundai Excel.

“I am more familiar with high horsepower Supercars than these things, so it is good fun and I like a challenge.”

The Supercars extended break presents a unique challenge to drivers. Many, like Goddard, are using it as an opportunity to sharpen their skills by competing in events/series such as the Hyundai Excel Enduro.

Goddard in particular is taking that extra step, using this time to educate the next generation of drivers.

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