Carl Jenkinson mistake won't be playing too much on his mind going forward. (Photo: Melbourne City - Twitter)

Kisnorbo confident defender Carl Jenkinson will bounce back ahead of tomorrow's clash against Newcastle Jets.

Melbourne City coach Patrick Kisnorbo has backed in Carl Jenkinson, following the defender’s costly mistake against Adelaide United.

In the closing moments of Tuesday night’s clash against United with scores tied, Jenkinson’s back pass to goalkeeper Tom Glover was intercepted by pounced on by Mo Toure who’d score the winner.

Though admitting it wasn’t an ideal end to the game, Kisnorbo has ensured neither he nor Jenkinson are too hung up about it. Kisnorbo says the English defender has dealt with a lot worse having previously drawn heavy criticism while playing for Arsenal in the Premier League.

“In football sometimes those things happen, he doesn’t want it to happen, no one means it to happen, it was just a decision at the time that was wrong,” Kisnorbo told media on Thursday.

“You learn from it, I’m sure if put in that position again I’m sure that his decision will be different, but he’s played [against] the biggest clubs in the world.

“We accepted it was a mistake, I’m sure he’s had to deal with a lot worse than that.

“Footballers make mistakes at all different levels as we know they’re not perfect, some of them cost, some of them don’t, unfortunately for us it did, but we move on and we learn from it.”

Touching on the performance against Adelaide on Tuesday, Kisnorbo says his message coming out of the game was to continue to play how they’d been playing in recent weeks. Despite the loss, he was encouraged by how they played.

“They [need to] continue what they’ve been doing, you watch the game and watch it again, that game could be anything,” he said.

“I’ll give credit to our players they were fantastic, and they [Adelaide United] scored from a cross which is unlucky, they scored from a back pass which happens, but the great thing is we created enough chances to obviously score more goals.

“And that’s what the really positive thing is, we’re still creating a lot of opportunities and getting in the areas to at least have a shot on goal which I was very pleased with.”

Other than the result, another downside to the game was both Scott Jamieson and Marco Tilio coming off with an injury. Though Tilio has pulled up the better of the two, Kisnorbo says both will be monitored ahead of tomorrow’s clash against the Newcastle Jets.

“Marco is okay, just at the time he didn’t feel right, but he’s pulled up okay, Jamo we’ll see how he pulls up at training today,” he said.

“Because it’s such a short turnaround we need to wait until today’s training is finished to see and assess if they’re ready for tomorrow.”

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Though City has already taken on the Jets earlier in the month, recording a 4-2 victory, it will be the first opportunity for the City boss to see Newcastle in action.

Having tested positive for COVID earlier in the month, Kisnorbo wasn’t on the touchline for the game and says it was hard for him to take too much out of the game having to watch it on his television at home.

“To be honest when you watch it on TV you’re a minute behind, so when something happened I was behind than in actual real-time,” he said.

“It’s hard for me to watch a game on TV when you’re used to being there, same with players because they can’t control it, it’s hard watching.

“I think I would have seen some things normal in terms if I was watching on TV or there [in person], the pleasing thing is that what we concentrate on what we do right, so it was pleasing to see that.”

With Jamieson and Tilio uncertain for tomorrow night’s clash against the Jets, Kisnorbo says the rest of the squad won’t be rotated or rested despite a chaotic fixture ahead. The City coach says that unless players are strained, he won’t be making changes for the sake of it.

“We’ll see [if changes need to be made], for me even though we have tight turnarounds if I feel there’s no need to change we won’t, it’s just how I think,” he said.

“We need to see how they are that’s why we have to take it day by day because if one [player is] feeling good today, they might be feeling good tomorrow.

“So I have to take everything into account and that’s why I always leave it to the last minute.”

Kisnorbo would also comment on the status of Japanese signee Tsubasa Endoh from Toronto FC, with the winger having joined the club in January though yet to make an appearance for the club.

Kisnorbo says he’s been training well but is likely to make his City debut against the Central Coast Mariners next week.

“I think he’s closer to the Mariners game than the game for tomorrow,” he said.

“He’s had some good training…we need to see how he is day by day.”

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