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With just less than one month away from WrestleMania, Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes stood across from each other in the same ring and started to build toward their main event.

Welcome to the WWE Weekly Round-up, where The Inner Sanctum will take you through this week’s most pivotal moments on WWE television and preview what shapes to be a huge period ahead.

Omos officially becomes Brock Lesnar’s opponent for WrestleMania 39

When Omos challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania last week, many were hoping for it to be a swerve to set the stage for a Hurt Business reunion. However, the Beast Incarnate indeed accepted during Monday Night Raw and the clash has been made official for Los Angeles.

The decision has left fans disappointed as they felt this was the worst outcome for Lesnar, as he had better candidates for opponents like Bray Wyatt and Gunther. Giving the Nigerian Giant this high-profile match is also erroneous, considering he has only wrestled on Raw once in the past three months and is generally disliked.

If Triple H is looking to decrease the number of matches on WrestleMania’s card and would rather focus on quality like other Premium Live Events, Omos takes a crucial spot from someone who is more deserving and preferred by the fanbase.

The contest at WrestleMania does confirm that Lesnar’s rivalry with Bobby Lashley has finally reached it’s conclusion, as the All-Mighty is firming to face Bray Wyatt in another bizarre encounter.

Trish Stratus aids in Becky Lynch and Lita capturing the Women’s Tag Team Championships

In the main event of Monday Night Raw, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defended the Women’s Tag Team Championships against the newest makeshift duo in Becky Lynch and Lita.

Towards the dying stages of the match, Bayley used her faction’s numerical advantage by dragging Lita off the ring apron when the Hall of Famer attempted to make a tag. Soon after, Trish Stratus made her triumphant return and neutralised the Role Model.

While Lynch placed Kai in a disarm-her, Lita simultaneously delivered a moonsault to SKY for the victory to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Stratus’ involvement in the main event potentially signals that a six-woman tag team match is slated for WrestleMania, pitting her and the newly crowned champions against Damage CTRL. However, Kai and SKY could be granted a rematch for the gold and Bayley could challenge the Canadian.

Another avenue WWE may possibly take is adding Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler to the title picture, as both have no direction heading into Los Angeles. The company would want to include the Baddest Woman on the Planet despite fan disapproval and this could be their only solution.

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Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes come face-to-face

For the first time since winning the men’s Royal Rumble match, Cody Rhodes confronted Roman Reigns to commence Friday Night Smackdown and the two had a verbal exchange.

The American Nightmare said that all the adversity he has faced in the past proves he can win at WrestleMania, while the Undisputed Universal Champion stated that Rhodes has achieved nothing of significance like he has.

Reigns then brought up Cody’s father Dusty, who has been an emphasised focal point of this storyline and said that he has groomed him into the competitor he has been. The Tribal Chief then took a more personal route and said that Dusty never spoke about his son, to the extent where it felt like Cody never existed.

It was a much-anticipated segment and while it can be said that their first meeting was overdue, Reigns and Rhodes still increased the excitement for their match where the attendance was invested.

There has been criticism that the focus should start to drift away from Dusty and move more towards Cody’s journey, as there is still three more weeks before WrestleMania to amend that.

Intercontinental Championship qualifier set for next week

While it has been suspected that Drew McIntyre and Sheamus would both compete for Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania, that possibility took a turn this week on Friday Night Smackdown.

The Scottish Warrior made his way to the ring and challenged the Ring General, before he was interrupted by a betrayed Sheamus. He told McIntyre that he is still dedicated to winning the Intercontinental Title and felt hurt that his best friend was taking that opportunity away from him.

The Scotsman responded by saying that the Celtic Warrior has had two chances, as LA Knight, The New Day and Karrion Kross all involved themselves in the segment and staked their claim for a championship match against Gunther.

Therefore, a fatal-five-way has been scheduled for next week’s Smackdown, consisting of Sheamus, McIntyre, Knight, Kingston and Kross where the winner would qualify for a title shot.

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