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With Survivor Series scheduled for next Sunday, most of the attention this week was on the two WarGames matches and which superstars would fill the available spots. However, the WWE Universe was equally as eager to see if anything would surface from Bray Wyatt’s altercation with LA Knight last week.

Welcome to the WWE Weekly Round-up, where The Inner Sanctum will take you through this week’s most pivotal moments on WWE television and preview what shapes to be a huge period ahead.

Rhea Ripley and Mia Yim join the women’s WarGames match

Prior to Monday Night Raw, there were three open spots left in the women’s WarGames match for Survivor Series. At the conclusion of the show, only one remained with the Premium Live Event taking place in just one week.

Mia Yim defeated Tamina in her first match back and it impressed Damage CTRL, where the trio later asked the returnee if she wanted to join their team at Survivor Series. However, Yim declined their offer and said she has no reason to compete against Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss.

Later on Raw, Yim then made her way onto the stage after IYO SKY beat Dana Brooke and revealed she would align herself with the E.S.T for WarGames. Damage CTRL weren’t happy with the decision, until Rhea Ripley told them she would join their team in spite of Yim siding with The O.C. last week.

With one more spot left for Belair’s team, the majority of the WWE Universe are hoping Sasha Banks will make her return to the company after a disagreement with management in May. Survivor Series will be emanating from the Boss’ hometown in Boston and her good friendship with the Raw Women’s Champion could signal that she will be the final member of the match.

Candice LeRae is also another option to join the E.S.T’s team after she formed a connection with her, Asuka and Bliss when she returned to WWE in September.

Yim and Ripley’s involvement in the women’s WarGames match also ruled out a four-on-four between The O.C. and Judgment Day, with a singles contest between AJ Styles and Finn Balor instead made official for Survivor Series.

Austin Theory explains why he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract

The huge talking point in WWE last week was Austin Theory’s failed Money in the Bank cash-in and on Monday Night Raw, he addressed the situation.

He strangely used the contract he won in July on Seth Rollins’ United States Championship, when the secondary title was going to be defended in an open challenge. However, Theory explained his decision in a backstage interview by saying that Roman Reigns is untouchable and has been very difficult to cash in on.

The youngest Mr. Money in the Bank stated how every time he attempted to cash in on the Tribal Chief, there was always someone to prevent it. Whether it was Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam or Tyson Fury at Clash at the Castle, Theory said that he saw an opportunity in a weakened Rollins until Bobby Lashley cost him.

Dolph Ziggler then approached Theory after previously trying to warn him that he was getting ahead of himself, before the latter challenged the Showoff to a match. The contest ended in a disqualification when Theory snapped and brutally assaulted Ziggler on the outside, instead of pinning him after hitting two A-town downs.

After the Raw main event between Rollins and Finn Balor for the United States Championship, Theory made another appearance and attacked the Visionary in frustration to close the show.

It is clear that releasing the Money in the Bank contract from Theory has given him much more freedom and a new direction under Triple H’s creative control.

His selfie gimmick also seems to have been removed from his character, with Theory’s new attitude on Raw indicating a true reset under the current administration.

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Bray Wyatt and LA Knight feud comes to fruition

When Bray Wyatt made his remarkable return at Extreme Rules, debate and discussion began about who his first feud would be with.

The last two weeks of Friday Night Smackdown have appeared to reveal the answer, which has surprisingly turned out to be LA Knight.

The two had a run-in backstage last week, where Wyatt headbutted Knight after the latter antagonised him. In this week’s episode, Bray wanted to make amends for his actions and apologised to Knight.

Knight then approached the ring and retaliated by slapping Wyatt in the face twice, which he would go on to regret as the show progressed. After the altercation, Knight was seen leaving the arena and was interviewed before he could make his exit.

He denied he was afraid of Wyatt and as he opened the door to depart, a creepy mask was seen that indicated the arrogant individual was in deep trouble. A quick snapshot of Uncle Howdy also appeared and after some time, Knight was crushed by backstage equipment and attended to by officials.

No one knew that a rivalry between Wyatt and Knight would eventuate after last week, but the possibility has now become a reality to the extent that a match could take place at Survivor Series.

While it may be too early for these two to meet in the ring, the Premium Live Event only has four bouts on the card with one week to go and needs another focus apart from the WarGames matches.

It still seems surreal that a feud between these two is occurring, as Wyatt wasn’t even with WWE at the start of last month and Knight was serving as Max Dupri until the night before Extreme Rules.

Kevin Owens revealed as the fifth member of Team Brutes and McIntyre inside WarGames

It was announced to begin Friday Night Smackdown that The Bloodline would collide against Drew McIntyre and The Brawling Brutes in the men’s WarGames match, but there was still one more available spot on the latter’s team that was hyped to be revealed throughout the show.

Butch and Sami Zayn competed against each other in the first round of the Smackdown World Cup and after the Bruiserweight secured the win, a brawl broke out between both parties until Roman Reigns made his way to the ring and cleared house.

When the Tribal Chief was the final man left standing, Kevin Owens made his return after last appearing on television on October 1 and attacked Reigns.

The Prizefighter had the upper hand and was able to neutralise the Undisputed Universal Champion, before the Honorary Uce had a staredown with Owens and looked conflicted.

It bought time for Reigns to hit a superman punch on Owens, but the latter fended off a spear and delivered a stunner to the champion before the show concluded.

As The Inner Sanctum suggested, the men’s WarGames match for Survivor Series has arisen to be The Bloodline vs Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and The Brawling Brutes. It looked in doubt of taking place when the Prizefighter reportedly sprained his MCL at a house show last week, but he appears to be healthy and in good stead for the highly anticipated match.

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