China's Yu Jing at the 2022 Winter Paralympics. (Image: Paralympics Twitter)

Day four of the Winter Paralympics went off with a bang as Ukraine dominated with the medal wins.

The fourth day of the Winter Paralympics saw a blitz of impressive performances which helped a number of countries to take out the top prize of gold.

Para Biathlon 

Women’s Middle Distance Sitting

Kendall Gretsch got the job done for the United States as her time of 33:12.3 helped her claim the gold. The win follows the 29-year-old’s win in this Winter Paralympics after previously winning a bronze in the women’s sprint sitting event. 

Coming in second and no doubt contributing to the medal count for the United States was Oksana Masters, whose performance of 33:31.0 got her the silver. 

Earning the bronze medal was Germany’s Anja Wicker whose time for the event was 35:45.3.

Gold: Kendall Gretsch [USA]

Silver: Oksana Masters [USA]

Bronze: Anja Wicker [GER]

Men’s Middle Distance Sitting

China’s Mengtao Liu bagged the gold medal with a time of 30:37.7.

With a stellar 31:23.7, Martin Fleig from Germany did enough to secure the silver medal. 

Ukrainian Taras Rad’s 31:26.9 saw him presented with the bronze medal to round out the top three. 

Gold: Mengtao Liu [CHI]

Silver: Martin Fleig [GER]

Bronze: Taras Rad [UKR]

Women’s Middle Distance Standing

Ukraine dominated the event with all three medalists from the country. 

Iryna Bui took out the gold medal for her homeland with a time of 36:43.1.

Falling short of the top spot by 12.8, Oleksandra Kononova earned the silver medal with a time of 36:55.9.

Liudmyla Liashenko capped off Ukraine’s day at the office with a time of 36:56.9 and the bronze medal.

Gold: Iryna Bui [UKR]

Silver: Oleksandra Kononova [UKR]

Bronze: Liudmyla Liashenko [UKR]

Men’s Middle Distance Standing

Mark Arendz’s time of 31:45.2 took him to the top of the pack, with his phenomenal performance setting up Canada with a gold medal. 

Next up was Grygorri Vovchynskyi who got the silver medal for Ukraine with a time of 32:18.0. 

The bronze medal was awarded to Kazakhstan’s Alexandr Gerlits after he finished third with a time of 33:06.5.

Gold: Mark Arendz [CAN]

Silver: Grygorri Vovchynskyi [UKR]

Bronze: Alexandr Gerlits

Women’s Middle Distance Vision Imparied 

Leonie Maria Walter secured a gold medal for her country Germany with a time of 40:56.2

Meanwhile, Oksana Shyshkova continued Ukraine’s medal dominance with an impressive performance. The 30-year-old olympian pulled through with a time of 40:59.9, helping her nab the silver medal. 

To round off the event, China’s Wang Yanzhang got the bronze medal with her time of 42:50.3.

Gold: Leonie Maria Walter [GER]

Silver: Oksana Shyshkova [UKR]

Bronze: Wang Yanzhang [CHN]

Men’s Middle Distance Vision Imparied 

Vitaliy Lukyanenko scored another medal for Ukraine, this time in the form of gold. 

For his second medal of these games, Lukyanenko secured his spot at the top with his time of 34:12.7. His first medal of the Winter Paralympics was a gold for the men’s sprint. 

The silver medal was earned by Ukraine’s Anatolii Kovalevskyi whose time of 34:57.3 saw him take out second place. 

Completing Ukraine’s triple podium achievement was Dmytro Suiarko who got the bronze with a time of 35:30.9. 

Gold: Vitaliy Lukyanenko [UKR]

Silver: Anatolii Kovalevskyi [UKR]

Bronze: Dmytro Suiarko [UKR]

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