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Day Two of the Winter Olympics saw Australian's strive to qualify for their finals and a chance to bring home Olympic gold.

The 2022 Winter Olympics continued in Beijing on day minus one, with the Aussies gearing up their attempts to secure medals for their country.

The Aussie curling partnership of Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt competed in their second and third matches of the Olympics after failing to defeat the USA on day minus two, while Alexander Ferlazzo continued his training for the Luge, the only competitor for Australia in the sport.

In the Freestyle Skiing, four men and four women each competed in the Moguls qualification rounds.

Mixed Doubles Round Robin Session 2 (vs China) and Session 4 (vs Czech Republic)

Gill and Hewitt were hoping to even their record at 1-1 for this Winter Olympics against the People’s Republic of China, who defeated Switzerland in their first match.

Unlike yesterday’s match, Australia fell behind after the first end before equalling it up in the second. China then pushed hard in the third end, gaining a 3-1 advantage that was only increased after the fifth.


Australia took advantage of its powerplay and had two rocks on the board to China’s zero, before China’s powerplay proved to strong for a late score from Australia, with the Aussies going down 6-5.

Session 4 proved extremely difficult for the Aussies, falling 5 rocks down after 3 ends before finally clawing one back against the Czech Republic.

The Czech’s proved far to strong, winning the match 8-2 and leaving the Aussies 0-3 in their first ever Curling representation.

Luge- Men’s Singles Training Group B Runs 3 and 4

Alexander Ferlazzo had his third and fourth training runs for the Luge on day minus one, hoping to place himself in good stead for the qualification rounds.

In Run 3, Ferlazzo had his best time in the training runs yet, finishing in 58.878 seconds, only 0.870 seconds behind the leader, Dominick Fischnaller. This placed him in sixth for this run with a top speed of 128.4 km/h.


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In the fourth, Ferlazzo slowed down slightly. He ended his run at 58.981 seconds, however he was closer to the leader, Fischnaller, this time. He placed only 0.683 seconds behind him, his closest to the lead yet, and finished in eighth for the run.

Ferlazzo has two more training runs tomorrow before his qualification rounds.

Freestyle Skiing- Women’s Mogul Qualification 1

Four Australians represented their country in the Women’s Mogul Qualification round, with Taylah O’Neill, Sophie Ash, Britteny Cox and Jakara Anthony taking part.

It was very sad news for O’Neill, who could not finish her event after tearing her ACL just four weeks ago, showing incredible bravery to be able to even stand at the top of the slope.


Anthony however top scored amongst all the competitors and became the first Australian to book their place in a final for the medal with an 83.75, beating out France’s Perrine Laffont who scored 81.11.


Cox also qualified in ninth place, with a score of 72.26 to join her fellow country woman in the final, while Ash finished in 13th with a score of 69.36.

Those that failed to qualify in this round have another opportunity to qualify on February 6.

Freestyle Skiing- Men’s Mogul Qualification 1

Just after the women, James Matheson, Brodie Summers, Matt Graham and Cooper Woods-Tapalovic all aimed to book their place in the final in their qualification rounds.

Unfortunately for the men, all four of them failed to qualify after the first round, with Brodie Summers being the best of the Aussies and missing out by one place with a score of 75.66.

Matt Graham unfortunately couldn’t complete his run, falling over going at an immense speed and going unscored.


Woods-Topalovic scored a 74.65 and James Matheson a 71.86, meaning all four Aussies will get a second chance at qualifying today.

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