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Three different events on Day 11 at Beijing 2022 saw Australian athletes compete in both medal events and qualifiers.

Three different events on Day 11 at Beijing 2022 saw Australian athletes compete in both medal events and qualifiers.

Unfortunately, team Australia was not able to bring home any medals, and for its figure skating, a chance at an Olympic medal was cut short.


Already a bronze medallist at Beijing 2022, Tess Coady was seeking another medal in the women’s snowboard big air final but wasn’t as successful this time, finishing ninth overall.

Coady comfortably made the final after finishing seventh overall in the heats on day 10, and joined 11 other competitors for the final.

After her first run, Coady was placed in third position with a score of 85.00. She was five behind Austria’s eventual gold medalist for the event Anna Gasser, and 8.25 behind silver medalist New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski Synnott.

Runs two and three weren’t in favour of Coady who couldn’t match the efforts of her first, scoring 29.75 and 8.5 respectively.

Overall, Coady finished with a best score of 114.75, placing her 56.75 away from another medal.

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Alpine Skiing

Three-time olympian Greta Small took on the fastest event of all alpine skiing disciplines; the downhill event in her chase of an Olympic medal at Beijing.

Small took on the 2.7km course coming out of the gate at the 28th position and finished with a time of 1:36.53.

She finished the event 26th overall, with a time difference of +4.66 to gold medalist Switzerland’s Corinne Suter.

The final of the event also concludes Small’s time at Beijing 2022.


Figure Skating

Beijing 2022 marked the second Olympics for figure skater Kailani Craine but unfortunately her time was cut short after failing to advance to the finals of her event.

Looking composed as the music started, Craine pulled out of her opening triple lutz, only managing two roations to complete a double jump.

She did go on to complete a triple-triple combination and a double axel, the 23-year-old saying she was pleased to return to her routine as planned.

Unfortunately, her score of 49.93 was not high enough to qualify for Thursday’s free skate, finishing 7.04 points behind the last qualifier, 25th placed Jenni Saarinen from Finland.

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