LA Knight celebrates his victory over Montez Ford to enter the men's Money in the Bank ladder match (Picture: WWE)

The agenda from fans for months has been that LA Knight should capture the men’s Money in the Bank contract for 2023, and now WWE has a golden opportunity to execute.

The Megastar earned his way into the six-man ladder match on the June 3 edition of Smackdown, defeating Montez Ford in a contest that could have swung either way.

He joined the field alongside Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura, with more qualifying matches scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

There has been an enormous investment from the WWE Universe towards Knight and it has continued to evolve, as The Inner Sanctum will discuss why he should emerge victorious in the annual ladder match.

He is who the fans want

The fans are super devoted to LA Knight, because of his unrivalled charisma and ability to evoke heat.

There was a reason why the WWE Universe had an outcry for the Megastar to abandon his Max Dupri persona upon his main roster arrival, as it restricted his potential when the sky was the limit.

Ever since, nobody has looked back and Knight has connected extremely well with the crowd. He must be doing something right if there is a high demand for him to become a future world champion in WWE.

He is so popular to the extent that the WWE Universe in attendance for his qualifying match against Montez Ford, booed the Street Profit member and refused to see him win which is something that is never seen.

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It would bring legitimacy to his character

Although LA Knight is adored, his run on the main roster has been a rollercoaster.

After he rebirthed his original gimmick, the Megastar was thrust into a rivalry with Bray Wyatt that he was always going to lose.

While it can be said that he was the star of the feud, Knight was caught with no direction after the Pitch Black match and fell short against other competition on Smackdown. His momentum stifled and it left the WWE Universe in a state of frustration, especially since he was not featured at WrestleMania.

He also continuously talks a big game and while it is central to his gimmick, it is important for the Megastar to back it up and a Money in the Bank triumph would introduce legitimacy to his character.

It would add a level of seriousness and he would obviously appear as a threat to the world champions, having the privilege to cash in at any time for the titles in the next year.

Picture: WWE

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The other candidates are improbable chances

Another reason why LA Knight should win the men’s Money in the Bank contract, is because of his opponents and the unlikelihood’s of them securing the briefcase.

Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura are the other confirmed participants at the present time, while Butch, Baron Corbin, Santos Escobar and Mustafa Ali are the other possibilities to enter the ladder match.

Apart from the King of Strong Style, the other names are unrealistic to capture the contract and will more than likely remain in their respective brand’s midcards.

Cases could be made for Butch or Escobar, given that the former may embark on a heel turn and is from the United Kingdom where Money in the Bank will emanate from. The latter also has substantial investment from the audience at the moment, due to his alliance with Rey Mysterio and reformation of the Latino World Order.

However, Knight has the look and personality that resembles a future world champion more than anybody else which has made him the outright favourite to win the briefcase.

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He can make the briefcase feel important

The Money in the Bank briefcase has lost it’s aura over the years and WWE has a mountain to climb to make it feel special again.

You can only go back as far as last year, when the company booked themselves into a corner by giving the men’s contract to an undeveloped Austin Theory.

It only made matters worse when he cashed in on then-United States Champion, Seth Rollins and failed to win the title. While the decision to drop the briefcase freed Theory from the burden, it was a woeful decision at the time and further decreased the value of the contract.

With LA Knight becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, he has the power and ability to make the briefcase feel prestigious again after previous mistreatment.

Having the alternate World Heavyweight Championship also makes a successful cash-in much more possible, given Theory won the briefcase at a time where Roman Reigns was the only world champion and was never going to lose his titles any time soon.

Video: WWE

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