Edge enters the 2021 Royal Rumble. Photo: WWE

In a moment which shocked WWE fans, Edge returned to win the 2021 Royal Rumble. He explained to The Inner Sanctum why it meant so much more than his 2010 win.

Only 12 months ago, Adam Copeland, better known as ‘Edge’, returned to the wrestling ring for the first time in nine years, shocking many.

Edge was forced into retirement due to injury at the age of 38, and wrestling fans had concluded that was the last we’d see of the Rated-R Superstar in action.

That was until last year, when he returned in the Royal Rumble.

A mere 12 months later, Edge would enter the Royal Rumble as the number one entrant and outlast 29 other men and punch his ticket to WrestleMania, 11 years to the day after winning his first Royal Rumble match.

Speaking to The Inner Sanctum, Edge admitted the 2021 win meant so much more.

“The amazing thing about being able to come back and do this is that I’m in a different place emotionally,” he told The Inner Sanctum.

“I don’t look past it and take it for granted,”

“I think at a certain point within my career because everything’s going, going, going and there’s another show day after day and it’s year after year.

“There was one point I went to write a cheque and I wrote the wrong year, because it was flying.

“When that starts to happen, you start to lose track of why you love this thing.

“Having had it taken away from me for nine years and almost have to mourn the loss for two of those years and come back around and realise I just love this and I’m always going to watch it.

“That makes me appreciate everything on this that much more.

“I’m 47 and I’m number one in the Royal Rumble and I win it,”

“There’s no way I thought that would ever happen, so I am savouring all of these things that are not supposed to happen and really soaking it in.

“I was happy in 2010 don’t get me wrong, but this is so much different, so much deeper now because of the last decade that went into getting back to do this and having it back and understanding that I need to fully, fully just sit in the pocket of what this is and in the mean time, hopefully try and spread some wisedom and experience from 29 years of doing this.

“That’s really what this whole this thing is about, so this one is so much more special this time around.”

Edge now has the choice of facing either Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship or Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

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