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With The Bloodline story being rested for the foreseeable future, it has created room for other superstars within WWE to step in the limelight.

As universally respected as The Bloodline story has been over the past year and a half, main eventing every Premium Live Event (PLE) and having 30 minute-long promo segments on Friday Night Smackdown, it has left very little room for other performers on the roster to showcase themselves.

Now that Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and The Usos will be taking a break from dominating the wrestling industry, The Inner Sanctum has established five WWE superstars Triple H and the rest of the company’s creative department should focus on.

5) Sheamus

Sheamus hasn’t been able to capitalise on his WrestleMania form (Image: WWE)

Sheamus has been in a bit of a rut since his stellar performances with the likes of Gunther and Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle and WrestleMania 39. The Celtic Warrior has admitted his creative plans post-WrestleMania have been a bit of a letdown, failing to capitalise on the popularity of himself and The Brawling Brutes.

After fighting for the only championship the 45-year-old hasn’t won in his 14-year stint in the WWE, Sheamus failed to defeat Gunther for the Intercontinental Title in two match of the year contenders.

Since then, the former WWE Champion has failed to enter any meaningful feuds on Smackdown, with one of his few highlights being facing Edge for the first time in the Rated-R Superstar’s 25-year anniversary with WWE.

While currently not being in any feuds on the main roster, Sheamus would be one of the superstars within WWE that would benefit from having a spotlight on them. The Celtic Warrior has proven himself to be an incredibly durable and flexible performer, having held down a spot near the main event scene for the past decade and a half.

Once again entering the Intercontinental Championship scene, or going after the Undisputed Tag Team Titles alongside Butch and Ridge Holland would allow The Great White to improve on the position he currently finds himself in.

4) AJ Styles

Styles failed to become the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion at last May’s Night of Champions PLE (Image: WWE)

Being drafted to Friday Night Smackdown alongside faction members Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Mia Yim, AJ Styles has so far only found himself feuding with Karrion Kross and battling Seth Rollins to become the first World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions.

Despite challenging the Visionary to become the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion, Styles failed to succeed at his aim of claiming the prize and has done very little in the aftermath. It was surprising to see Styles not be offered a rematch for Rollins’ title on the following Smackdown.

The only other feud Styles has found himself in while on the blue brand is against Karrion Kross. Like many of Kross’ other opponents, Styles eventually found himself the victor of the feud that spanned across a number of matches between the two.

The Phenomenal One is being severely underutilised for what he has previously proven he can bring to the table. With a guaranteed Hall of Fame-worthy career in the wrestling industry across multiple major promotions, the WWE and their creative team should make the most of out the few years we have left of Styles’ career as a full-time superstar.

Styles would benefit greatly if he would be positioned within the World Heavyweight Championship scene. He is among a number of superstars who have been unfortunate not to have the chance at a major championship reign, thanks to the three years of Roman Reigns’ time as Undisputed Universal Champion.

Styles would instantly elevate the World Heavyweight Championship to new heights if he was the one to dethrone Seth Rollins as champion.

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3) Asuka

Asuka was crowned the first WWE Women’s Champion after defeating Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at Night of Champions (Image: WWE)

Asuka has had a topsy-turvy 2023 thus far, after failing to defeat Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. She would eventually succeed on her second attempt at WWE’s Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia.

The former NXT Women’s Champion and Smackdown Women’s Champion revitalised her character at January’s Royal Rumble, where she returned her ‘Kana’ persona to a huge crowd pop.

Asuka deservedly capitalised on this return with a championship win over Belair, only holding onto the title for 70 days before dropping it back to the E.S.T at SummerSlam, before IYO SKY cashed in to become the new champion.

Currently, Asuka isn’t involved in any meaningful feuds, but it would not be surprising to see her go straight back after the Women’s Championship. She, like a few on the main roster, is entering her early 40s as of 2023, and although wrestlers these days can go long into their late 40s, it would not be at all surprising to see her want to make a move back to Japan to end her career.

Seeing the women’s division and Asuka especially, have more share of the spotlight in the absence of The Bloodline would be a far overdue sight for sore eyes considering many in the WWE Universe have been upset at how the division has been treated in recent months.

A substantial feud with the current Women’s Champion, IYO SKY would benefit Asuka in the long run and would help boost the Genius of the Sky as a major player in the main event scene.

2) Karrion Kross

Kross has failed to make any sort of meaningful impact since returning to the WWE in 2022 (Image: WWE)

Karrion Kross, alongside his wife Scarlett, was one of multiple returning superstars brought back to the company as Triple H’s tenure as Head of Creative was just beginning. However, not too dissimilar to many of those other returns, Kross has not been able to find his footing as a relevant figure on either of WWE’s weekly shows.

Bursting onto the Friday Night Smackdown scene, Kross first attacked Drew McIntyre as he was about to challenge his then-opponent Roman Reigns in the lead up to their main-event match at Clash at the Castle.

This attack on McIntyre would result in a feud that would culminate inside a steel cage at Crown Jewel las year, which would see the Scottish Warrior walk out victorious. Unfortunately for Kross, his feuds following his clash with McIntyre would end in the same result, with defeats to the likes of Rey Mysterio, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles in recent months.

It’s clear that there is untapped potential in Kross that we have yet to see explored by WWE’s creative team. The former two-time NXT Champion has the ability to go to the main event scene if utilised correctly and with his dark mysticism, promo capabilities and entrance theme alongside Scarlett, there is enough character behind the wrestler to take him to the top of the main roster.

The next few weeks and months are vital for the future of Kross on the main roster. Like many others that have been brought up NXT, his successes have so far not been able to be replicated on the main roster. Kross needs to be entered into feuds which would place him higher up the card than he already is, and victories in these feuds would not hurt in the slightest.

Potential rivalries and victories against the likes of Grayson Waller, Austin Theory and Ricochet would all help him move up the ranks on the main roster. Nonetheless, Kross has the potential to be a main-event player in the WWE and would benefit greatly from more focus being directed on him in the coming weeks and months.

1) LA Knight

The ‘Megastar’ has become a viral sensation ever since making his main roster debut in 2022 (Image: WWE)

To say LA Knight has made himself popular with the WWE Universe in just the few months he’s been on the main roster would be an understatement. The man they call the ‘Megastar’ has been receiving attitude era-like ovations at every appearance he has made.

The 40-year-old has been compared to the likes of some of the greatest superstars to ever step foot in a WWE ring, most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Comparisons have been easy to make and with his super-catchy catchphrases and promo style, Knight hasn’t shied away from links of the past.

Being incredibly popular with the large majority of the WWE Universe, it was surprising when the company elected to deny Knight of taking out this year’s Money in the Bank briefcase in London. However, since then, he has taken out the Slim Jim Battle Royale at last month’s SummerSlam, as well as entering a feud with The Miz which will result in a match at Payback this weekend.

Despite some saying his age will hinder the progress of Knight, it’s clear the superstar is destined to rise to the very top of the card, with many projecting him to become a future World Heavyweight and WWE Champion during the years he will spend on the main roster.

The new few weeks and months of Knight’s career on the main card are expected by many to be huge. With the potential to be the face of the company alongside the likes of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, the future looks incredibly bright for the Megastar and WWE with his presence.

As we head to the end of the year and the beginning of next, it would be incredibly unsurprising to see LA Knight’s feuds and objectives heating up going into WrestleMania season.

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