Melbourne United during their clash against the Illawarra Hawks. (Image: @MelbUnited - Twitter)

Melbourne United will be heading into their next lot of games with a sense of confidence found during their past two wins.

Speaking with media at John Cain Arena, Chris Goulding spoke about the impact returning players back to the team had on the group’s cohesion.

“I think there’s just more and more stages of the game where we’re doing the right thing, and the outcomes both offensively and defensively are what we looking for. We’re getting better and better,” Goulding said.

“We keep talking about want[ing] 40 minutes of basketball. You know, we’ve seen 39 and a half minutes, we’ve seen glimpses here and there of how good we can be.”

Since getting their full squad back together on the court, Melbourne has a record of three wins and one loss. United is coming off the back of recent wins against the Hawks and the Phoenix.

“To come away with two wins last week was massive. [It] gives us a lot of confidence. But now we come up against teams right up against the top of the ladder,” Goulding said.

“We get to test how we’ve been going, and where we think we are. [It’s] a great chance to keep this thing ticking along, and get more and more wins.”

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Goulding said that the team will be looking to Mason Peatling to bring the “high level” of play, which has brought since his return back to the side this season.

However, the Melbourne United captain acknowledges that it won’t be easy going up against the Taipans, who are currently fourth on the ladder.

“They’re dialled in to play a certain way defensively,” Goulding said.

“If you don’t get your offensive looks and your passes and reads out of your offence right, they’ll go the other way and punish you. [Like] they did when we were up there.”

Along with getting their attack right, Goulding also pointed out the importance of being on top of things defensively. He said that Keanu Pinder is among those in the opposition they will need to “limit”.

Melbourne United will host the Cairns Taipans on Friday in the club’s annual ‘Open Air Game’ before travelling to Sydney to face the Kings on Christmas Day.

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