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With the Super Netball moving to South Australia, Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan says the move gives it the best chance to finish the season.

The Suncorp Super Netball has today announced plans to move the league to South Australia. Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan says it’s the best move to finish the season in the ongoing COVID climate across the country.

The aim for the league is to finish the season in a timely manner and Kelly Ryan and her team are looking at their options to make sure the season gets completed.

“Our aim is to make sure that we can get our SSN season away,” Ryan told media today.

“We are exploring all options, so not only [to] consolidate the teams in South Australia at this present moment, but also looking at options to condense the season to be able to make sure we can deliver a full season.”

Moving teams to South Australia means that none of the teams flying into the state will have to quarantine upon arrival.

“The welfare of our players was to get them out into a space that they can live as normally as they possibly can and have the ability and the right to train that they need to train and play the way that they need to play as well as play in front of crowds.”

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Ryan says that the players and clubs have been great in accepting the move to South Australia.

“From a welfare perspective ,while it creates more disruptions to each of their individual lives they have been phenomenal in accepting this new challenge that we’ve thrown at them, with the pure goal to not only provide them the best experience they possibly can to finish the season but also to give us the best opportunity to finish the season.

“We’ve asked a lot from them over the last 12-18 months. [They’re] utting that all aside again for the greater good of the entire league and netball family to be able to again try and execute the SSN season in 2021.

“We’re really grateful for the support we received from the SA Government. SA Health have been working with us consistently across the day and night to accept our teams, our partners who have again who have allowed us to pick the competition up and move it into a different space.

‘The move to South Australia also means little restrictions that will be imposed on the players.

“We felt South Australia was a good option for us. There has been a lot of talk about the other teams going to Queensland but the support from South Australia has been fantastic.

“They’ve been very open and accepting of netball into the state and we feel again that we can give the players the best opportunity to live under the least amount of restrictions at this point of time.”

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