Perth Scorchers captain Sophie Devine (Photo: Cricket Australia)

After the Perth Scorchers decided not to retain WBBL|09 number one draft pick Marizanne Kapp, it was a forgone conclusion that captain Sophie Devine would instead be retained.

Speaking to the media on Monday, New Zealand international, Sophie Devine spoke about how she felt watching the WBBL international draft unfold.

“[It was] nerves, awkwardness [and] uncertainty, but [it’s] certainly nice to know I’m going to be coming back to the Scorchers again this year,” Devine said.

“I think with the draft system it is certainly something new to the Women’s game, so there were some nervous moments not knowing which way it was going to fall obviously, [but] having respect for the Scorchers crew in terms of some tough decisions to make but [I’m] really glad to be back in the orange.”

Devine spoke about reaching out to Kapp, stating that the draft makes for tough decisions in the WBBL.

“I just flicked her a message and said ‘hey mate’, I mean it’s tough, I mean what do you say,” she continued.

“It would have been great to play alongside her again, but obviously the way that it’s fallen [that’s not possible].

“She’s great [and] she’s understanding, I think I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a couple of bouncers throughout the season so we will sort of see how that one goes.”

Devine opened up about her experience watching the draft unfold while playing abroad over in the Women’s Caribbean Premier League.

” [I] was actually quite nervous, I was over in the Caribbean at the time with the draft so it was about one o’clock in the morning and I was sort of sitting there nervously seeing how it all played out but glad things have fallen the way they have.”

Fresh off a season in the Women’s CPL, where she was the leading run-scorer, Devine feels well-equiped for the coming WBBL season. She spoke about how she’s handling the disappointing season last year in orange.

“I feel like I’ve been playing a fair bit of cricket these last couple of months and actually hit away a game with the White Ferns for a tour to South Africa so I’m not going to be short on cricket but I think that’s a really good thing for me,” she said.

“I know when I’m playing plenty of cricket that I’m usually in good stead coming into a really important competition like the WBBL.

“I think we’ve managed to keep a really good core group of the team together, which I think is really important so obviously [I’m] disappointed with how my season played out last year both personally and as a team but [I] can’t wait to get cracking again.”

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After taking English talent with both the gold pick in the draft (Danni Wyatt) and with the added direct signing of Amy Jones, the Scorchers look assured in the batting stocks. Devine joked that there were too many English players picked up but was happy with the recruitments.

“Probably a little too much English for my liking, but in all seriousness, someone [with] Danni’s skill is outstanding, I’ve played against her for a very long time now and know what she can do,” Devine explained.

“She’s attacking and she takes the game on, that’s what I really appreciate and look forward to seeing her do, it doesn’t matter who she’s playing against or where she’s playing so I really think that’s going to set the tone.

“Also in the field too I think [Wyatt’s] a real athlete out there, she’s one of the best out-fielders in the world, in the women’s game so [that’s] what she can add there.

“I’ve played a lot alongside ‘Jonesy’ with the Birmingham Phoenix and a couple of game with the Scorchers as well and she’s world-class behind the stumps if she gets the opportunity but also with the bat.

“She’s got experience which I think sometimes you can’t put a dollar value or you can’t really put it into words but for me ‘Jonesy’ is a great pick-up so aside from the overseas I think we’ve got a great group of domestic talent that has a really strong WA blend through it.”

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