Mitch Waterman. Supplied: MCW

One of Australia’s fastest rising wrestling stars Mitch Waterman pulled off one of the greatest Ballroom Brawl wins in Melbourne City Wrestling’s 10th anniversary of the Brawl.

One of Australia’s fastest rising wrestling stars Mitch Waterman pulled off one of the greatest Ballroom Brawl wins during Melbourne City Wrestling’s 10th anniversary of the Brawl.

As the match was drawing to a stunning conclusion, Waterman, who is also part of Brat Pack with ‘Big Sexy Unit’ Nick Bury and MCW Women’s Champion Avary, was toiling away with another of Melbourne’s most popular hard hitters – Ritchie Taylor.

The two, who had by that point outlasted 18 other men, gave it their all to prove they were worthy of a shot against MCW World Champion Adam Brooks in the next 12 months.

Despite this fact, the crowd were left stunned when a 21st 10 second count down began.

The returning ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks made use of his newly obtained Australian Wrestling Legends Contract, taking it from KrackerJak earlier that night, by inserting himself into the Brawl.

With the odds stacked against him, Waterman threw Loverboy out over the top rope as the Thornbury Theatre erupted into elation.

Waterman throwing out Loverboy. Picture: Digital Beard.

After argualbly his most incredible win thus far, the four-time tag team champion said it was surreal to join former winners like Jonah Rock (Bronson Reed, WWE), Elliott Sexton (Brendan Vink, WWE) and so many more legends of Australian wrestling.

“It is crazy, man, I didn’t expect it at all. That reaction from me out there was genuine and so was the reaction from all those people,” he told The Inner Sanctum.

“I eliminated the first dude I ever met in wrestling to win the Brawl. He was the first person I ever met, and we’ve become best mates from there – it was surreal that’s all I can say.

“I am not the most emotional bloke in the world, but I did tear up a little out there. My parents, brother, uncle was there – the whole squad out, they had no clue. And, the only way I think this could be better is if my brother from another mother, the Big Sexy Unit, won with me.

“I mean, he did win. I won, he won and we celebrated together out there.”

So, what about Adam Brooks?

MCW World Champion Adam Brooks. Picture: Digital Beard

On the same night, MCW Champion Adam Brooks came out and announced himself as the ‘best in Australia’ and the MCW World Title validated that.

Upon hearing this, former Ballroom Brawl winner Danny Psycho came to the ring to challenge the Loose Ledge – and the champion gladly accepted Psycho’s offer.

Brooks will need to keep his eye on a determined, hard-working Waterman.

“He wasn’t lying [about being the best]. He’s been in Australian wrestling ever since I was a 15-year-old coming to watch MCW Shows. He’s the reason I realised wrestling is cool when I saw his match against Matt Silva in his farewell match,” Waterman said.

“But now Brooksy has signed to Ring of Honour – or so I’ve heard.

“Maybe this will be his send off.”

MCW Ballroom Brawl 2021 is available to watch on-demand at www.mcwondemand.com.au

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