Another disappointing loss for the Melbourne Vixens. (Photo: Super Netball/Twitter)

Coach Simone McKinnis was disappointed with her sides efforts in the Vixens nine point loss to the Giants at Nissan Arena.

The Melbourne Vixens haven’t had the championship defence that they would have liked and tonight’s game was no different, going down to the Giants by nine points. (54-45)

The Vixens currently sit last on the ladder and with the side being ruled out of finals, many are asking where the motivation will come from the reigning premiers.

Melbourne Vixens coach Simone McKinnis said that the side wants to finish the season in the best possible manner for not just them but for their fans back in Victoria.

“It shouldn’t be hard,” McKinnis said.

“We’ve got two games to play out this season in the best possible way. In the best possible way for our fans, supporters, for the club and for our own self respect.

“That should be motivation enough, we’ve got two games left. Every time there is a loss [it’s] super disappointing and only we can make that different.”

It’s been a disappointing season for the Vixens, and this match was no different. Today’s result, and the season overall, doesn’t sit right with McKinnis.

“I think there is certainly moments and different games, different moments and different games, but I can’t be comfortable with where we are at and what it looks like at the moment and I never will be.

“I just want to be walking away from this competition at the end of this season with some pride in what we put out there on court.”

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In terms of the game tonight, it was the basics that really let the Vixens down.

“I thought our basic execution let us down at different times like pulling balls in,” McKinnis said.

“It’s a tough competition, it’s body on body, you’ve got to pull those balls in, you’ve got to be able to deliver the right pass at the right time.

“Doesn’t take much; it can be a fine line and I thought our execution was not consistent, the finish on the shot cost us early on.

“Just those little things that make a difference and just recognising change ups that are happening and being smart about what we do.”

With another disappointing loss comes with a bad vibe in the change rooms after the game, but McKinnis says the way that side handles the challenges is a true testament to their character.

“It’s awful, you’ve got players that are used to success and that’s really challenging for them but it’s also acknowledging some of our biggest learnings.

“How you handle yourself and how you handle challenging situations are a true testament to the character, nobody wants to be comfortable with this though, you can’t ever be comfortable. It’s devastating each time and it should be.”

The Melbourne Vixens will next take on the Adelaide Thunderbirds on Monday night at Nissan Arena.

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