Israel Adesanya makes his fourth title defence when he takes on Robert Whittaker in a long awaited rematch (Photo: @UFC/Twitter)

Follow the Inner Sanctum's live blog for UFC 271, where New Zealand's Israel Adesanya rematches Australian Robert Whittaker for Middleweight gold.

UFC 271 will host a long-awaited grudge match when Israel Adesanya (21-1, 10-1 UFC) defends the UFC Middleweight title for the fourth time against Robert Whittaker (23-5, 14-3 UFC).

The two met for the first time in October of 2019, where Adesanya made quick work of the Aussie to become the undisputed king at Middleweight.

Since this encounter Whittaker has looked better than ever and is currently riding a three-fight win streak with victories over Darren Till (18-4-1, 6-4-1 UFC), Jared Cannonier (14-5, 7-5 UFC) and Kelvin Gastelum (17-8-0-1, 11-8-0-1 UFC).

Adesanya on the other hand has solidified himself as one of the biggest names in the sport.

Although he unsuccessfully challenged Jan Blachowicz for the Light Heavyweight title last year, “The Last Stylebender” has looked unstoppable in his three defences of the Middleweight belt.

This bout is one of the most anticipated rematches in recent memory and could dictate the future of the UFC’s Middleweight division.

Will it be repeat or revenge?

Sit back fight fans and follow our UFC 271 live blog. You do not want to miss this action packed card!


5:06 PM: Thank you for joining us for a great day of fights, this is Lewis Moss signing off for The Inner Sanctum. Have a great rest of the day.

4:57 PM: Whittaker told Daniel Cormier that he thought he won the decision 4-1, as he feels he took all the rounds after the first, but gave credit to Adesanya as they are both the two best fighters in the middleweight division.

4:56 PM: Adesanya called out Jared Cannonier who won his title eliminator earlier tonight.

4:55 PM: In his post fight interview, Adesanya stated that he sensed that Whittaker was very hesitant, but gave credit to his boxing team.


Israel Adesanya (c) def. Robert Whittaker (1) – to retain the UFC Middleweight Championship (48-47×2, 49-46)


4:50 PM: Final minute

4:48 PM: Rob lands a strong jab before shooting for another takedown which is stuffed again.

4:47 PM: The Aussie may need a finish here.

4:46 PM: Round 5 begins

4:45 PM: Round 4 ends

4:44 PM: STAT CHECK: Adesanya has outlanded Whittaker in every round so far.

4:42 PM: Whittaker scores another takedown and takes his back, Adesanya again fights the hands and escapes.

4:40 PM: Round 4 begins

4:39 PM: Round 3 ends

4:38 PM: Whittaker looks to be growing into the fight, however his set ups are becoming predictable for Adesanya.

4:36 PM: Whittaker gets a takedown, Adesanya bounces up but Whittaker has his back.

4:33 PM: Round 3 begins

4:33 PM: Round 2 ends

4:32 PM: Israel looking in real control of this fight, although the second round was better for Robert.

4:30 PM: Whittaker scores a takedown but the champion gets up quick.

4:27 PM: Round 2 begins

4:26 PM: Round 1 ends

4:24 PM: Adesanya drops Whittaker, but Rob pops back up. The Aussie is having lots of problems with the range.

4:23 PM: Israel using feints to bait a Whittaker dart.

4:22 PM: As expected, Whittaker is a lot more patient than the last fight.

4:21 PM: Round 1 begins

4:15 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

We are minutes away from the main event of the day for the UFC middleweight title, as Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker go head to head for chapter 2. Will Adesanya retain or will Whittaker shock the world.

Tai Tuivasa (11) Def. Derrick Lewis (3) (KO – Elbow – 1:40 R2)

3:59 PM: Tai Tuivasa by knockout

Tai stunned Lewis when he was coming in, before finishing him off with an elbow which sent the hometown favourite crashing to the canvas.

3:58 PM: Lewis stuns Tuivasa before backing him up against the cage

3:57 PM: Round 2 begins

3:56 PM: Round 1 ends

3:55 PM: Lewis unloads on Tuivasa on top, but the Aussie survives the onslaught.


3:53 PM: Referee separates the two before they clinch again.

3:52 PM: Tuivasa using a lot of feints early and clinches against the cage.

3:51 PM: Round 1 begins

3:48 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

Coming up next a fight between two of the heavyweight division’s most prolific knockout artists, when third ranked Derrick Lewis fights the eleventh ranked Aussie Tai Tuivasa.

Jared Cannonier (3) def. Derek Brunson (4) (TKO via corner stoppage – 4:29 R2)

3:33 PM: Jared Cannonier by corner stoppage

Brunson was rocked by an elbow. Cannonier rushes for the finish before stuffing another takedown, Brunson’s corner threw in the towel to avoid unessessary punishment.

3:31 PM: Brunson looks slow and hitable right now.

3:30 PM: Cannonier looking to time Brunson with a right hand when he shoots.

3:29 PM: Round 2 begins

3:28 PM: Round 1 Ends before Brunson can capitalise.

3:27 PM: WOW, Brunson Drops Cannonier with a right hand before trying to secure a choke.

3:26 PM: Brunson ducks for a takedown after another Cannonier charge, secures full mount before Cannonier pops up.

3:25 PM: Brunson gets another clinch but Cannonier gets away.

3:23 PM: Cannonier gets up almost instantly.

3:23 PM: Cannonier tries to throw a right hand down the middle but Brunson ducks under an gets the takedown.

3:22 PM: Round 1 begins

3:20 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

Coming up next, a potential UFC middleweight eliminator between third ranked Jared Cannonier and fourth ranked Derek Brunson.

Renato Moicano def. Alexander Hernandez (Submission – Rear Naked Choke – 1:23 R2)

3:04 PM: Renato Moicano by submission

3:03 PM: Moicano rocks Hernandez with a right hand, Hernandez tries to shoot but falls on his back.

3:03 PM: Nice pullback uppercut by Moicano

3:02 PM: Round 2 begins

3:01 PM: Round 1 ends

3:00 PM: Moicano scores with a good pull back counter, but Hernandez shakes it off.

2:59 PM: Hernandez rolls out, now both men are back to their feet.

2:58 PM: Moicano scores a takedown after a long clinch battle and is now in half guard.

2:56 PM: Both men have picked up the pace in the opening minute, each exchanging calf kicks and big shots.

2:55 PM: Round 1 begins

2:53 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

Bobby Green def. Nasrat Haqparast (Unanimous decision – 30-27×3)


2:39 PM: The straight punches have been absolute money for Green.

2:38 PM: Bobby Green has now broken his own personal record of significant head strikes in a fight of 93(+110 vs Haqparast)

2:36 PM: Round 3 begins

2:35 PM: Round 2 ends

2:34 PM: Haqparast is beginning to land a little more

2:33 PM: Green picking Haqparast apart from the outside.

2:30 PM: Round 2 begins

2:29 PM: Round 1 ends

2:27 PM: Bobby Green breaks the lightweight record for most significant strikes landed (passes Evan Dunham)

2:26 PM: Haqparast is throwing hooks but nothing is landing clean.

2:25 PM: Another foul from Haqparast pauses the fight again.

2:24 PM: Eye poke pauses the fight

2:23 PM: As usual, Bobby comes forward with his hands down.

2:22 PM: Round 1 begins

2:20 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.


Andrei Arlovski def. Jared Vanderaa (Split Decision – 28-29, 29-28, 28-29)


1:56 PM: Vanderaa clinches against the cage once again, but Arlovski has been out striking him on the feet.

1:54 PM: Round 3 begins

1:53 PM: Round 2 ends

1:52 PM: Vanderaa clinches against the cage again.

1:51 PM: The fight is paused due to an unintentional groin strike.

1:49 PM: Vanderaa holds Arlovski against the cage, but not for long.

1:48 PM: Round 2 begins

1:46 PM: Round 1 ends

1:44 PM: Vanderaa trying to back the former heavyweight champion up against the cage but Arlovski is doing a good job of moving.

1:41 PM: Round 1 begins

1:40 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

Casey O’Neill (15) def. Roxanne Modafferi (12) (Split decision – 29-28, 28-29, 28-29)


1:26 PM: Modafferi scores a takedown but O’Neill stands up easily, hey now clinch against the cage.

1:24 PM: Casey O’Neill has broken the all-time flyweight record for most significant strikes in one fight, surpassing 149.

1:22 PM: Round 3 begins

1:21 PM: Round 2 ends

1:20 PM: O’Neill has outlanded Modafferi in significant strikes 122-55, Modafferi seems to get countered every time she comes in.

1:18 PM: O’Neill has landed 77 significant strikes in this fight, beating her previous best of 71.

1:16 PM: Round 2 begins

1:14 PM: Round 1 ends

1:10 PM: Modafferi trying to move forward, but O’Neill is the more accurate of the two, using straighter punches to pick Modafferi apart.

1:10 PM: Round 1 begins

1:08 PM: Both fighters have entered the octagon

Kyler Phillips def. Marcelo Rojo (Submission – Armbar – 1:48 R3)


After the fight goes to the ground, Phillips takes secures a triangle choke, before adjusting to an armbar. Having had his elbow hyper-extended, Rojo is left no choice but to tap. A beautiful performance!

12:55 PM: Round 3 begins

12:54 PM: Round 2 ends

12:52 PM: Rojo appears to be lost. Each time he darts forward to attack, he is seemingly punching air as Phillips is evading damage well.

12:50 PM: A more tactical approach from Phillips to start the second. He is maintaining perfect distance, landing heavy low kicks and a crisp jab.

12:49 PM: Round 2 begins

12:48 PM: Round 1 ends

12:47 PM: Phillips attempts a double leg against the cage but cannot secure it. As both men disengage, Rojo quickly gets caught by a foot sweep. Though he is on his back, he throws an armbar attempt, but Phillips is wise to it.

12:45 PM: The fight briefly made it’s way to the mat. Though Phillips had top control and for a shirt time, full mount, Rojo scrambled beautifully to make his way back to the feet.

12:44 PM: We are only a minute and a half in and Phillips has thrown a flying knee and spinning wheel kick. Talk about all out action!

12:43 PM: Both Bantamweights are in the cage and exchanging leg kicks early.

Carlos Ulberg def. Fabio Cherant (Unanimous decision – 30-27×3)

12:30 PM: Round 3 ends

12:29 PM: Ulberg has now increased volume, throwing numerous straight right hands to the body before getting to Cherant’s back for a takedown with a minute remaining in the contest.

12:27 PM: Cherant has taken the advice of his corner on board, moving forward through the first two minutes of the final round. Ulberg’s lateral movement and distance management has been very important, though. Virtually no damage warn on his behalf.

12:25 PM: Round 3 begins

12:24 PM: Round 2 ends

12:22 PM: Left hooks and leg kicks are the order of the day. Cherant is very aware that he his the smaller man, circling on the outside without advancing. Ulberg is picking his target very well.

12:20 PM: A checking left hook opens up a small cut on Cherant’s right eye. Great start for the Kiwi who is establishing distance a minute in.

12:19 PM: Round 2 begins

12:18 PM: Round 1 ends

12:17 PM: Ulberg puts a stamp on his octagon control from the first round, throwing a spinning wheel kick to back Cherant up to the cage. Immediately though, ‘The Water Buffalo’ bounces back with a heavy right hand.

12:15 PM: A feeling out process is interrupted by a low blow from Ulberg. Cherant immediately comes back swinging from the break in action, throwing heavy punches.

12:12 PM: City Kickboxing’s Carlos Ulberg and Fabio Cherant are ready to go for this intriguing Light Heavyweight contest.


Ronnie Lawrence def. Leomana Martinez (Unanimous decision – 29-27×2, 29-28)


What a fight, although Martinez almost got a comeback knockout, the first two rounds should have secured Lawrence the victory.

11:56 AM: Martinez was moments away from finishing the fight but Lawrence gets a takedown.


11:53 AM: Martinez’s cornerman James Krause begging him to go.

11:52 AM: Martinez going all out right now.

11:51 AM: Round 3 begins

11:50 AM: Round 2 ends

Clear round for Lawrence, scored two knockdowns and is currently dominating every aspect of this fight. Could be a 10-8.

11:49 AM: Lawrence now wrestles Martinez against the cage.

11:45 AM: Both back to their feet but not for long, Lawrence knocks Martinez down for the third time this fight. Martinez survives.

11:47 AM: Lawrence takes his back.

11:46 AM: Lawrence Drops Martinez Again, but falls into Martinez’s guard.

11:45 AM: Round 2 begins

11:44 AM: Round 1 ends

Lawrence controlled the round, used good wrestling and scored the knockdown.

11:43 AM: Lawrence drops Martinez with a big right hand.

11:42 AM: They break from the ground.

11:40 AM: Lawrence secures a nice takedown and is now holding Martinez up against the cage.

11:39 AM: Round 1 begins

11:37 AM: Both fighters have entered the octagon.

Jacob Malkoun def. A.J. Dobson (Unanimous decision – 29-28×3)

11:27 AM: Round 3 ends.

Malkoun decisively won the final two rounds, controlled the fight with his wrestling that Dobson didn’t seem to have an answer for.

Stat Release (Jacob Malkoun): 124 ground strikes, 6 takedowns and 7:22 worth of control time.

11:24 AM: Malkoun gets a takedown early, and is now in half guard.

11:23 AM: Round 3 begins

11:21 AM: Round 2 ends.

Dominant round Malkoun, used his wrestling well and threw vicious ground and pound shots. could be a 10-8.

11:18 AM: Malkoun starting to score more takedowns, landing some really good ground and pound right now.

11:16 AM: Round 2 begins

11:15 AM: Round 1 ends

Definitely a Dobson round, used straight punches well, although Malkoun got a late takedown, it was not a great round for the Aussie.

11:14 AM: Dobson doing a great job of utilizing straight punches, really pick Malkoun apart.

11:12 AM: They break off into striking range, but Malkoun shoots again.

11:11 AM: Malkoun working hard on the takedown.

11:10 AM: Round 1 begins

11:09 AM: Both men have entered the octagon.

Aussie Jacob Malkoun is in action next, when he takes on UFC Debutant A.J. Dobson.

Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Sergey Morozov (Submission – Rear Naked Choke – 3:34 R2)

10:56 AM: THAT’S IT

Silva de Andrade submits Morozov with a rear-naked choke, what a comeback from a disastrous first round.

10:55 AM: Silva de Andrade Drops Morozov again, he decides to go for the choke instead of finishing with strikes.

10:53 AM: Fight paused due to an eye poke to Silva de Andrade.

10:52 AM: Silva de Andrade Drops Morozov in the opening minute, WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS.

10:52 AM: Round 2 begins

10:51 AM: Round 1 ends

Dominant round from Morozov, scored a knockdown and controlled the round wherever it went.

10:50 AM: Morozov scores a late takedown

10:48 AM: Silva de Andrade is bleeding bad after an elbow in the guard, they are now up on the feet.

10:47 AM: Morozov drops Silva de Andrade with a big right uppercut, they are now on the ground.

10:45 AM: Round 1 begins

10:44 AM: Both men have entered the octagon:

Jeremiah Wells def. Blood Diamond (Submission – Rear Naked Choke – 4:38 R1)

10:35 AM: THAT’S IT

Jeremiah Wells submits Blood Diamond with a rear-naked choke

10:32 AM: Wells scores the takedown and gets his back, Wells is now working for a rear-naked choke.

10:30 AM: Wells clinches against the cage early.

10:30 AM: Round 1 begins

10:29 AM: Both men have entered the octagon

We now get ready for the debut of Blood Diamond, Eternal MMA Alumni and teammate of Israel Adesanya at City Kickboxing who takes on Jeremiah Wells.

Maxim Grishin def. William Knight (Unanimous decision – 30-27×3)


Grishin dropped Knight with five seconds left, should be an easy decision for the judges.

10:20 AM: Grishin gets up after a failed pass, now clinches against the cage.

10:19 AM: Knight scores a takedown and is in full guard.

10:18 AM: they break and are back in striking range.

10:17 AM: Knight tries to get a takedown but loses top position, they clinch against the cage.

10:16 AM: Round 3 begins

10:15 AM: Round 2 ends

Knight needs a knockout here.

10:14 AM: They are up, stats are released, Grishin has outlanded Knight 40-9.

10:12 AM: Knight shoots for a takedown and gets it, however Grishin now has top control.

10:10 AM – Round 2 begins

10:09 AM – Round 1 ends

Very patient round from both men, although Grishin controlled to round using inside leg kicks and landed a pretty decent high kick.

10:03 AM – Round 1 Begins

10:02 AM – Both Knight and Grishin have entered the octagon.


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