The Tszyu family go 2-0 as Nikita Tszyu defeated Ben Horn by Unanimous Decision (Photo: No Limit Boxing/ Instagram)

With family pride at stake, the second installment to the Tszyu vs Horn rivalry most definitely delivered, as the Australian boxing community was treated to a war between Undefeated Nikita Tszyu (3-0) and Ben Horn (4-5)

The card put together by No Limit Boxing featured some epic and somewhat controversial events.

Without further ado, let’s look into the four talking points.

Horn holds his own, but Tszyu takes victory in barnburner

Nikita Tzsyu pressured Horn and worked the body for most of their fight (Photo: No Limit Boxing/ Instagram)

In a fight that served as a sequel to the Tszyu and Horn Rivalry, Nikita Tszyu defeated Ben Horn by a unanimous decision.

The fight began with Tszyu on the front foot, as he used the jab to keep Horn’s back against the ropes, from that point “The Butcher” would go to town with shots to the body.

Horn would have some success while in the pocket, but it was clear that Tszyu was winning all the exchanges by being the more accurate of the two. The trademark body shots from the 24-year-old looked to be the gameplan, as he landed 38 body shots after two rounds of action.

However, Horn didn’t seem to be phased and at the end of the third round, he scored with a massive uppercut before connecting a big right hand before clinching.

Despite the rough close to the third round Tszyu instantly took back control in the fourth, as he started to control his opponent with a stiff jab, while also doing a good job at cutting off the ring.

In response, Horn was able to get into the pocket and push Tszyu backwards.

By the end of the fifth, it was obvious that Horn needed a KO to win and he almost got it in the dying seconds of the fight, as he caught Tszyu with a huge right hand that badly wobbled him.

Horn went for the finish but it was too late and when the fight went to the judges, Nikita Tszyu was announced as the winner by unanimous decision (60×54, 59-55).

For Nikita, the unexpected war was good for him, that being in terms of going the distance for the first time and facing some minor adversity at the end.

It will be interesting to see who No Limit Boxing matches him up against in the future.

Goodman shows class in onesided beatdown

Sam Goodman cruised past Juan Elorde to pick up the victory by TKO (Photo: No Limit Boxing/ Instagram)

In what was said to be his toughest challenge to date, Undefeated Sam Goodman (12-0) outclassed former world title challenger Juan Elorde (29-3) in a one-sided beatdown to retain the IBF Intercontinental and WBO Oriental Super Bantamweight Titles.

The opening rounds started off slow, as Goodman did a good job of using his jab and marching forward.

Although Elorde was able to catch Goodman with a good right hand in the second round, The Aussie continued to come forward, landing a few right hands of his own.

Given that the former title challenger was known as a fighter that was good off the back foot, Goodman kept him guessing by using feints to trick Elorde before throwing power shots, whether that be a jab or right cross.

From the fifth round onwards, Goodman started to put his foot on the gas as he found a home for his right hand more consistently. Round six saw Elorde wobbled constantly and it had the crowd thinking that the end was near.

The referee stopped the fight in favour of Goodman in round eight after a 4-punch combination that staggered the former title challenger.

The win takes Goodman’s career to the next level as he came into the fight ranked 9th and 14th by the IBF and WBO respectively, we might be able to expect the talented Aussie against a higher caliber contender the next time he steps in the ring.

Foley defeats Ioane in ugly affair

Darragh Foley defeated Hunter Ioane by technical decision (Photo: No Limit Boxing/Twitter)

In a gritty battle, Darragh Foley (20-4-1) defeated Hunter Ioane (8-5-1) by a technical decision as the fight was stopped by a massive cut.

Early in the first round, Foley did a good job at picking his shots and keeping the fight at his range, but by the end of the round Ioane was forcing more brawls and landing more power shots. The two almost started fighting in between rounds as Foley Shoved Ioane for hitting him after the bell.

The second round saw Ioane try to take his time before trying to explode an overhand right, but he paid the price as he was dropped by a well-timed check right hook with more than a minute left in the round.

Ioane started the third term on the front foot but is warned by the referee for hitting his opponent with his shoulder, midway into the round the 26-year-old got stunned by a big left hand but he finished strong by connecting with some big shots of his own.

The fourth round is where the fight took a turn for the worst, after hostility was created when Foley was shoved by Ioane while he had ahold of his arm causing both men to fall. The shove was later followed by a collision of heads causing cuts on both men. More predominantly in the hairline of Ioane which started bleeding profusely.

Early into the fifth round, the referee stopped the fight as he thought Ioane’s cut was too deep to continue. Given that the cut was caused by an accidental head collision, it resulted in the contest going to the scorecards where all three judges had Darragh Foley up before the stoppage (40-35×2, 39-36).

Before the decision was announced, an all-out brawl almost ensued in the ring, as Ioane shoved Foley as well as his cornerman before faking a right hand on his opponent.

A very unfortunate ending to what was shaping to be an interesting fight.

Joel Taylor scores highlight reel knockout

22-year-old Joel Taylor scored a stunning KO to remain undefeated

To kick off the card, undefeated Joel Taylor (8-0) defeated Michael Hall (8-2-1) by a stunning first-round TKO.

To start off the fight, the 22-year-old did a great job of mixing up his shots and controlling the range.

After 75 seconds of action, Taylor caught Hall with a big right hand that staggered him, before landing a huge three-punch combination to send his opponent crashing to the canvas.

Hall was able to answer the count, but the referee put a halt to the contest after under two minutes of action. This was a massive statement from Taylor and it will be interesting to see the next step in the 22-year-old’s rise.

Main Card

Nikita Tszyu (3-0) DEFEATED Ben Horn (4-5) by Unanimous Decision (60-54×2, 59-55)

Sam Goodman (12-0) DEFEATED Juan Elorde (29-3) by TKO in Round 8

Justin Hodges (5-1-0) DEFEATED Jordan Simi (0-1) by Unanimous Decision (40-36×3)

Darragh Foley (20-4-1) DEFEATED Hunter Ioane (8-5-1) by Technical Decision (Unanimous) in Round 5 (40-35×2, 39-36)

Jessica Adams (0-1-1) DEFEATED Ashleigh Sims (0-1-1) by TKO in Round 2

Shanell Dargan (1-0-1) DEFEATED Jaala Tomat (0-2-1) by Majority Decision (39-37 39-38 38-38)

Joel Taylor (8-0) DEFEATED Michael Hall (8-2-1) by TKO in Round 1 (Corner Stoppage)

Untelevised Prelims

Jackson Murray (4-0) DEFEATED Parminder Singh (2-3) by TKO in Round 2

Kate Mclaren (1-0-2) DEFEATED Connie Chan (1-3) by Unanimous Decision

Angel Rushton (2-0) DEFEATED Ayisha Abied (1-5) by Unanimous Decision

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