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Who will be picked in this years Mid-Season Draft? Picture: @Trendz on YouTube.

With the Mid-Season Draft around the Corner, Dan Williams of Trendz has ranked the top ten Mid-Season Draft selections of years gone by.

With the Mid-Season Draft around the Corner, Trendz’s Dan Williams has ranked the top 10 Mid-Season Draft selections since its return.

#10- Jai Culley

The first pick in the 2022 Mid-Season Draft, Culley’s limited game experience, with just nine games so far, hasn’t stopped him from making it onto the list.

Although mostly tracking average in statistics, Culley’s goal a game average so far in 2023 has helped him stick out to Williams.

“He’s been really impressive, Jai, and he’s one of those players that I think, at 20 years old, has got that real excitement, came over from the [Dandenong] Stingrays, as we know, and was heavily sort after,” he said.

“And he’s just one of the players that really sticks out for me when I look at different players.”

#9- Jed McEntee

A somewhat surprising pick for the list, due to his low place in the 2021 Mid-Season Draft, McEntee earned his spot from being a solid role player, as Williams explains.

“When you are looking at the Mid-Season Draft, what are you looking for?” He asked.

“if you’re looking for an AA-type player, you should know that your limitations are really low.

“But if you are looking for a serious squad player- Jed fits the bill.

“For a player playing his role in the AFL, he is AFL average, and this is a huge dub.

“If you have got a player in the teens in the Mid-Season Draft, your level of expectation, this is like nailing Pick 1.”

#8- Patrick Parnell

Parnell, Pick 4 in the 2021 Mid-Season Draft, was chosen for the list for Williams’ belief that Adelaide chose exceptionally well, given who was picked after him in the same draft.

“He’s been around since that Mid-Season Draft, of 2021. And when you look at it, he was Pick 4, Jacob Edwards, famously Jai Newcombe, Ash Johnson were taken,” he said.

“But when you look at it, he’s probably one of the pick of the bunch.

“There’s probably only one player I can see, that was taken after him, that you could make an argument that maybe, they could potentially be better.

“They (Adelaide) nailed this pick.”

#7- Ryan Gardner

One of the second chance players on the list, and one of the most experienced as well to date, Gardner has made the most of his second chance.

Unlike most of the early picks in the first Mid-Season Draft of 2019, Gardner remains with the Dogs, which is more than can be said for the top five in that draft.

“You look at it, in this draft, there, was some very good, in the first year there was some very good players,” Williams said.

“We look at it, Josh Deluca, went pick one, but let’s be honest, everyone failed in that first top five. Pick 6, is where it started.

“He [Gardner] has been solid, he’s got some runs on the board for the Doggies.”

#6- Will Snelling

Another member of the 2019 Mid-Season Draft, Snelling’s body of work has been impressive enough to date for Williams to declare him ‘under-valued.’

“He brings the pressure, and Brad Scott loves these types of players,” he said.

“And he’s been one of the performers, even when Essendon weren’t going so well, and there was all that furore a couple of years ago, he always stood out. Phenomenal output for a guy taken where he was.”

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#5- Sam Durham

Another good pick by the Bombers, Durham has rarely missed a game since his recruitment in 2021 at Pick 9 and was among the leading stat winners for rising stars in 2022.

“Last year, he had a really good year, he was top five in just about every eligibility category, for the rising star,” Williams said.

“This guy can play, and 36 [games] from where you’ve picked him up, they have absolutely nailed it.”

#4 – Ash Johnson

Williams is quick to give Johnson high praise for the strong start to his AFL career after being taken Pick 3 in the 2021 Mid-Season Draft.

“Playing at high half forward, this guy is a gem,” he said.

“He’s an absolute real livewire, and one of my favourite players to watch outside of my own football club.

“He stands out, he’s a hungry competitor. My team hate playing him, very good footballer.”

#3 – Marlion Pickett

One of the Mid-Season Draft’s greatest success stories, Marlion Pickett has become a staple for Richmond, playing in two premierships since joining the Tigers.

“This guy has played just about every position known to man, in the AFL system,” Williams said.

“He’s got a great backstory, of redemption and getting back into the system, and he’s become a staple, hasn’t he?”

“A real success story for the mid-season draft, and one that I reckon they’d all subscribe to.”

#2 – John Noble

John Noble may very well be the best pick of the lot, and Williams admits it was tough to leave him off the number one place.

“He’s an absolute gem. This guy is an absolute animal and a real staple of the Collingwood side,” he said.

“And he’s one you forget when you play against them, but this guy, he’s an honest performer.”

“What a phenomenal success story, 2019 draft, pick 14.

“To have that kind of output I think is insane.”

#1 – Jai Newcombe

Rounding out the list, Jai Newcombe is one that Williams believes that North Melbourne, who had the choice of picking him, will be wondering “what if”.

“What a little footballer, this guy is,” he said.

“The future of Hawthorn right here, an absolute magnet of the ball right here, a real tough competitor and proof that sometimes, you can find a hidden gem.”

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