Who is in line for AA honours at this point of the year? (Photo: AFL, Design by Will Cuckson)

With the season almost at the halfway point, Dan Williams of Trendz has made his selections for the All-Australian team for 2023 thus far.


Mason Redman (Essendon)

“He’s been a staple of the turnaround there, [Essendon] are number one for scores coming out of the D50, and he’s a big part of that,” Williams said.

“An absolutely terrific footballer who has really shone this year.”

Callum Wilkie (St Kilda)

“The intercept one-on-one specialist, really tough to beat, keeping key forwards honest,” Williams said.

“But also, when they are not getting the marks, he hurts them. A really impressive footballer, and for me, a walk-up start.”

Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)

“This guy is an absolute threat everywhere he goes,” Williams said.

“One of the most underrated players in the league, this guy is elite.”


Dan Houston (Port Adelaide)

“Whether it’s on the wing, or in midfield, or in half-back flank, this guy has really shone,” Williams said.

“This is really showcasing my penchant for rebounding defenders. I’m a big fan of Dan Houston, I think he’s sensational.”

Darcy Moore (Captain, Collingwood)

“There’s nothing Darcy Moore can’t do,” Williams said.

“Captaincy has made him a better player in my opinion, he’s everywhere, he’s reliable, he’s safe, [and] he rarely has a bad game.”

Nick Daicos (Collingwood)

“Sensational, without a shadow of a doubt sensational,” Williams said.

“What can’t he do? Number one uncontested player, top 20 for score involvements, you’ve got your rebound threat, your metres gained, [and] your ability to get into the involvement side of things.”


Errol Gulden (Sydney)

“One of the best kicks in the comp,” Williams said.

“I love Errol Gulden; I think he’s had a strong strong year.”

Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs)

“Underrated,” Williams said.

“I think with the forward line and also the defence there, he’s going to be an important conduit there.”

Josh Daicos (Collingwood)

“For me, the best wingman in the comp,” Williams said.

“Works hard, gets involved in that final third, and isn’t scared to come back and help his defence as well.”

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Toby Greene (Greater Western Sydney)

“I’ve loved Toby Greene’s game this year, with 32 goals already coming from it,” Williams said.

“He can do the unthinkable, can’t he? He’s classy, he’s tenacious, he’s got the skills to pay the bills.”

Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)

“You just can’t argue with this player, can you? He’s up there with one of if not the best players in the league,” Williams said.  

“His ability to move up the ground, free himself up, I think he’s pretty unstoppable on his day.”

Tim Taranto (Richmond)

“I’ve loved Tim Taranto playing across half forward and on the ball, his ability around the stoppage work as well is absolutely insane,” Williams said.

“I had to fit him in.”


Charlie Cameron (Brisbane)

“A guy that combines goals with tackle pressure, I’m a big fan,” Williams said.

“34 goals for the year, a goal magnet, real excitement machine.”

Charlie Curnow (Carlton)

“[The] Reigning Coleman [Medallist], and you wouldn’t put it past him to do it again,” Williams said.

“He keeps doing it time and time again. What a dream to watch this forward line play, all of them excitement machines.”

Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne)

“One of- the most underrated forward in the league. Everyone needs this,” Williams said.

“His ability to work and mark on the lead, be another avenue to goal, take the pressure off his keys, phenomenal.”


Tim English (Western Bulldogs)

“I think Tim English has been sensational this year, particularly his work rate around the ground,” Williams said.

“The improvement around the ground, for me, has been sensational. I think this year, he’s really come of age.”

Jordan Dawson (Adelaide)

“This guy is so well rounded, in my opinion, the most balanced midfielder in the comp,” Williams said.

“Whether it’s outside or inside, defending or attacking, there is nothing this guy can’t do.”

Zak Butters (Port Adelaide)

“Tough, tenacious, he can get the game going,” Williams said.

“A walk-up start in that midfield.”


Caleb Serong (Fremantle)

“He has really stepped up this year. Really really stepped up,” Williams said.

“Really well-rounded, gets involved in the game, not many weaknesses there.”

Oscar Allen (West Coast)

“I can’t look past the fact that he’s 6th for goals. And 11th for goals per game,” Williams said.

“He takes his chances. If you put him in Geelong or any other team, he’d probably win the Coleman.”

Connor Rozee (Port Adelaide)

“Again, metres gained, getting the ball forward, aggressive, he’s really having a good year,” Williams said.

Christian Petracca (Melbourne)

“One of my favourite players to watch, and I think that’s a no-brainer that doesn’t need explaining,” Williams said.

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