Rhianna Pollicina celebrates scoring against Adelaide (Photo Credit: Melbourne City/Twitter)

She was the game-winner against Adelaide last time out, and now Rhianna Pollicina is jumping at the chance to play in front of family and friends in Sydney.

She was the game-winner against Adelaide last time out, and now Rhianna Pollicina is jumping at the chance to play in front of family and friends in Sydney.

Playing last season for the Newcastle Jets, Pollicina made the move to Melbourne City in the off-season, and she says there are some massive differences between the two setups.

“The facilities and how professional it is at Melbourne City. Not taking away from the Jets, but the facilities we have here, the access we have here to podiatrists, to a gym whenever we want to go, that’s definitely a difference.

“The staff that we have here, whether it be Rado (Vidosic), all the way to the physio, it’s just top-notch, so that’s a massive difference that I’ve noticed.”

Pollicina managed to get on the scoresheet for the second time this season, scoring the game-winner in a 1-0 victory over Adelaide last week.

“It’s always good scoring a goal. It was the goal to win the match, so that’s a great feeling. The effort from everyone, traveling that day, so I can’t take that away from the other 10 players on the team that started and then the subs coming on. But yeah, it’s always nice getting on the scoresheet. Hopefully, I can get a few more goals for the club.”

Traveling to Sydney this week has Pollicina feeling excited as she will get the opportunity to play in front of some special people.

“Going to Sydney is definitely going to be exciting. I have most of my family coming down to the game so definitely, it was marked on my calendar to go and play in front of all my family, all my friends in Sydney.

“Sydney FC is obviously the benchmark team in the comp, they are top of the table. I’m so excited and I feel like all 16 girls that are going to be traveling are going to be ready for the game.”

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Even though Pollicina is hopeful she’ll be able to stick one in the back of the net on the weekend, she does not think about any sort of celebration, instead just choosing to live in the moment.

“I don’t really think about a celebration in the moment, it just happens. Some of the girls planned a celebration before the start of the season. To be honest, we haven’t actually done it, so I actually don’t know. I feel like if I score, I’ll just do a similar celebration to what I did on the weekend. To be honest, it just happens in the moment so I’m not too sure.

With the assist of the goal being delivered by her midfield partner Rebekah Stott, it was the case of a well-worked game plan being executed to perfection.

“Playing with Stotty has been amazing. Obviously, we offer similar qualities, we’re both good on the ball, so we just understand each other as players.

“We like playing tiki-taka football and just having her up top, it’s just wonderful. She can hold the ball up, she can beat players, she can play that killer pass and as you’ve seen from the goal, she slid me through, she saw me straight away making that run and she played me through.

“So, I think we’re on the same page as two as players. Our structure going into the game was to play Stotty’s feed and can I make a forward run off her so she could play me and that just worked in the goal.”

The battle in the middle of the park will be a key one when it comes to deciding the winner and loser of the match against Sydney FC. For Rhianna and Melbourne City, the focus is on executing their game plan.

“When you look at Sydney FC’s midfield, they’re all quality players and they’ve been playing together for a while. (With) our formation we’re good enough to beat any team so their midfield doesn’t really phase us. We’re going to stick to our game plan and our structure. We’re not going to focus on any individuals they have and we’re going to go out and just give it our all.

“We’re going to start with our press that we normally do and hopefully they can’t play through their midfield. They’re missing some top players, but they’ve still got other quality players that come in for those top two players that they’re missing, and Stotty and I will focus on the press that we do every week and all the other players in the team will be ready to go for that battle.”

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