The Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Team celebrate

The Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Team celebrate. Image: Australian Olympic Team / Twitter

After a day with four medals, two semi finals, and a stack of heats, there was plenty happening in the pool at Tokyo 2020 today. Catch up here.

Men’s 400m Individual Medley – Final

The United States of America have claimed the gold and silver medal of the 400m Individual Medley Final, with Chase Kalisz finishing with a time of 4:09.42 and Jay Litherland with 4:10.28.

Kalisz unleashed everything in the breaststroke leg, which had the other swimmers instead slow their pace down. His lead gained looked enough going into the final leg to claim gold.

Litherland swam from sixth position to second, splitting 56.7 on the freestyle leg.

Brendon Smith on his international debut earned Australia’s first medal at Tokyo 2020, taking home bronze in the with a time of 4:10.38.

Smith powered home in the freestyle leg after falling to seventh position in the breaststroke to snatch third place from Great Britain’s Max Litchfield and Hungary’s David Verraszto who tied in fourth place with a time of 4:10.59.

Smith said his achievement was ‘unbelievable”.

“12 months ago, when the Games were cancelled or postponed, I thought [it would] give me another opportunity, another year to better my preparation from last time so, you know, to improve that much and to be able to get on the podium is incredible,” Smith said.

Chase Kalisz (USA)Gold
Jay Litherland (USA)Silver
Brendon Smith (AUS)Bronze

Women’s 100m Butterfly – Semifinal

China’s Zhang Yufei swam the fastest once again, qualifying in first place, touching the wall in 55.89 and finished the only swimmer under 56 seconds. She remains the favourite to take home gold in the Women’s 100m Butterfly Final.

France’s Marie Wattel finished in second place, after swimming to first place in Heat 2 (56.16), 0.17 ahead of Emma McKeon. Wattel broke France’s national record and is looking likely to soon swim the 100m Butterfly in under 56 seconds.

She might be swimming the 4x 100m Freestyle Relay only an hour later, but McKeon secured her spot in the Final of the 100m Butterfly, qualifying third overall.

Current champion Margaret Macneil finished in sixth position, just enough to qualify for the Final.

Sweden will be the only team to take a double chance of earning a medal.

Brianna Throssell was unable to qualify for the Final, finishing with a time of 57.59.

The final of the Women’s 100m Butterfly takes place at 11.30am on Monday July 26.

SwimmerQualifying time
Zhang Yufei (CHN)55.89
Marie Wattel (FRA)56.16
Emma McKeon (AUS)56.33
Sarah Sjoestroem (SWE)56.40
Torri Huske (USA)56.51
Margaret Macneil (CAN)56.56
Louise Hansson (SWE)56.92
Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR)57.19

Men’s 400 Freestyle – Final

Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaoui caused an upset in the Men’s 400m Freestyle Final, surging from lane eight in the final 50m to take home gold by .16 of second (3:43.36).

Hafnaoui takes home Tunisia’s first ever medal in the Men’s 400m Freestyle after his gutsy swim, and it’s fifth ever gold medal at the Olympics.

Australia’s Jack McLoughlin led in the final 50m, and for most of the race, but just let go in the final strokes to finish with a silver medal (3:43.52).

USA’s Kieran Smith took home bronze, touching the wall with on 3:43.94. Smith had the second-best closing split at 27.13, only behind Germany’s HB Muhlleitner.

The other Aussie in the final, Elijah Winnington who went into the swim as one of the favourites, finished seventh despite a strong start.

Ahmed Hafnaoui (TUN)Gold
Jack McLoughlin (AUS)Silver
Kieran Smith (USA)Bronze

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Women’s 400m Individual Medley – Final

Japan secured its first swimming gold in the Women’s 400m Individual Medley in Yui Ohashi, taking charge early on with a composed backstroke. Despite some late charges, Ohashi held strong despite showing some fatigue in the Freestyle leg.

The States once again secured two medals in a race, with Emma Weyant and Hali Flickinger taking home the silver and bronze medal with a time of 4:32.76 and 4:34.90 respectively.

Veterans Mireia Belmonte (ESP) – four-time Olympian – and Katinka Hosszu (HUN) – five-time Olympian – finished in fourth and fifth place. Hosszu held third position for most of the way, but was snatched at the wall touch.

Yui Ohashi (JPN)Gold
Emma Weyant (USA)Silver
Hali Flickinger (USA)bronze

Men’s 100m Breaststroke – Semifinal

Adam Peaty (GBR) swam easily into the quickest qualifying time of the Semifinal, and after his heat and semi swim, is looking to be the clear favourite in tomorrow morning’s Final and may even challenge his own world record swim.

Arno Kamminga (NED) and Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA) finished in second and third place of the Semifinal and will challenge Peaty for the medal finishes.

The five fastest swimmers in history will all be represented in tomorrow’s Final, with Peaty currently ranked number one followed by Kamminga. Michael Andrew who qualified fifth for the Final is ranked number three, while Martinenghi and Ilya Shymanovich are tired at fourth.

SwimmerQualifying time
Adam Peaty (GBR)57.63
Arno Kamminga (NED)58.19
Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA)58.28
Yan Zibei (CHN)58.72
Michael Andrew (USA)58.99
James Wilby (GBR)59.00
Ilya Shymanovich (BLR)59.08
Andrew Wilson (USA)59.18

Women’s 4x 100m Freestyle Relay – Final

A new world record for the Women’s 4x 100m Freestyle Relay has been set, with the Aussie’s beating their previous record set to take home Australia’s first gold medal at Tokyo 2020.

A phenomenal race by the Aussies who were well and truly the favourites going into the race, held their lead for majority of the swim, to touch the wall 3.09 seconds ahead of silver medallists Canada. with a time of 3:29.69.

They are the first team ever to complete the swim in under 3:30.00.

The United States of America finished in third with a time of 3:32.81. Canada and the States looked the most likely for the silver and bronze medal, with a noticeable scramble between the two teams.

Cate Campbell once again anchored the team, and together recorded a time of 3:29.69, beating their record set at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Joining Campbell was her sister Bronte, Emma McKeon and 19-year-old Olympic debutant Meg Harris. For more on the team, see our team profile.

McKeon’s time of 51.35 was the best split of any swimmer, despite only earlier swimming in the 100m Butterfly, and the second-fastest split in relay history, behind Cate Campbell’s at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

The Netherlands had two of the best splits in the field, with Femke Heemskerk split of 52.05 the fastest of any swimmer other than McKeon.

China broke the national and Asian records with their time of 3:34.76.

United States of AmericaBronze

Women’s 100m Backstroke – Heats

Canadian world champion Kylie Masse set a new Olympic record for the Women’s 100m Backstroke, touching the wall at 58.17 and finishing first in Heat 4.

Masse was the record holder for one whole heat before the record fell again with Regan Smith (USA) setting a new time of 57.96.

Just like Masse, Smith held the Olympic record for one heat before Australia’s Kaylee McKeown in Heat 6 finished her swim with a time of 57.88.

Fellow Australian Emily Seebohm held the previous Olympic record of 58.23 set in 2012. Seebohm swan just slow of her once record, but finished the heats in fifth place.

The Semifinal of the Women’s 100m Backstroke is on Monday July 26 from 12:53pm.

14 of the women broke one minute, with the slowest time going through to the Semifinal 1:00.04 more than eight-tenths quicker than Rio 2016’s time, 1:00.89.

Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR) and Louise Hansson (SWE) were both no shows to the event.

SwimmerQualifying time
Kaylee McKeown (AUS)57.88 (OR)
Regan Smith (USA)57.96
Kylie Masse (CAN)58.17
Kathleen Dawson (GBR)58.69
Emily Seebohm (AUS)58.86
Rhyan White (USA)59.02
Kira Toussaint (NED)59.12
Margherita Panziera (ITA)59.74
Peng Xuweu (CHN)59.78
Maria Kamenva (ROC)59.88
Taylor Ruck (CAN)59.89
Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR)59.90
Anastasia Fesikova (ROC)59.92
Cassie Wild (GBR)59.99
Maaike de Waard (NED)1:00.03
Konisha Anna (JPN)1:00.04

Men’s 200m Freestyle – Heats

Hwang Sunwoo has set a new World Junior Record of 1:44.62 and is the man to beat in the Men’s 200m Freestyle.

His first 100m was speedy, flipping over in 50.12, with Tom Dean (GBR) and Townley Haas (USA) close behind in the heat.

Australia’s Thomas Neill qualified for the Semifinal with a time of 1:45.81. Fellow Aussie, Elijah Winnington has failed to progress, recording a time of 1:46.99.

Katsuhiro Matsumoto (JPN) and Lukas Martens (GER) deadlocked for 16th place with a time of 1:46.69 and swam off for the final spot. In the end it was Matsumoto who secured his spot in the Semifinal.

The Semifinal of the Men’s 200m Freestyle is on Monday July 26 from 11:37am.

SwimmerQualifying time
Hwang Sunwoo (KOR)1:44.62
Fernando Scheffer (BRA)1:45.05
Tom Dean (GBR)1:45.24
David Popovici (ROU)1:45.32
Duncan Scott (GBR)1:45.37
Martin Malyutin (RUS)1:45.50
Stefano Ballo (ITA)1:45.80
Thomas Neill (AUS)1:45.81
Danas Rapsys (LTU)1:45.84
Townley Haas (USA)1:45.86
Kregor Zirk (EST)1:46.19
Nandor Nemeth (HUN)1:46.19
Kieran Smith (USA)1:46.26
Velimir Stjepanovic (SRB)1:46.26
Antonio Djakovic (SUI) 1:46.37
Katsuhiro Matsumoto (JPN)1:46.06 (swim off time)

Women’s 100m Breaststroke – Heats

Another Olympic record well on night two of the heats, with Tatjana Schoenmaker (RSA) beating Lilly King’s (USA) previous record set of 1:04.93 with a time of 1:04.82.

Schoenmaker’s swim also smashes her previous Continental and National record set earlier in the year of 1:04.74.

King remains one of the favourites to take home a medal, holding the world record and remains the reigning Olympic champion for the Women’s 100m Breaststroke.

She finished third overall, first in her heat, with a time of 1:05.55, 1.42 slower than her world record best.

Australia’s Chelsea Hodges progresses to the Semifinal, with a time of 1:06.70.

The Semifinal of the Women’s 100m Breaststroke is on Monday July 26 from 11:50am.

SwimmerQualifying time
Tatjana Schoenmaker (RSA)1:04.82 (OR)
Lydia Jacoby (USA)1:05.52
Lilly King (USA)1:05.55
Sophie Hansson (SWE)1:05.66
Martina Carraro (ITA)1:05.85
Evgeniia Chikunova (ROC)1:06.16
Isa Hulkko (FIN)1:06.19
Yulia Efimova (ROC)1:06.21
Mona Sharby (IRL)1:06.39
Tang Qianting (CHN)1:06.47
Sarah Vasey (GBR)1:06.61
Chelsea Hodges (AUS)1:06.70
Lisa Mamie (SUI)1:06.76
Eneli Jefimova (EST)1:06.79
Kotryna Teterevkova (LTU)1:06.82
Anna Elendt (GER)1:06.96

Men’s 100m Backstroke – Heats

It may have been his first Olympic swim, but Kliment Kolesnikov (ROC) showed why he deserved his spot, finishing first overall with 52.15. His flip of 24.89 was outstanding, before swimming home in 27.26.

Thomas Ceccon (ITA) lowered his Italian record of 52.84 to 52.49 to qualify second-fastest in the heats.

Defending champion Ryan Murphy and Evgeny Rylov tied for second in the final heat, finishing middle of the pack in equal seventh as they head into the semi.


Australia will again be represented in the semis, with Mitch Larkin and Isaac Cooper both qualifying for the Semifinal. Larkin swam fourth-quickest overall, while Cooper finished 13th.

The Semifinal of the Men’s 100m Backstroke is on Monday July 26 from 12:31pm.

SwimmerQualifying time
Kliment Kolesnikov (ROC)52.15
Thomas Ceccon (ITA)52.49
Xu Jiayu (CHN)52.70
Mitch Larkin (AUS)52.97
Irie Ryosuke (JPN)52.99
Yohann Ndoye-Brouard (FRA)53.13
Evgeny Rylov (ROC)53.22
Ryan Murphy (USA)53.22
Hugo Gonzalez (ESP)53.45
Mewen Tomac (FRA)53.49
Guilherme Guido (BRA)53.65
Robert Glinta (ROU)53.67
Isaac Cooper (AUS)53.73
Marek Ulrich (GER)53.74
Joseph Armstrong (USA)53.77
Apostolos Christou (GRE)53.77

Women’s 400m Freestyle – Heats

Defending Olympic champion will remain among the favourites to take home gold in the 400m Freestyle qualifying first overall in the heats by over a second.

Australia’s Ariarne Titmus finished first in Heat 4, a tight race swum against Trans-Tasman rival Erika Fairweather who also progresses to the Semifinal.

14-year-old Summer McIntosh dropped almost two and a half seconds off her personal best, and broke the Canadian national record of 4:03.45, previously set by Brittany Maclean.

The Final of the Women’s 400m Freestyle is on Monday July 26 at 12:20pm

SwimmerQualifying time
Katie Ledecky (USA)4:00.45
Li Bingjie (CHN) 4:01.57
Ariarne Titmus (AUS)4:01.66
Erika Fairweather (NZL)4:02.28
Summer McIntosh (CAN)4:02.72
Isabel Gose (GER)4:03.21
Paige Madden (USA)4:03.98
Tang Muhan (CHN)4:04.07

Men’s 4x 100m Freestyle Relay – Heats

Defending world and Olympic champions, the United States of America will have to swim hard in tomorrow morning’s Final, after finishing second overall in the Heats.

Italy touched the wall first with a time of 3:10.29, a second clear of the States and continue to look like the team to beat.

France came second to the Italians in Heat 2, but their time of 3:12.35 places them fourth overall going into the Final.

After a strong surge by Australia’s Mitch Larkin, the Dolphins finished third overall and should push for a medal with a strong swim.

The Final of the Men’s 4x 100m Freestyle Relay is on Monday July 26 at 1:05pm

TeamQualifying time
United State of America3:11.33

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