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Join The Inner Sanctum for the final day of action for Tokyo 2020, as the end of the Olympics Games wraps up with the final competitions.

Welcome to our live blog of Day 16 at Tokyo 2020. All Olympics we will keep you up to date as we go with all the action as the Olympics wraps up.

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6:41pm: THAT’S IT! WE ARE DONE! The Closing Ceremony is still to come (watch out for Bec Ruthven’s CS recap on our website) but Olympic competition is officially done and dusted!

Luckily, we haven’t run out of content as we have plenty of cool stuff to come from Tokyo 2020 PLUS the upcoming Paralympics.

From everyone at the Inner Sanctum, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as we have, particularly with the Olympics coming at such a dreadful time for so many people across the country.

We consider ourselves lucky to bring you the BEST Olympic coverage we possibly could over the past couple of weeks because frankly, the athletes deserve it and so does the public.

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6:36pm: MEDAL ALERT: The final gold medal of the games goes to Serbia! Greece takes home silver, its first medal in Men’s Water Polo while Serbia goes back to back, the final score 10-13 after Serbia pulled away in the final quarter. Is there anything better than fully clothed people jumping into a pool in sheer delight?

6:35pm: There’s always room for more positive Boomers news as Patty Mills has made the Olympic All-Star team!

6:33pm: With a minute and a half to go, Serbia’s lead is almost insurmountable as they remain in front 10-13. Serbia look primed to bring home the second successive gold medal in the Men’s Water Polo.

6:29pm: Disaster for Greece as Serbia extends the lead to three goals. Four minutes remain but Greece need to get a move on if they want to take home gold.

6:27pm: Serbia has scored again! Panic stations for Greece as they have four and a half minutes to overcome a two goal deficit.

6:25pm: PENALTY TO SERBIA! Prlainovic has converted the penalty and Serbia takes the lead 11-10.

6:24pm: We are back level! A fitting end to the Olympics as Greece and Serbia are locked at 10 goals each with just over six minutes to go.

THANK YOU! – As we head into the final quarter of Olympic action, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers across the last few weeks! We hope you have enjoyed reading our content as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!

6:20pm: LAST QUARTER OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES! Greece unloaded a flurry of shots late but it is still Serbia with the ascendancy, 9-10 at the last break of the game. One quarter is all that remains to obtain gold.

6:19pm: It is Serbia that has broken the deadlock! The score now 9-10 with a minute to go in the third.

6:15pm: NINE ALL! Greek captain Fountoulis has fired past Mitrovic to bring it back to level pegging, three minutes to go in the third.

6:09pm: VAR DRAMA Serbia score another goal, pulling away to a two goal margin but only after a goal review showed the ball just crossed the line of the Greek goal. BUT… Greece has answered immediately, restoring the one goal margin with plenty of time left in this one.

6:06pm: SECOND HALF UNDERWAY! Who will take home the FINAL gold medal of Tokyo 2020? The score is Greece 7-8 Serbia.


6:03pm: At the halfway point, Serbia is just in front of Greece, leading the match 7-8 after a spirited Greek comeback was halted by a Serbian goal late in the half.

6:01pm: With one medal still to play for in the Water Polo, the top six will NOT change as the USA leave the Olympics on top of the gold medal stakes with 39 to its name. The Aussies come in sixth place, tying the highest amount of gold medals won by Australia EVER.

5:56pm: As our very own Alex Catalano would say, IT’S HONOURS EVEN! Greece has drawn level and Serbia has called the time-out, Serbian coach Dejan Savic trying to halt the Greek momentum.

5:55pm: Greece is coming! They have cut the margin to just one goal with Serbia holding the 6-7 lead.

5:54pm: Will is gone and Ben is here. It’s time for our resident Water Polo expert (me) to bring this home. Serbia hold a two goal lead with five and a half minutes to go in the second quarter.

5:47pm: Serbia with a 6-3 lead over Greece at quarter time of the men’s gold medal water polo final. Dual goals to Dusko Pijetlovic, Nikola Jaksic and Filip Filipovic for Serbia.

5:40pm: It’s been a tight tussle in the men’s gold medal water polo final, but Serbia holds a 4-2 lead with just under four minutes to play in the first quarter.

5:32pm: Greece is on the board first in the men’s gold medal water polo final, and Serbia follows shortly after! The score sits at 1-1 with 6 and a half minutes left in the first quarter.

5:28pm: MEDAL ALERT: France wins its first ever Women’s Handball Gold Medal, with France doing the double in the men’s and women’s tournaments. France defeated silver medallists ROC 30-25, with Norway taking out bronze after defeating Sweden earlier today.

5:26pm: The gold medal match of the men’s water polo between Serbia and Greece is about to get underway shortly.

5:24pm: Two minutes left in the gold medal match of the women’s handball, France has maintained a healthy lead over the ROC. The score sits at 28-24 as the minutes tick down, this margin looks like it will be tricky for the ROC to chase down.

5:07pm: The ROC has called a timeout in the second half of the women’s handball gold medal match, with the score 22-16 in favour of France.

5:04pm: France is out to a four-point lead in the gold medal match of the women’s handball. The score sits at 20-16 after 13 minutes in the second half.

4:46pm: MEDAL ALERT: After a closely-fought Round 3, Bakhodir Jalolov [UZB] is the Men’s Super Heavyweight gold medallist by unanimous decision against Richard Torrez Jr [USA] who wins silver.

4:41pm: Both fighters were striking hard and fast in Round 2 of the Men’s Super Heavyweight (+91kg) Final Bout, though the five judges saw the advantage with Bakodir Jalolov [UZB], over Richard Torrez Jr [USA].

4:39pm: After one round of the Men’s Super Heavyweight (+91kg) Final Bout, it was a good start by both Bakhodir Jalolov [UZB] and Richard Torrez Jr [USA] as even the judges were split though the scores favour the American 3-2 so far.

4:36pm: At half time, France leads 13-15 over ROC in the Women’s Handball Gold Medal match. If the French win today it will be France’s first Women’s Handball Olympic Gold Medal.

4:18pm: It’s all square a 6-6 at the 15 minute mark of the Women’s Handball Gold Medal Match. If the ROC wins it will be the exact same podium as Rio 2016 after Norway won the Bronze Medal Match earlier today.

4:17pm: The Men’s Super Heavyweight (+91kg) gold medal fight between Bakhodir Jalolov [UZB] and Richard Torrez Jr [USA] is about to get underway.

4:11pm: MEDAL ALERT: Lauren Price [GBR] has won Women’s Middleweight (69-75kg) gold after a 5-0 unanimous decision against Li Qian [CHN] who claims silver.

4:07pm: After Round 2 of the Women’s Middleweight (60-75kg) Final Bout, four of the five judges had Lauren Price [USA] the better boxer, awarding 10 points to her against 9 points for Li Qian [CHN] heading into the final round.

4:07pm: Five minutes into the first half of the Gold Medal Match in the Women’s Handball, ROC leads France 3-1.

4:05pm: Lauren Price [GBR] has scores of 10-9 from each of the five judges after Round 1 in the Women’s Middleweight (69-75kg) Final Bout against Li Qian [CHN]

4:00pm: MEDAL ALERT: The United States has its gold medal! A dominant victory over Brazil 3 sets to zero.

It’s the USA’s first volleyball gold medal, and it was achieved with an 11 point win in the deciding set 14-25.

3:58pm: Just one point from gold now for the USA, with a ten-point lead in the third set against Brazil.

3:55pm: The USA is just five points away from an Olympic Volleyball gold medal, getting everything their way against Brazil, now with a nine-point lead, 20-11.

3:49pm: Time out Brazil, once again being blown out by the United States, whose lead is now seven, 15-8.

3:48pm: The United States has once again responded to earlly challenges by Brazil and taken a six point lead, 14-8.

3:41pm: MEDAL ALERT: Hungary wins bronze in the Men’s Water Polo after beating Spain 9-5. Gold and silver will be decided tonight between Greece and Serbia.

3:40pm: It’s point for point early in the third set of the women’s volleyball gold medal match. Brazil leads 5-4 over the United States.

3:39pm: Hungary has two in the exclusion zone and Spain is still unable to score in this half, with 1:30 on the clock it looks like this is all over.

3:38pm: It’s now 9-5 Hungary’s way, Spain attempts Germany’s failed strategy from the Hockey of leaving an empty net and Hungary capitalise on it instantly.

3:37pm: Three Hungary players have received their third and final fouls in the final quarter, they now hold an 8-5 lead but losing some of the side’s more experienced players might bring Spain back into the match.

3:33pm: For the first time in the match Hungary has a two-goal lead, ahead of Spain 7-5 in the men’s water polo bronze medal match. In a low-scoring game like this has been it could be enough with six minutes to go.

3:30pm: The United States is one set away from a first Gold Medal in Volleyball. It has taken the second set 25-20 after steadying following a Brazilian fightback.


3:28pm: The fourth quarter of the men’s water polo bronze medal match starts exactly the same the other three have, with Spain’s Martin Famera winning the sprint start.

3:26pm: Hungary has put its nose in front in the third quarter leading Spain 6-5 but with a quarter still to play there’s the opportunity for Spain to get ahead.

3:26pm: Timeout called by the United States as Brazil makes a run back into the set, and now trails by five 15-20.

3:22pm: A successful challenge keeps the good times rolling for the USA in the second set, and it leads Brazil by eight points, 12-20.

3:18pm: MEDAL ALERT: Kellie Harrington of Ireland has taken the womenโ€™s lightweight gold over Beatriz Ferreira from Brazil via a 5-0 unanimous decision

3:16pm: Time out Brazil, having fallen behind the USA 16-9 in the second set, they will need to dig deep to get back into this one.

3:13pm: In the men’s water polo bronze medal match, it’s very difficult to split these two teams at halftime with the scores level at 5-5. Both sides are losing discipline in defence and there have been many exclusion fouls – 11 total fouls to Hungary and 6 to Spain. Four players are sitting on two personal fouls so far and if they get another they will be removed from the game. The most notable moment was an official on the Hungary bench received a red card.

3:08pm: It’s a close start to the second set of the women’s volleyball gold medal match, with the United States holding a slender two-point lead over Brazil 7-5

2:59pm: The first set of the womens’ volleyball gold medal match has gone to the United States 25-21. The USA pushed away after Brazil squared up during the set, with the advantage going into Set 2.

2:57pm: Time out Brazil with it falling five points behind the USA, who now have set point leading 24-19.

2:56pm: At the end of the first quarter of the Men’s Water Polo Bronze Medal Match it’s all square at 3-3 between Spain and Hungary. There’s been quite a few fouls in this first quarter and a few moments in the exclusion zone for both sides.

2:52pm: The United States’ timely Reset sees them once again out to a steady lead of four over Brazil, 17-21.

2:47pm: Brazil is not going to go down quietly in this first set, bringing it back to 14-15, forcing the United States to call a time out to reset.

2:44pm: The USA has held a steady lead for most of this first set, currently leading 12-15.

2:41pm: After Brazil recovered the deficit to a solitary point a few times, the USA is back out to a four-point lead in the women’s volleyball final. Scores sit at 12-8.

2:32pm: The USA has taken the first four points of the first set in the women’s volleyball final against Brazil.

2:27pm: The women’s volleyball final between the USA and Brazil is minutes from getting underway.

2:09pm: MEDAL ALERT: Bulgaria takes out the Group All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics Gold unseating ROC for the first time since Atlanta 1996, after scoring a combined score of 92.100. Not too far behind is the ROC with Silver scoring 90.700 and winning Bronze is Italy, with a total score of 87.700.

2:05pm: The final Australian athlete, Annette Edmondson has completed her competition. The Australian Olympic Team has wrapped an incredibly successful Olympics, and will enjoy the Closing Ceremony this evening.

2:00pm: MEDAL ALERT – Jennifer Valente (USA) takes gold in the Women’s Omnium, after finishing second in the Points Race. Yumi Kajihara (JPN) takes Silver, despite crashing in the Points race and Kirsten Wild (NED) takes the Bronze.


MEDAL ALERT: The USA are Olympic Champions once again in the Women’s Basketball, winning their 7th Gold Medal in a row. They win 90-75, defeating Japan who will walk away with Silver. France will take home the Bronze.

1:55pm: If the ROC beats France in the Handball Gold medal match, the podium will be unchanged from Rio 2016.

Team USA is comfortably ahead of Japan in the Women’s Basketball Gold Medal Match.

1:30pm: MEDAL ALERT: Norway has won the Women’s Handball Bronze 36-19 over Sweden. The Norwegians were completely dominant from start to finish, and were well-deserving winners.


The Points Race is about to kick off, the final race of the Women’s Omnium, and the final race of the Track Cycling for the Olympics.

1:25pm: USA are moving closer and closer to another gold medal as they open up a 15 point lead against Japan.

1:10pm: Sweden trails by 15 goals, 15 minutes into the second half against Norway in the Women’s Handball Bronze Medal Match.

1:05pm: MEDAL ALERT – Jason Kenny (GBR) has outfoxed everyone, going from the front to defend his Men’s Keirin Gold Medal. He went from the start and won by almost half a lap. Awang (MAS) takes silver, Lavreyesen (NED) takes Bronze, but nobody can believe the audacity of Kenny’s ride to take gold. It’s his seventh Olympic gold medal.


1:00pm: Five minutes gone in the second half and it’s a 23-10 lead for Norway over Sweden in the Women’s Handball Bronze Medal match.

12:50pm: MEDAL ALERT – Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) wins gold over Olena Staricova (UKR) in the Women’s Sprint, after decisive wins in the first two races. Lee Wai Sze (HKG) takes bronze, over Emma Hinze (DEU) in the Women’s Sprint, with back to back wins.

The Bulgarian team qualified top in the Rhythmic Gymnastics, and lead after the first rotation, with a score of 47.550 ahead of Belarus and Italy.


Croatia lead the USA 11-7 with five minutes remaining in the 5th place playoff of the Men’s Water Polo.

12:45pm: Clara Copponi (FRA) has won the Elimination race of the Women’s Omnium, ahead of home town hero Yumi Kajihara. Jennifer Valente (USA) leads the event with one race left, with Annette Edmondson and Laura Kenny well down overall.


Quarter time in the Women’s Basketball Gold Medal game, it’s the USA leading 23-14 over Japan.

12:40pm: Annette Edmondson has had a poor exit in the Elimination Race of the Women’s Omnium, eliminated early. The only consolation is that Laura Kenny, the main favourite has been eliminated fairly early as well.

Norway has finished their first half dominance with a goal to make it a 12 goal lead against Sweden 19-7.

12:35pm: Team USA has taken an early lead in the Women’s Basketball Gold Medal Match, 10-2 over Japan after four minutes.

12:25pm: Harrie Lavreyesen (NED), Maximilian Levy and Aziz Awang (MAS) have won through to the final of the Men’s Keirin.

Norway flexing their muscles against their Scandinavian rivals, they lead by eight goals after 20 mins 14-6.

12:15pm: Matthew Glaetzer (AUS) has gone through to the final of the Men’s Keirin, with Jason Kenny (GBR) and Jair Tjon En Fa (SUR).


Fifteen minutes into the Handball, and Norway leads Sweden 10-5 for the Bronze Medal at this stage.


12:05pm: Five minutes gone in the first and Sweden is down against Norway in the Women’s Handball Bronze Medal Match 5-2.

Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) has taken the decider in the Women’s Sprint Semi Final and is off to the Gold Medal Race.

12:00pm: Laura Kenny (GBR) takes the tempo race in the Women’s Omnium, to put her straight back in contention of the event. Edmondson was part of a group that was lapped, and has scored poorly in the race.


The Bronze Medal Match in the Women’s Handball between Norway and Sweden is getting underway as well.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Team All-Around Final is also getting underway.

11:55am: Italy has won the seventh placed playoff against Montenegro on penalties, after a thrilling end to the match.


11:50am: Olena Starikova (UKR) is through to the final of the Women’s Sprint, with Lee Wai Sze (HKG) to race for bronze.

Emma Hinze (DEU) has forced a deciding sprint against Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) for the chance to ride for the gold medal.

11:45am: Matthew Glaetzer (AUS) is through to the Semi Finals of the Keirin after finishing fourth in his heat.

Nicholas Paul (TTO) dominated his race, and looks to be the favourite for the event.

We’re going to penalties in the Men’s Water Polo for the seventh place playoff, after scores were level at 14-all after the end of regulation.

11:30am: Olena Starikova (UKR) and Kelsey Mitchell (CAN) have each won the first Semi Final of the Women’s Sprint.

Matthew Richardson (AUS) has been eliminated from the Men’s Keirin in the Quarter Final, after coming in behind Kevin Quintero Chavarro (COL), Jason Kenny (GBR), Rayan Helal (FRA) and Harrie Lavreysen (NED).

11:25am: MEDAL ALERT: Serbia has won the Bronze Medal in the Women’s Volleyball in a dominant performance- 3 sets to zero, winning the final set 25-15 over Korea.

11:10am: ABSOLUTE CARNAGE. More than half of the field in the Women’s Omnium has crashed in the final two laps. Australian Annette Edmondson has come third, just beaten by Jennifer Valente (USA) and Yumi Kajihara (JPN). A number of the big favourites, including Laura Kenny, the pre-race favourite.


11:05am: Korea has called another timeout, trailing 7-5 to Serbia in the third set. Montenegro now leads Italy 8-7 late in the second quarter.

11:00am: The Women’s Omnium is getting underway, with the Scratch Race first, a pure race to the finish line. Australia’s Annette Edmondson will be trying to upset the favourite, from Great Britain, Laura Kenny.

10:50am: Serbia has taken the second set of their Women’s volleyball bronze medal match in style – a 25-15 win in the set over Korea. Italy continue to lead 6-5 in the second quarter of their see-sawing matchup.

The Marathon has now concluded, with the later finishers crossing the line.

10:40am: Korea has called timeout in the second set, trailing 11-6. Italy leads Montenegro 3-2 in the first quarter of their Water Polo matchup.

10:30am: Serbia has taken the first set 25-17, in the Women’s Volleyball Bronze Medal Match.

In the Men’s Water Polo, the 7th Place Playoff between Montenegro and Italy is underway, with Italy drawing first blood.

10:25am: Time out called by Korea in its Women’s Volleyball bronze medal match- down 21-17.

10:15am: We’ve also got the Women’s Bronze Medal Match of the Volleyball going on. Serbia have called a timeout, trailing Korea 13-10 early on.

10:10am: MEDAL ALERT – Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) has won the Men’s Marathon with a time of 2:08:38. Nageeye has won silver, 1:20 behind, and Abdi won bronze, a further two seconds back, and two seconds ahead of Cherono.


10:00am: With just a couple of kilometres left in the marathon, Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) is in the lead. Kipchoge is famously the only man to ever run a marathon in less than two hours.

There is a chase pack of four runners, a minute behind Kipchoge that includes Lawrence Cherono (KEN), Ayad Lamdassem (ESP), Bashir Abdi (BEL) and Abdi Nageeye (NED).


Liam Adams is the best of the Australians, in about 38th, just under five minutes back. Brett Robinson is a further two minutes back, and unfortunately Jack Raner won’t finish the race.

9:55am: Welcome to Day 16, the final day of action from the Olympics. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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