Rachel Lowe in action for Sydney FC. (Photo: Sydney FC)

A member of Sydney FC Liberty A-League’s squad for the past three seasons, Rachel Lowe, has finally earnt the honours of becoming an A-League champion.

A journey that began in the lower levels of West Pymble FC with her twin brother, Rachel Lowe, can finally join the illustrious group of being called a Sydney FC championship winner.

A Young Matildas member at the age of 14, she made her maiden W-League debut two years later before being selected to represent the Matildas after only 17 professional football games at the young age of 17.

However, as of late, it hasn’t been easy for the ex-Matilda, as she revealed to KEEP UP last month that she battled ten months of hidden illness. This saw her confined to her bed for a fortnight after being diagnosed with post-viral syndrome following a bout with COVID-19.

The toll of the syndrome has caused her to suffer physical and mental fatigue after each game, according to KEEP UP. After feeling the struggles, Lowe can finally celebrate all her hard work to recover at an immense speed to be back in time for the Final.

She even managed to start the game, despite starting in only nine of her 16 appearances of the season.

“Yeah, came up short twice, but (the) third time, I was lucky, which is nice,” Lowe said in celebration.

“It’s awesome. We’re all really good friends off the field especially, so to win is like partying with your mates. To be honest, it’s really good.”

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Committing to the prestigious American College UCLA in 2018, she is not unknown to playing football overseas. While she only played for the UCLA Bruins for one year, the 22-year-old stated her ambitions include playing overseas again.

However, she insisted her priority is to get fit to appear in an entire 90-minute game.

“If I’m ready for overseas (then maybe),” Lowe added.

“I just have to have a season where I’m fit for the whole season (and) get some solid minutes every week and then hopefully (go) overseas. That’s my ambition.”

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