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The names that have consecutively main evented WrestleMania are some of the greatest.

Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and Roman Reigns headline that group, which recently made an addition in 2022 and 2023.

That superstar is Kevin Owens, who main evented the first nights of both WrestleMania 38 and 39.

The former was a no holds barred encounter against Stone Cold Steve Austin, which was the Rattlesnake’s first match in 19 years that may very well be his last.

Last year’s WrestleMania saw Owens join forces with best friend, Sami Zayn to dethrone The Usos and conclude the longest Tag Team Championship reign in WWE history.

Two amazing and well-deserved moments no other superstar will have attached to their career, the Prizefighter spoke exclusively with The Inner Sanctum about his consecutive WrestleMania main events.

“They’re both so special,” Owens said.

“I don’t want to say I prefer one over the other, because I didn’t.

“However, if you are just talking about sheer magnitude of the moment, being in the ring with Stone Cold 19 years after his last match, it was unlikely to ever happen.

“Just the fact that it was me in there, it’s extremely surreal to this day for sure.

“Getting to do it (main event) with Sami, our careers were linked for 20 plus years before that time and being in that main event spot at WrestleMania, and winning the titles, you can’t ask for a better fairytale ending.

“Not that it was the ending, but it was the culmination of us being a tag team.”

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Although Owens has main evented the previous two WrestleMania’s, his position on this year’s card is a little different.

While nothing is confirmed at this stage, the Prizefighter seems to be on a collision course for a United States Championship match against Logan Paul and Randy Orton.

Owens also reflected on his overall WrestleMania career and shared how grateful he is, despite not being in the spotlight as much in 2024.

“I’ve had some great WrestleMania moments and the last few years, I’ve been very conscious of trying to savour every moment and appreciate the chances that I’ve had,” he said.

“The last two years were incredible and if this year’s WrestleMania doesn’t pan out for me, there’s always the next one.

“If there isn’t, how lucky am I? I’ve gotten to do seven WrestleMania’s at this point.

“The last two were unbelievable, or the last three, or the last four, this is what I mean.

“(WrestleMania) 36 was in an empty building against Seth Rollins, who’s been my friend for so many years. One was against Sami Zayn one-on-one at WrestleMania (37), then Stone Cold, then me and Sami teaming.

“I’ve had an unbelievable career.”

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