Queensland Firebirds announce their captain ahead of the 2023 season and their leadership group. (Image: Queensland Firebirds)

For the upcoming Suncorp Super Netball season, the Queensland Firebirds announced Kim Ravaillion to be their captain.

The veteran mid-courter will also be the head of a four-player leadership group, which was named by Head Coach Bec Bulley.

This group consists of vice-captain Lara Dunkley, Gabi Simpson, Mia Stower and Ravaillion.

Dunkley will retain the role she had last season with Ravaillion, while ex-captain Simpson will regain a formal leadership position, after leading the club from 2017 to 2021.

“When the girls nominate you, it gives you more confidence to be yourself. They’re backing me as a leader, which gives me the reigns to get out there and lead by example and how I want to,” Ravaillion said. 

Ravaillion spoke on what it means to be part of the leadership space and how it will increase the strength of the relationship with her team.

“I may be the captain, but I’m lucky to be [part] of a team that wants to lead as well and speak up,” Ravillion said.

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Teammate Mia Stower is joining the leadership team and her confidence in action has been seen by Ravaillion.

“Most of these girls are young, with the likes of Mia Stower joining the leadership group, she’s taking it with both hands, says how it is and I love that about her, it’s an exciting opportunity for her,” Ravaillion said. 

Playing under coach Bulley in 2015, Ravaillion has aligned and always valued the importance of leadership and how it can further a team contending in the competition.

“We are quite similar, we are both very competitive and that kind of relationship really shows between us and we can filter that throughout the group,” Ravaillion said.

With most of the playing group coming from the Sapphire league, Ravaillion is looking forward to learning from them and furthering the team chemistry.

“They’ve all kind of played together in the HART Sapphire Series and now they get the opportunity to play for the Firebirds, said Kim optimistically,” she said.

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