Tess Coady competing at an Olympic qualifying event in 2017. (Picture: owia.org)

Tess Coady has fought through the interrupted 2020 season, getting in prime position for her preparation for Beijing 2022.

Tess Coady has set her sights on the Beijing 2022 Olympics, aiming to build on the strong results of this season.

Coady recently finished with the bronze medal at the World Championships in Aspen in March 2021, and has taken her freestyle snowboarding to another level.

“It was a really good season, and I was really happy to walk away with some good results,” she said.

“The World Cup was really tough this year as well, because a lot of other events have been cancelled, so I knew that it was going to be really competitive, but I was looking forward to it and [having] come away with a few really good results and a podium at the World Championships was really good.”

Coady is no stranger to disruption, with COVID-19 being just the latest in a tumultuous career.

She had qualified for Pyeonchang and was all set to be the youngest athlete on the team, aged just 17, when she tore her ACL on a practice run.

“The experience gave me a lot to think about. I really learned a lot there, and I think I’ve grown a lot and matured quite a bit too,” Coady explained.


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This year, the unpredictability of the season never got to Coady, and she used it as a learning opportunity.

“It kind of worked in my favour, because I got more time to train right during the middle of the season,” she said.

“That gave me a leg up and I really tried to capitalise on that opportunity and just gout out to the park.

“It was pretty crazy that two weeks out of events, sometimes not knowing if it was going to happen. Some events did get cancelled, which always was throwing a spanner in the works for us, but it was great to get the events that we did.”

Coady has made sure that she has stayed positive, regardless of the uncertainty of COVID-19.

“I got a little bit more time to just be in the park riding, and not always competing,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to train during competitions so I think to have a little bit of extra time to train in the middle of the season really helped me.”

Coady isn’t alone on her journey. Through all the trials and tribulations of her career, she’s had strong support behind her.

“I’m really lucky to have had the support of my family and the support of the OWIA, which has been incredible,” she said.

“They have helped me and so many other great athletes. They just look after us like rock-stars.”

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