Sydney excitement machine Errol Gulden is a must have in your SuperCoach side. Image Source "Sydney Swans'

With Round Three fast approaching, so are price changes for every player who has featured twice so far this season.

Due to their tendency to generate cash most quickly, SuperCoaches around Australia will be looking to spend their trades correcting their cash cows this week.

On the SuperCoach Sanctum PODcast, Matt Forrest, Will Cuckson, and Jasper Chellappah discuss the best rookies for your side.

This is the top 10 must-have rookies going into this weekend of football.

10. Tom Powell ($153,300 – MID – Breakeven: -38)

The midfielder at North Melbourne hasn’t lit the world on fire to start his SuperCoach career, scoring a 53 in Round One and a 75 in Round Two. However, his scoring dramatically increases when he’s moved onto the ball for the Kangaroos. In the first week of the season, he was the highest-scoring player on the ground when he attended centre bounces. Whilst David Noble has said Powell needs to put on size before being a permanent midfielder, the youngster has a knack for finding the ball.

9. James Rowe ($117,300 – FWD – Breakeven: – 54)

Whilst his breakeven is high now, the 104 he scored on debut will roll out of the calculations after this round of football, and his breakeven will soar into the positives until the 19 he produced last week rolls out as well. Small forwards typically score erratically, so don’t expect consistency from Rowe, but he has good job security at this point.

8. Tyler Brockman ($117,300 – FWD – Breakeven: -30)

After a disappointing round one, Brockman scored 77 against the Tigers in round two. The small forward will be prone to having poor rounds due to the nature of his position, but his pressure and pace adds elements to the Hawks that cannot be replaced. His position in the side is secure, and he’ll make plenty of cash for your side.

7. Sam Berry ($117,300 – MID – Breakeven: -59)

Berry’s position in the Adelaide side relied on the fitness of Matt Crouch – at first. In his two games at AFL level, the midfielder has laid 17 tackles and scored well in a SuperCoach setting. Whilst Matt Crouch is still listed as ‘TBC’ on the AFL’s injury list, Berry’s position looks to be safe when he does return.

6. Tom Highmore ($117,300 – DEF – Breakeven: -68)

Many SuperCoaches had pegged the best defensive option as the answer to rookie woes in the backline all preseason, and luckily Highmore is playing and scoring well. The ill-timed injury to James Frawley has certainly helped the rookie, making Highmore a required player up until the byes when Frawley is expected to return. A solid scoring option who can be used on the field as your D6.

5. Braeden Campbell ($189,300 – MID/FWD – Breakeven: -63)

The Rising Star nominee for round two had a fantastic week, scoring 118 points. The dual-position player will dramatically drop his breakeven after this week if he can score 80+ again, with his round one 56 due to drop out of calculations. Sydney is looking exciting with all their young players and Campbell is an important option for the Swans this year.

4. James Jordon ($123,900 – MID – Breakeven: -87)

The Melbourne midfielder was initially plugging the hole left by Jack Viney as he recovered from his pre-season issues, however with James Harmes out of the side for the next six weeks, Jordan has a chance to cement a spot in the Demons’ best 22. With his centre bounce attendances and tackle count high, there’s plenty to like about the scoring potential for this consistent Demon.

3. Chad Warner ($144,000 – FWD – Breakeven: -80)

Warner is another Swan who has added a level of excitement to the side this season. The forward option is playing on a wing for Sydney, allowing the 19-year-old to collect 19 and 20 disposals in his first two games. Warner is providing the side with a link-up option and will remain firmly in that side.

2. Matt Flynn ($123,900 – RUC – Breakeven: -145)

Whether you have him on the field or on the bench, you need Matt Flynn in your side. His monstrous breakeven of -145 means he should make $100,000 in one week if he scores close to his average of 109. With Brayden Preuss out of the GWS side for the next 10-14 weeks, Flynn will be a fantastic cash cow right up until the byes.

1. Errol Gulden ($117,300 – MID – Breakeven: -206)

Gulden has the greatest ever breakeven, and if the Swans midfielder scores 58 on the weekend, he will also make the most money ever in a single week of SuperCoach. Michael Barlow currently holds the record of $120,000 made in a single week, whilst Matt Rowell would’ve broken that record with $125,000 under normal price changes last season. Gulden’s high scoring has him expected to eclipse $500,000 by round six, and $650,000 by round 10. He is the most must-have rookie of all time.

Honourable Mentions

Lloyd Meek has a breakeven of -52 going into this week, however he should only be in sides that have Matt Flynn as their R2. Even then, his job security isn’t the greatest, with Sean Darcy back in the Fremantle side. Logan McDonald has also defied logic as a strong scoring key forward rookie. His job security is great, however it’s rare to find a key forward who scores consistently, and it’s even rarer to find a rookie key forward that scores well at all.

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