Sunshine Coast Lightning looking to bounce back swiftly

After a loss to the Fever, Sunshine Coast Lightning will be looking to bounce back swiftly.
Cara Koenen will be working to be ready to combat the NSW Swifts on Sunday. Picture

After a disappointing loss to the West Coast Fever at home, the Sunshine Coast Lightning will be looking to bounce back swiftly against the NSW Swifts back at USC stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Last week’s loss was disappointing, after what Laura Scherian described as the Lightning’s best quarter of the year was soon cancelled out by the Fever.

“We need to learn to change our game to combat what they put out there,” she said.

“That’s what we’re going to work on coming into the next few games.”

Ex-grand final rivals like the Swifts often lead to good contests, and Scherian especially looks forward to matches like this one.

“We played Swifts in a grand final and they beat us, so we’re always wanting for revenge for that, but every game we also want to put out our best performance,” she said.

“In the first rounds it’s about seeing what teams have, and what we can do to combat it.

“Being our second home game, we really want to put on a good performance for our crowd.”

Scherian spoke strongly about her new teammate in Mahalia Cassidy, who has been in the Lightning lineup since joining in the off-season.

“I’ve loved playing with Harls,” she said.

“I think the connection in our attacking is really coming together right around the court. She definitely brings something different, both in defence and attack.

“She’s been a great addition to our team.”

Koenen keen for Swift bounceback

Lightning’s Cara Koenen is determined, like the rest of the team, to move forward from the loss to the Fever.

Although there were lessons to take from the loss, their attention is firmly on the Swifts on Sunday.

“[There were] a few really good learnings to take away from the Fever,” Koenen said.

“But definitely really looking at what we can do to combat Swifts strong defence and what they are doing down their attack end as well.”


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The Swifts and the Lightning have been evenly matched to start the year, and Koenen is expecting a close contest.

“I think our game will be really really tough,” she said.

“We are sitting on the same amount of wins and losses so it’ll be really important for us in terms of ladder position.

“It’s a really crucial game for us so we’re looking to solidify a really good, solid consistent performance over that four quarters.”

Koenen went into detail about how the two clubs, Swifts and Fever, Lightning’s recent finals rivals, differ on the court.

“Very different,” she explained.

“With Jhaniele Fowler in the shooting end, the Fever have got that really nice big target.

“Swifts kind of carry the load a bit more evenly. It’s a challenge for our defenders in adjusting this week.

And Sarah’s (Sarah Klau) had a few really good games, so I’ll be looking to get her on my back a little bit and run circles around her.”

With Koenen cutting her teeth in the Australian Diamonds squad, she spoke about training against some key defenders like Klau.

“I like to think they’ve kind of worked me out a little bit,” she said.

“Which is an awesome challenge for me, trying to add more versatility to my game.

“Training up against them more consistently, I’ve been able to do my homework on them and started to figure them out as well.”

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