Jamie-Lee Price fights for the ball. Credit: Twitter/Suncorp Super Netball

All players have been working hard during the off-season. But only seven could be a part of The Inner Sanctum's Team of the Week for round 1.

It was wonderful to finally kick off the 2022 Suncorp Super Netball season. After a successful team girls cup, the teams were excited to get out on court in the first round of the season. 

Everyone was keen to show off the work they’d been doing in the off-season. But only 7 could be apart of The Inner Sanctum’s Team of the Week for round 1.

Goal Shooter: Donnell Wallam

It was a welcome sight to see relatively new signing Donnell Wallam in her first game for the Firebirds after Romelda Aitken-George announced she was pregnant only a few weeks ago. You could easily go for someone like Fowler this week, who had a wonderful performance but Donnell, to prove in her very first game, was just a massive highlight. Wallam starred in her first hit-out for her new team, shooting 41/43 and 2/5 from the super shot range, whilst grabbing 4 rebounds in the process. 

Goal Attack: Sasha Glasgow 

In what would be a surprising selection to some, Glasgow proved a lot of people wrong this first round of the season. New coach Dan Ryan, decided to start Sasha in goal-attack, moving Teague-Neeld to wing attack. She instantly had an impact for the Fever and wasn’t afraid to shoot her shot when it came the time. She shot 8/10 but played her role and shot an amazing 4/5 from the super shot range, proving she’s going to be a vital asset to this team. Not only did she impress inside the circle, but she improved outside gathering 30 feeds and a whopping 29 assists to help lead the Fever in a convincing win over the Lightning.

Wing Attack: Maddy Proud 

Derby’s are never easy and especially a derby where your opponent is Amy Parmenter. Proud played a stunning game and gave everything for her team in round 1. After a very unfortunate injury to her shooter Sam Wallace, Proud led from the front to get her team back into the game, only to fall agonisingly short in a two-goal loss to the Giants. She was wonderful on the circle all game with 29 feeds and 18 assists, a great start to her season. 

Jamie-Lee Price put up a strong fight against Swifts captain Maddy Proud. (Photo: Suncorp Super Netball/Twitter)

Centre: Jamie-Lee Price 

Price was on the other side of the coin to Proud in this rounds derby and was a massive part of why they were able to hang on and get the win over their cross-town rivals. Jamie-Lee is a strong and tough competitor and never backs down from any challenge which involves contact. In saying that, the way she and her mid-court moved the ball down the court was outstanding in key moments of the game. She leads from the front, especially when feeding the ball into her two shooters racking up 37 feeds and delivering 23 assists. It’s going to be difficult to stop last years, Team of the Year member, this season. 

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Wing Defence: Gabi Simpson 

The position of wing defence never gets a whole lot of credit, but it’s of the utmost importance that you find yourself a good one because they can be game-changers.

Gabi has been renowned as one of the best wing defence players in Australia netball for a long time now and her round one performance did that justice. With a mid-court of Moloney and Watson, it was going to be very difficult for anyone to stop. But it was Gabi’s denying of the ball her three deflections and intercept that made it hard for her opponents. She gave it her all and just persisted and that is what makes her one of the greats.

Gabi Simpson signs on with the Queensland Firebirds. (Photo: Queensland Firebirds/Twitter)

Goal Defence: Jo Weston 

The Australian Diamonds star produced for us all in round one of the new season. Coming up against, one of, if not, the best goal attack in the competition, she played a fantastic game. Jo was everywhere in this match, providing great agility and timing to rack up 4 intercepts and three deflections that ultimately lead to the Vixens getting on a roll and building a lead the Firebirds could not come back from. If Weston is at this level all season, watch out all you goal attacks, Jo is coming for you.

Goal Keeper:  Courteney Bruce

Bruce was the ultimate performer this week, getting right on top of the Lightning shooters, making it very difficult on them and not allowing them to gain any rhythm when shooting the ball. She has a wonderful lean and reach which puts off her opponents and in round one allowed her to rack up 6 rebounds, which is an outstanding number. Courtney was at her absolute best this week, with also 4 deflections and two intercepts a wonderful display of defensive work. Bruce may be a name you see in this team quite a lot moving forward into the season.

Courtney Bruce going for the intercept Photo- @WestCoastFever

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