Nyoongar, Yawuru and Nyikina man Callum Ah Chee and Lardil and Waanyi man Charlie Cameron proudly don Brisbane's 2021 Indigenous guernseys. (Photo: Brisbane Lions)

Our sporting clubs have the power to help influence positive change, including on days like January 26 and other significant issues. Let's support it.

I think Adelaide defender Tom Doedee summed it up best.

“[Clubs have] an incredibly large reach across all platforms that they should continue to use for good,” he tweeted in response to journalist Mark Stevens.

Our sporting clubs have significant platforms and they shouldn’t be told the ‘stick to football’ or ‘just play’ as some people have wheeled out across today and in the past.

Supporting positive change, like changing the date of Australia Day from January 26, should be backed by our sporting organisations.

These players and members of our football community are hurting. It’s important it’s supported by organisations

Social media posts standing by our Indigenous, Aboriginal and First Nations peoples have been terrific from a lot of AFL clubs today. It’s outstanding.

For the attitude of ‘just play’ to come out from people today is belittling of a significant issue in society, in which sporting clubs are trying to make a difference.

We need to see the support from these clubs, which are the role models for a lot of people.

What the Brisbane Lions have done, with letting their players express their feelings in a social media post was incredible.

It is exactly what it is needed to continue the education and promote change and leading the way in changing the date.

Sporting clubs are so important in society, and we shouldn’t discourage the fact they promote positive change.

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