Ricky Ponting with new Hobart Hurricanes boss Jeff Vaughan. Photo: cricket.com.au

On the back of appointing new coach Jeff Vaughan, Hobart Hurricanes Head of Strategy, Ricky Ponting believes the sky is the limit for the team.

Australian cricket legend Ricky Ponting has made his first move as the Hobart Hurricanes’ ‘Head of Strategy’, appointing Tasmania head coach Jeff Vaughan as the new man in charge.

Alongside Vaughan will be the highly respected and current Islamabad United assistant Darren Berry to fill the role of senior assistant, while former Australian all-rounder James Hopes rounds out the coaching trio.

Despite being one of two sides without a BBL championship to its name, Hobart has been relatively successful most seasons, playing off in two grand finals. Most recently, in the 2017-18 season, falling to the Adelaide Strikers by 25 runs.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Ponting the new ‘Head of Strategy’, spoke about the importance of having one coach across both Tasmanian cricket teams.

“I felt that Hobart and Tasmania is a state that is well suited to having one coach”, he said.

“A lot of people I spoke to in the Australian setup spoke of Jeff with glowing reports, highly skilled and very experienced, people management skills, and there wasn’t a bad word spoken about him.

“The continuity is a big thing, so many players in the Tigers program that will crossover into the Hurricanes program, all receiving similar messaging.”

“The fact that we’ve now got that continuity with Jeff in charge is something that I feel is really important for the Hurricanes.

Ponting also discussed the importance of culture and how vital it is to team success on the cricketing field.

“A similar culture across both programs is something that I think is vital for the Hurricanes going forward.”

When discussing the playing group and their chances ahead of the upcoming Big Bash season, Ponting spoke confidently about the squad at hand.

“When I was putting the panel together, the first thing I did was look at the playing group and tried to figure out what they might need”, he said.

“Different sets of skills, and different personalities, which I think will fit in really well with what we’re trying to create here with the group of players that we’ve got.

“Looking at the 10 players we’ve got so far, it might be biased, but I think we’ve got as good of a group retained as anyone else in the tournament.

“We’ve seen how close this team has been in the past couple of years, and I think there just needed to be a few little changes which are what I’m really confident these guys can bring.

“I really believe the sky is the limit for this group.”

Looking ahead to the brand new international draft, which will see all teams have equal opportunity to recruit overseas talent, Ponting says having the last pick could work in Hobart’s favour.

“We think most of the teams ahead of us in the draft will probably be thinking about retaining the players they’ve already got. The player that we want might still be sitting there at pick eight anyway”, he said.

“We’ll go through a really thorough process on the draft side of things, and we’re actually going to get together and do a couple of mock drafts to see how things might fall.

“With the brains that we’ve now got here, we’ll come up with the right solution and get the players that we want.”

The BBL|12 tournament is set to kick off on Tuesday, December 13, with a draft to take place on Sunday, August 28th.

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