Sam Fricker is rolling with the changes ahead of what could be his first Olympic Games. (Image: sam.fricker/Instagram)

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Aussie diver Sam Fricker is focused on adapting to the COVID-19 induced changes.

With COVID-19 enforcing many adjustments since the beginning of 2020, Aussie diver Sam Fricker says he’s focused on rolling with the changes ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Ahead of what will be his first Games, Fricker’s expectations of the Olympic experience have changed significantly in the past 18 months, but he’s learning to adapt. 

“You’d love to go out and see the city, but things have changed so much in the last year and a bit that I’m just kind of going with it,” he told The Inner Sanctum

“There’s been so many changes all over the shop… even things like not having a crowd, it’s just something else.”

Fricker at the Olympic Speedo Swimwear Launch earlier in May. (Picture: @sam.fricker/Instagram)


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With so many changes since the beginning of 2020, Fricker says the attitude he’s adopted is to ‘roll with it’, and take each change as it comes.

“For me… it’s like ‘ok, that’s what it is, we’re going to keep moving forward, we’re going to keep dealing with things,’” he said. 

“Because we’ve had so many changes, it’s just kind of rolling with it.”

Arguably the most significant response to the COVID-19 induced changes is the announcement by the AOC that athletes will receive the COVID-19 vaccine before journeying to Tokyo. 

Australia’s aquatics athletes received their first dose of the vaccine on Monday, May 10, and will receive a second dose in a few weeks’ time.

Even without the vaccine, however, Fricker said he’s confident in the protocols and measures that will be in place in Tokyo.

“Personally, I wasn’t too concerned about getting sick, I was more concerned about my friends and family, which is why I’m happy that there’s no crowd in Tokyo,” he said. 

“I feel really safe and comfortable about the bubble that they’re having over there. 

“Even without the jab I still feel quite comfortable going over there, trusting the AOC, and whatever they’re doing.”

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