Round One SuperCoach wrap: to hold or to trade?

Patrick Dangerfield is facing time on the sidelines. Photo: Geelong FC

After a long off-season, SuperCoach teams were finally locked in over the weekend. The SuperCoach Sanctum PODcast has taken a look at the trade options for Matt Rowell and Patrick Dangerfield, what coaches should be doing with their premium rucks, and where the points will be coming from in round two.

Who the players are to trade in at the same price point as Matt Rowell, and is there real upside in the third year breakout contenders this season? (1.30), The big men didn’t fire in round one; is this a cause for concern going forward or should you be sticking fat with the premium rucks? Is Matt Flynn a genuine option at R2? (8:45), Oh captain, my captain – who are the captaincy options leading into round two? (19:45), and more.

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