Ella Boot is one of the boxers to feature in Australia's first ever all-female fight card. (Image: No Limit Boxing / Design: Theo Dimou).

For Ella Boot, her next fight is perhaps one of her most important so far. The rising star is scheduled to fight Annie Thatcher on Wednesday night and will be looking to successfully defend her Australian super-lightweight title.

With a record of three dominant wins and zero losses attached to her name, Boot is heading into the bout with confidence and spoke exclusively to The Inner Sanctum ahead of the highly anticipated fight.

“I’ve just been ready to go,” Boot shared.

“[Having a record of 3-0] gives me a great sort of self-belief as an athlete.

“I think the previous fights that I’ve had has helped in my confidence because those three fights have all been hard fights.”

Since making the switch from karate to boxing at the age of 16, Boot has gradually become a surging prospect in the sport. The New South Wales talent has collected a string of impressive achievements, including winning gold as an amateur at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games.

Whilst the 23-year-old is aiming to retain her title, she will also be hoping to make an impression on a history-making night for women’s boxing in Australia.

Boot’s bout against Thatcher will feature as part of No Limit Boxing’s first-ever all-female card, headlined by Tayla Harris competing against Millicent Agboegbulen. It will be new territory for Australian boxing, which Boot admits she is thrilled about.

Ella Boot. (Image: No Limit Boxing; Twitter).

“I’m really excited to be a part of this all-female fight card,” she said.

“It’s really amazing to have a show dedicated to our female athletes and allow them to perform on such a great platform. It’s really exciting.”

Boot is hopeful the event will have a positive impact on all female athletes, regardless of the sport they are involved in.

“[The all-female fight card] will allow female boxers and other athletes to push themselves out of their comfort zone and believe that they can achieve great things because they see other women doing that themselves,” she shared candidly.

“I think it’s quite inspiring and for myself, it makes me proud to help other people to feel empowered to do better.”

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Winning the upcoming fight would be an important step for Boot, as she is already thinking about her long-term propositions for her boxing career.

“After this fight, after defending my super-lightweight title on July 26th, myself and my team have plans of going international and becoming known overseas,” she revealed.

“My goal [for the future] is to become undisputed world champion in the lightweight division, and then I’d like to take on other weight divisions and become undisputed [in those divisions as well].”

If Boot is to continue rising up the ranks of boxing, she will have to get through her opponent and former MMA fighter-turned-boxer, Annie Thatcher first.

However, if her last fight is anything to go by, then the young talent will put everything on the line to come out victorious on Wednesday night.

Last year, Boot made headlines for winning her most recent fight against professional Muay Thai fighter, Zoe Putorak despite having a broken hand. It was later revealed that she had sustained a completely displaced metacarpal fracture.

The boxer gave a glimpse into the moment, emphasising her desperation and how important it was for her to keep on fighting.

“I sorta just told myself that you’re in this now, like I just gotta keep pushing myself. I wanna win the title so bad. I’ll literally do anything for that win,” she said.

“That one would probably be my worst [injury]. I’ve had concussions before, but I think the pain threshold of the hand was a lot worse.”

Boot’s focus has been firmly set on her upcoming fight on Wednesday night, explaining that she had spent some time at a training camp in Turkey for her preparation.

She shared that training camps like her recent one, as well as, “[minimising] distractions” and, “focusing on her mental, physical and emotional health” are some of the ways that help her prepare for big fights such as this upcoming one.

Boot is optimistic about her chances against her opponent Thatcher, who will be making her professional boxing debut on the night.

“I’m expecting a very hard fight. I have a feeling my opponent is gonna be very tough,” she said.

“I don’t know too much about her, but I know she’s an MMA fighter and they always are tough. It’ll be a good challenge for me.”

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