Hawthorn premiership hero Josh Gibson is well-known for his tough and reliable defending. Now, he's headed into a new venture.

He won three premierships and two best and fairests with Hawthorn, but Josh Gibson is into a new venture post-footy.

Gibson is the head of fitness company REVL, which has studios set up across the country, with a new one in Queensland opening early next year.

REVL has carefully designed programs, with its training allowing you to experience the king of targeted and high-performance training which was once reserved exclusively for professional athletes.

The training method is proven to achieve results and help people understand their body and potential better.

Speaking to The Inner Sanctum, Gibson spoke about his new venture.

“We like to sit ourselves in the market, if there’s an F45 at the bottom and a CrossFit at the top, we try to fit in that spot in the middle,” Gibson told The Inner Sanctum.

“You can go and have a look at our website and type in your address, see where you are and find where the nearest studio is and book in a trial to try our some free classes and hopefully come and become a member.”

Gibson’s fitness levels throughout his career were commended, and with the AFL Draft coming next week, the premiership Hawk gave some advice for young draftees.

“It’s a very exciting time for draftees, it’s a bit different this year with COVID, it’s about them understanding that they won’t be game fit as much, as they shut down the under 18 system this year,” he said.

“It’s been a good opportunity to train yourselves for the testing you have at the combine like the beep test.

“If it was me, I’d be working around those items, and your bread and butter, handballing and kicking, needs to be done non-stop.”

Gibson’s fitness regime was also present when he went inside the jungle on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

“It was tough at the start, we were probably training too hard,” he said.

“I had a group training, jungle buddies, myself and Danny Green were really leading it.

“Shannon Noll was in there, we had Peter Rowsthorn and it really consisted of push ups, sit ups and chin ups.

“You couldn’t exert too much energy as we were pretty low on food, so the energy levels, mainly higher intensity work, was pretty tough.”

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