The Port Adelaide 'Prison Bar' guernsey discussion has been heated again this year, but the club deserves the right to honour its heritage each year.

Writing about the ‘Prison Bar’ guernsey debate in the lead up to Port Adelaide versus Collingwood? How predictable.

Yet, it is time Port Adelaide, the AFL’s only non-Victorian pre-existing club to join the competition, is able to honour its heritage when it wants.

When it wants is for exclusively in Showdowns in South Australia.

Earlier this year, the club launched a petition to get traction behind the campaign, which has had champions and experts of the game put their support behind it, a petition you can sign here.

So, the question remains, why not?

The main argument against it has always been Collingwood’s stronghold over the black and white colours in the AFL.

The easy solution to that is, Port isn’t playing Collingwood in a Showdown, so what’s the problem?

It’s a guernsey that is firmly in the fibres of Australian football.

Port Adelaide has won most of its premierships wearing it, and that guernsey is Port Adelaide.

For that guernsey not to have that presence on the national stage is absolutely criminal.

The other opposition which has been raised, which is possibly more valid than Collingwood’s claims, would be the away Showdown.

Would the Crows be happy with Port seemingly stealing their thunder with a guernsey?

Perhaps, but read that sentence again and work out how ridiculous that sounds.

We saw how good it looked in round two against the Adelaide Crows, now let’s see that each year.

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