Queensland's Nicila Costello will look to cap off a sensational debut year with an Australian title on December 4 - Photo: ACE Boxing Group/Facebook

In a successful debut year, Nicila Costello will aim to keep the momentum rolling when she fights for the Australian Super Flyweight title on December 4.

When Nicila Costello (2-0) made her professional boxing debut in June, the idea of competing for an Australian title by the end of the year sat low on the priority list. Training, learning and implementing skills sat atop her agenda, an understandable outlook given that she entered the sport at a later stage than most fighters.

Fast forward to the first week in December and what might have otherwise been a long term goal is now staring the 29-year-old in the eye.

Having won a Queensland state title in September, Costello hopes to double-down on the performance to add the Australian Super Flyweight belt to her collection at ACE Boxing Group’s Flanagan vs Masson card on Saturday December 4.

The sharpness of such a rise is not lost on the championship hopeful.

“It’s going exactly how I could have dreamed it could have gone,” Costello told The Inner Sanctum.

“I am coming into it late, but if we can keep it at this momentum it would be awesome.

“It’s been a phenomenal year.”

Originally slated to fight Ipswich’s Jessica Cashman, Costello will now meet 18 year old debutant Jasmine Parr in the eight round affair.

No stranger to combat sports, Parr has been immersed in fighting from a very young age through her legendary parents, ‘John’ Wayne and Angie. With 12 World Muay Thai titles between them, it is very little wonder that their daughter would follow their lead into the realm of professional pugilism.

The change of opponent has admittedly led to a whirlwind of feelings for Costello. Initial disappointment at missing out on a clash with Cashman gave way to awe, inspired by the Parr name.

Soon realising that a willing foe had been secured, excitement became the order of the day.

“You couldn’t ask for a better opponent than Jasmine Parr, really. She’s the legacy of two phenomenal fighters and a bit of a savage from what I hear,” Costello said.

“For a second or two I was like, ‘oh god’ but then I was like, ‘nah, this is f*****g awesome.’ It 100% only makes me more excited.

“What I care most about is getting out there and having a cracker of a fight. This is guaranteed to be it, so I’m absolutely pumped.

“It was a shame that we couldn’t fight the original opponent because I was super excited about that too.”

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Keeping such a busy schedule has not been without its share of pitfalls, though. As is the case with all sports, injuries can rear their head and Costello has been no exception.

Coupling an active calendar year with a busy fight style, the BTB Boxing and Fitness product has had a series of nagging physical problems since her last bout with Ali Jensen. In that fight, an existing rib issue was compounded by a hand injury.

Always one to see a silver lining however, Costello has found strength from battling adversity.

“To be honest, we probably would have had a fight sooner after that last one, but I had the rib issue and I fractured my thumb as well, so we couldn’t,” she candidly told.

“They (ribs) have come good and my thumb is perfect as well.

“I know it’s stupid, but we’re fighters right. We get injured, that stuff happens.

“Obviously I am getting a lot of fights and it’s gone quite quick, but it’s good for that stuff to happen. Mentally you learn to deal with it because you’re going to have to.”

Now sporting a clean bill of health, Costello enters her meeting with Parr fuelled by the desire to continue pushing her own limits. These will be challenged in a manner that only boxing can, taking every ounce of physical and mental energy available.

Passing said test will come only from having a hand raised and an Australian title wrapped firmly around her waist.

“I think we’re both out there to win and she’s a very skilled fighter,” Costello concluded.

“You’re already in pain, you’re already in there and you’re already stuffed so you might as well make it count.

“I want that belt. I want it.”

ACE Boxing Group’s Flanagan vs Masson event goes down on December 4 and can be viewed live on their YouTube channel, here.

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