Laura Byrne is hoping to secure a top ten finish and claim rookie of the year honours in the final race of the BGC Pro Dirt Series this Saturday.

Laura Byrnes is hoping to secure a top ten finish and secure the Rookie of The Year trophy at Saturday’s final race of the BGC Pro Dirt Series set to take place at the Perth Motorplex.

Byrnes remains optimistic ahead of the April 17 race where she is currently sitting 12th out of 35 racers.

“We will see what I can do for the last round but either way I am really happy with what I have been able to do. The focus for me has really been on for pillars basically, so my fitness,” she told Getting A Grip F1.

Byrnes races Late Model Sedans, the pinnacle of speedway sedan racing worldwide, where she represents Red Shamrock Racing which her and her father, Mark started in 2015.

With the conclusion of her rookie season fast approach, Byrnes has her eyes set on achieving big things.

“For the next season I would really be wanting to jump into the top five because I have hit some top ten’s this season,” she said.

“Obviously taking out a state or national title would be amazing, so I have to keep working on my craft and learning from the best in our sport to get there.”

Byrnes ultimate goal is to race in America

“America is the home of late models so a lot of our developments and what we learn is straight from America,” she said.

“Being able to go over there to crew initially and learn from so of those teams and then if I had the opportunity to jump into a seat.”

“The knowledge you get from that is amazing, we don’t have anything like in Australia. So that would be my big end goal.”

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Taking it to the Green Screen

Byrnes’ love for motorsport began when she was just ten years old in Kalgoorlie, where she would go to the local speedway with her father.

“One day I heard they were looking for juniors and turned to my dad and was like this is the sport I want to do,” she said.

“It took a year to convince him this is what I really want to do and then by the time I was 11 I got my first race car.”

At under five-foot-tall Byrnes felt that speedway was the perfect sport for her as it does not discriminate based on your size or gender.

“I think for me it’s because the sport doesn’t require you to be a certain size,” she said.

“Once you are in the car you are the same size as everyone else.

“You just let your car do the talking.”

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