Who are some of the Silver Ferns to watch this upcoming Constellation Cup series? (Photo: Silver Ferns/Twitter)

With key players missing due to injury missing last year throughout the international season, the Silver Ferns will be eager to bounce back and start 2023 with a strong Quad Series campaign.

The Silver Ferns will be stacked with some big name inclusions coming into this year’s Quad Series, welcoming back players coming back from injury and pregnancy, with Jane Watson and Karin Burger bolstering the Silver Fern’s defence end while Gina Crampton brings back some leadership in the mid-court.

Coming off an intriguing international season in 2022, The Inner Sanctum highlights five players to watch in this year’s 2023 Quad Series for the Silver Ferns.

Grace Nweke

Having a strong Commonwealth Games and Constellation Cup under the post, Grace’s impact in the shooting circle will be massive for the Silver Ferns.

Shooting in the high 90’s with her shooting accuracy, look for the mid-court unit to see Grace inside the attacking end and continue to pull down those rebounds. She should feature in the series with that strong shooting volume of a traditional goal shooter.

Karin Burger

With a foot injury ruling out Karin Burger for the international netball series, her inclusion back into the lineup will provide a huge spark in the defensive end.

The ability for Burger to add that extra height while having the versatility to play all three defensive positions in the midcourt should help the Silver Ferns. Despite this, should connections not work, Burger also has the ability to use her athleticism to work opposition players off their feet.

The arm span and defensive pressure that Burger applies in the shooting circle will be a welcome presence for the Silver Ferns, especially teaming up with Jane Watson.

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Gina Crampton

Coming back into the Silver Ferns after a brilliant Commonwealth Games campaign, Gina Crampton will be refreshed and ready to go. Having not played in the Constellation Cup she may sneak by the other teams. Giving the midcourt another option, Crampton’s speed down the court and the ability to produce the feeds she does so well into the circle will be welcomed back, especially the experience she has.

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Kelly Jury

After coming off a brilliant 2022, where she won the ANZ Premiership Player of the Year, Kelly Jury’s form and defensive pressure will be something to keep an eye throughout the Quad Series.

Being able to team up with Burger, Sulu Fitzpatrick and Jane Watson is something that Jury brings to the team as well as her arm span and the ability to come around the body to get the intercept. She will cause headaches for shooters, especially when it comes to crunch time and the team needs a crucial stop.

Peta Toeava

Coming off a sensational Constellation Cup, Peta Toeava’s inclusion will be one to keep an eye on throughout the Quad Series. With exceptional speed and vision, she possesses the ability to see down the court and the ability to feed those long balls into the attack end.

If Toeava can re-capture that dominance that she had in the Constellation Cup, she will cause plenty of headaches for opposition defenders.

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