'The Boxing Mum' Tash Kurene will face Amber Amelia on November 22 in Newcastle

'The Boxing Mum' Tash Kurene will face Amber Amelia on November 22 in Newcastle

If one were to scour the country’s many boxing gyms, few fighters would stand out for their dedication to personal and professional improvement as Tash Kurene (2-1).

In fact, it might even be apt to call her the busiest fighter in the game today.

Balancing the demands of raising four children and university studies in education, on top of carving out a career as a pugilist, the 34-year-old admits that her schedule can be hectic on most days.

“A typical day is to wake up at five, get all the kids sorted, lunches made, breakfast made and I usually make them a smoothie. Then all they have to do is get dressed and jump in the car,” Kurene told The Inner Sanctum.

“We go to the first session of training, finish that. Then we go drop them off at school, that’s when I do my study, and then pick them up and go back to training, poor kids.

“Then we come home, have dinner and whatever. It’s full on, but they’re used to it now.”

As a late comer to the prize ring, Kurene has adopted a ‘fight all-comers’ mentality.

Having just missed out on qualification for the 2022 Commonwealth Games team, there has been a conscious effort on her part to hit the ground running.

For this reason, ‘The Boxing Mum’ has already faced a cross section of foes just three bouts into her career, including former Australian champion, Tywarna Campbell (4-2-1), and ex-UFC fighter turned bare-knuckle boxing sensation, Bec Rawlings (0-1).

Now gearing up for a fourth contest in her debut year, a six round encounter with Amber Amelia (3-2, 1 KO) on November 22, the Queenslander says she is “happy” with the level of activity.

“I’m always looking for fighters and always annoying my coach, going ‘I can fight her’,” Kurene said.

“Most people have that career where they try and have all the easy fights to build up their record.

“I don’t have that time and luxury to just have those easy fights. I’ll just go with anyone, prepare and I still think I can beat anyone.”

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Also playing a central part in her career outlook is Kurene’s acceptance of reality.

She knows that time is not on her side and that the years don’t have to be kind to her. Moreover, there is a contingency plan in place in the guise of teaching.

Yet, she remains relentless, attacking each day without a backwards step, deep in the knowledge that effort remains her main prerogative.

“I know I’ve only got five years so I just want to be with the best and go as far (as I can),” Kurene said.

“I’m happy to keep going, but I just know I’ll be 35 the day after my fight and I know you get old and your body is going to start stopping one day.

“So I just gave myself five to seven years to put everything into the boxing. If it’s longer great, but I’m just being realistic.

“For me, I just stay active so I’m ready.”

Despite the barriers imposed by the clock, Kurene still dares to dream.

Though the goals are tailored to expectations in a sense, she believes that championship accolades await from her time left in the sport.

The road to this, of course, goes through giving her all against Amelia, however.

“Next year, we’re going to start collecting the belts,” she concluded.

“I would like an Australian title, but in three or four weight divisions. I just want to do as much as I can here.”

Amelia vs Kurene forms part of No Limit Boxing’s Biggs vs Tszyu card, airing live on November 22 on Fox Sports/ Main Event. To order, click here.

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