More than a tipping comp

Pete's Cup.

To most people, a tipping competition is a way to get bragging rights over a group of friends, win a bit of cash, and to keep up-to-date with a sport on a weekend.

To Shane Carr, his NRL tipping competition is a way to honour the legacy of his late father.

“Unfortunately, I lost my dad to a heart attack in 2018,” Mr Carr said. 

“We always had a big tipping competition with my family, and it was one of those things he absolutely loved doing.”

Rather than running an ordinary tipping competition, Mr Carr wanted to make an impact on people’s lives; just like his father did to him. 

Pete’s Cup raises funds for different charities each year. 

“At the start of Pete’s Cup, the charity started with The Heart Foundation,” Mr Carr said.

“The idea was that whoever won the competition got to choose the charity for the following year.”

“I actually took out the inaugural competition, so I got to choose HeartKids the following year.”

Along with the incentive of prize money, the winner gets to choose the following year’s charity. 

“This year will be Ronald McDonald House in Westmead in Western Sydney,” Mr Carr said.

“It’s a close charity to a few of the people in the group, their little boy spent two years there.” 

The entry to Pete’s Cup costs $50, with an even split of the pool going to the charity and the winner. 

With around 60 entrants every year since 2019, the competition raises around $1500 every season. 

“If we can get bigger than that, that’d be great,” Mr Carr said.

“It grows through social media and word of mouth every year.”

With the group, it gives Mr Carr the ability to remember what he loves most about his dad. 

“He was always one to bet with his heart and not his head, and I loved that about him,” Mr Carr said.

“I wanted to keep his legacy going, and what better way to remember his name than to start a tipping competition.”

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