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Millie Boyle and Kezie Apps embrace after an origin win in 2019 (Credit Women's Rugby League twitter)

New South Wales is looking to take back the State of Origin trophy. NSW prop Millie Boyle spoke to the Inner Sanctum on the fierce rivalry

Millie Boyle will be a key for New South Wales who are set to take on Queensland in the women’s State of Origin live on Friday night. After a Queensland win in 2020, a talented New South Wales squad is looking to take back the trophy. Friday night will show the best of Australian women’s league talent.

With the recent news of NRLW expansion, State of Origin will provide a platform to grow the game. With superstars in both sides, such as Tamika Upton for Queensland and Kezie Apps for New South Wales, viewers are in for a real treat.

This State of Origin will have a standalone weekend with the women playing on Friday night and the men on Sunday. The standalone nature means no NRL being played. The entire rugby league audience will be focused on the women’s Origin come Friday night. Allowing for the biggest showcase of the women’s league in the country.

New South Wales prop Millie Boyle spoke to the Inner Sanctum about the excitement of State of Origin.

“I think it’s really what footy is really about. That’s the whole state v state, mate v mate. At the end of the day, you want to win the state of Origin and have it over the Queenslanders.”

Millie comes from a footballing family, her father, David, played for the Raiders, and her brother Morgan plays for Manly. As well as her immediate family, Boyle’s uncle is Jason Croker, and Cousin Lachlan have also played professionally. In Millie’s opinion growing up in this environment was instrumental in her development.

“That’s where my passion for the sport grew and something that I did growing up because it was just what we did and what was expected.

“Being around that environment and just having that as the norm. Whether that was playing footy at the weekends or watching it on TV during dinner, it was just what we did.”

Millie was quick to point out that she isn’t doing this for them however, and this is her dream to accomplish.

“That’s obviously why I’m playing now, but I’m not doing it for them or anything. This is what I want to do now.”

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Millie Boyle is in the highly unique position of playing her local football in Queensland but being an NSW representative. Boyle plays locally for the Burleigh Bears and the Broncos in the NRLW. She will come up against many of her local teammates on Friday night. This is a challenge that Millie is looking forward to.

“It’s obviously the one time of year when you come against them. I obviously like the challenge of all that. It only betters you as a player, playing against the people you usually play with.

“There’s some of my best mates in the Queensland side and housemates as well. It’s something that whoever wins will definitely have it over the other one.

However, Boyle made it clear that she isn’t focused on the Queensland players.

“Anyone can watch their games and identify strengths and weaknesses, and I guess I can provide a little bit of an insight on some of the players. But you don’t want to concentrate too much on them. You want to play your own game, so you don’t want to put too much focus on that.”

With a recent announcement of the NRLW expanding, Friday night allows the players to show the quality of women’s football. Boyle is excited by the prospect of further NRLW expansion and the opportunity that it provides to girls around the country.

“It provides a lot more opportunity for girls playing rugby league. It’s such a big game at the moment now, with pathways involved from junior level right through to senior level. It will build the exposure and grow the game in a professional environment under professional coaches.”

Millie Boyle is focused on winning back the trophy from Queensland after last year’s disappointing performance. The New South Wales side is clear they are only concentrating on their own game. Boyle did point out one opposition player to watch out for.

“I think we’re going to be keeping the ball away from Tameka Upton because she wrecked us last year. It’s just about playing our style of footy nice and quick through the middle and letting our backs do their thing, letting everyone do their thing without overcomplicating it.

Millie Boyle will play a key role for New South Wales in their quest to win back the State of Origin title. Friday night provides an opportunity for Australians to witness some of the best athletes in the country. State of Origin is the pinnacle of the sport and provides an entry point for thousands of new fans.

New South Wales will be taking on Queensland live from Sunshine Coast Stadium on Friday, June 25. The kick-off will take place at 7:45 pm.

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