12 teams will be competing in the Men's KFC T20 Max. (Photo: Queensland Cricket)

The Men’s KFC T20 Max will begin this Thursday, with a host of big names and local cricketers playing. The Queensland competition will provide the winning club with a $5000 winning prize.

The competition will run for three weeks from Thursday, August 18 through to Sunday, September 4. Contracted Queensland Bulls and Brisbane Heat players will play for their respective teams, with interstate and international players also joining the competition.

To add extra incentive, the Brisbane Heat have kept two contract spots open on their Big Bash League roster for the best players. The winning club will receive $5000 with the runners-up earning $2500.

The Inner Sanctum has previewed every team taking part in the competition.

Gold Coast Dolphins


Local Players: Xavier Bartlett, Max Bryant (c), Matthew Kuhnemann (c), Michael Neser, Hugo Burdon, Lacy Aitken, Emmaus Benn, Nick Buchanan, Josh Kann, Nathan Lyons, Judd Markham, Jackson Smith

Country Players: Caleb Ziebell

Interstate/International Players: Beau Webster, Clint Hinchliffe, Iain Carlisle

Best XI:

  1. Max Bryant
  2. Lacy Aitken
  3. Emmaus Benn
  4. Josh Kann
  5. Beau Webster
  6. Michael Neser
  7. Clint Hinchliffe
  8. Matthew Kuhnemann
  9. Xavier Bartlett
  10. Nathan Lyons
  11. Iain Carlisle
(Photo: Queensland Cricket)

Ipswich Hornets


Local Players: Harry Austin, Joshua Creevey, Jake Cross, Noah Emmerson, Bryn Llywellyn, Rowan Lutter, Sean Lutter, Dylan McAteer, Adam Smith, Levi Thompson-Matthews, Anthony Wilson (c), Daniel Wilson, Harrison Wood, Jack Wood

Interstate/International Players: Nick Bertus, Jake Lehmann, Matthew Spoors

Best XI:

  1. Jack Wood
  2. Jake Cross
  3. Harrison Wood
  4. Anthony Wilson
  5. Jake Lehmann
  6. Matthew Spoors
  7. Nick Bertus
  8. Rowan Lutter
  9. Adam Smith
  10. Sean Lutter
  11. Dylan McAteer

Northern Suburbs District


Local Players: Joe Burns (c), Will Prestwidge, Connor Sully, Marcus Bean, Josh Brown, Nikhil Chaudary, Mitchell Doolan, Addy Grewal, Noah McFayden, Sam Neale, Jeremy White

Interstate/International Players: Jake Doran, Nathan McSweeney, Ross Pawson, Scott Rodgie

Best XI:

  1. Joe Burns
  2. Josh Brown
  3. Addy Grewal
  4. Scott Rodgie
  5. Nikhil Chaudary
  6. Nathan McSweeney
  7. Jake Doran
  8. Will Prestwidge
  9. Sam Neal
  10. Connor Sully
  11. Ross Pawson
(Photo: Northern Suburbs Districts Cricket Club)

Redlands Tigers


Local Players: Marnus Labuschagne (c), James Bazley, Sam Heazlett, Jimmy Peirson, Jack Sinfield, Jacob Apted, Leigh Drennan, Lachlan Honan, Dylan Kritzinger, Michael Nicol, Liam Smith, Bailey Stewart

Interstate/International Players: Spencer Johnson, Josh Lalor, Mitch Owens, Jordan Silk

Best XI:

  1. Liam Smith
  2. Sam Heazlett
  3. Marnus Labuschagne
  4. Jordan Silk
  5. Jimmy Peirson
  6. Dylan Kritzinger
  7. Mitch Owen
  8. Josh Lalor
  9. James Bazley
  10. Jack Sinfield
  11. Spencer Johnson
(Photo: Redlands Tigers/Facebook)

Sandgate-Redcliffe Gators


Local Players: Mitchell Swepson, Chris Abbey (c), Steven Cawood, Jack Cooper, Chathura Kaluthanthri, Rory Livingstone, Mitchell Pascoe, Matthew Schubert, Caden Sweeney, Harry Sweeney, Connor Weal

Country Players: Sam Lowry

Interstate/International Players: Charles Amini (PNG), Ben Cooper (NLD), Chad Soper (PNG), Norman Vanua (PNG)

Best XI:

  1. Jack Cooper
  2. Ben Cooper
  3. Rory Livingstone
  4. Steven Cawood
  5. Charles Amini
  6. Caden Sweeney
  7. Norman Vanua
  8. Chris Abbey
  9. Mitch Swepson
  10. Connor Weal
  11. Chad Soper

South Brisbane District


Local Players: Gurinder Sandhu, Ben Cutting, Logan Duvall, Brandon Faber, Sam Geyer, Brandon Honerybrook, Aryan Jain, Harry Jones, Saveen Nanayakarra, James Rosewarne

Country Players: Claye Beams

Interstate/International Players: Dylan Hunter, Stirling McAvoy, Harmon Sandhu, Damien Ravu (PNG)

Best XI:

  1. Aryan Jain
  2. Ben Cutting
  3. Stirling McAvoy
  4. Brandon Faber
  5. Gurinder Sandhu
  6. Brandon Honeybrook
  7. Dylan Hunter
  8. Hamon Sandhu
  9. Damien Ravu
  10. Sam Geyer
  11. Saveen Nanayakarra
(Photo: Stumptostump)

Sunshine Coast Scorchers


Local Players: Harry Clark-Burnham, Lleyton Chick, Mitch Cook, Alecz Day, Sam Gardiner, Josh Matthews, Ashley Renouf, Nicholas Selman, Brendon Schultz, Jack Whisker

Country Players: Arden Lankowski

Interstate/International Players: Tyran Liddiard, James Nanapoulos, Fraser Sheat (NZL), Charlie Wakim

Best XI:

  1. Alecz Day
  2. Nick Selman
  3. Harry Clark-Burnham
  4. Charlie Wakim
  5. Fraser Sheat
  6. Jack Whisker
  7. Tyran Liddiard
  8. Sam Gardiner
  9. Arden Lankowski
  10. Ashley Renouf
  11. Lleyton Chick

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Toombul Bulls


Local Players: Tom Balkin, Jarryd Blake, Ronan McDonald, Harry McNeilly (c), Scott Palombo, Toby Snell, Aubrey Stockdale, Jack Webster

Country Players: Glen Batticciotto, Preston White

Interstate/International Players: Lachlan Hearne, Jay Lenton, Param Uppal

Best XI:

  1. Jay Lenton
  2. Glen Batticciotto
  3. Harry McNeilly
  4. Jarryd Blake
  5. Jack Webster
  6. Lachlan Hearne
  7. Param Uppal
  8. Aubrey Stockdale
  9. Ronan McDonald
  10. Scott Palombo
  11. Tom Balkin
(Tombul Cricket)

University of Queensland Blues


Local Players: Jack Clayton, Bryce Street, Matt Willans, Will Carty, Max Olayton, Jano Coetzee (c), Will Crook, James Grady, Callum Henderson, Angus Lovell, Nick Sale, Will Sanders, Harry Walker

Country Players: Finn Churchward

Interstate/International Player: Nick Larkin

Best XI:

  1. Angus Lovell
  2. Jack Clayton
  3. Nick Larkin
  4. Jano Coetzee
  5. Bryce Street
  6. Will Sanders
  7. Max Clayton
  8. James Grady
  9. Harry Walker
  10. Nick Sale
  11. Matt Willans
(Photo: UQ Cricket)

Valley District


Local Players: Usman Khawaja, Mark Steketee, Jack Wildermuth, Cameron Boyce, Jack Beath, Andrew Gode, Zandeh Jeh, Brock McLachlan, Dylan McLachlan, Josh Neill (c), Joey Pratt, Flynn Thomasson, Hugh Weibgen, Donal Whyte

Interstate/International Player: Ryan Felsch

Best XI:

  1. Usman Khawaja
  2. Jack Wildermuth
  3. Jack Beath
  4. Dylan McLachlan
  5. Josh Neil
  6. Brock McLachlan
  7. Andrew Gode
  8. Cameron Boyce
  9. Mark Steketee
  10. Ryan Felsch
  11. Donal Whyte

Western Suburbs District


Local Players: Blake Edwards, Sam Truloff, Josh del Simone, Sam Dennien, Paddy Dooley (c), Joe Fry, Steve Paulsen, Jared Sippel, Isaiah Snell, Tom Whitney

Country Players: Rex Tooley

Interstate/International Players: Ben Abbott, Elijah Eales, Arjun Nair, Chris Sabburg

Best XI:

  1. Arjun Nair
  2. Ben Abbott
  3. Sam Truloff
  4. Chris Sabburg
  5. Sam Paulsen
  6. Sam Dennien
  7. Paddy Dooley
  8. Elijah Eales
  9. Blake Edwards
  10. Tom Whitney
  11. Joe Fry

Wynnum-Manly Sea Eagles


Local Players: Liam Guthrie, Robert Fitzgerald, Josh Fraser, Sam Hatherall, Corey Hunter (c), Grayson Jones, Nick King, Jackson Monley, Ali Nassar, Sukveer Singh, Cameron Steinhardt, Jackson Steinhardt

Country Players: Travis Bursch

Interstate/International Players: Nick Hobson, Daniel Solway

Best XI:

  1. Nick King
  2. Nick Hobson
  3. Corey Hunter
  4. Ali Nassar
  5. Grayson Jones
  6. Daniel Solway
  7. Sukveer Singh
  8. Sam Hatherell
  9. Liam Guthrie
  10. Josh Fraser
  11. Cameron Steinhardt
(Photo: QLD Cricket)

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