The highly anticipated AFL documentary 'Making Their Mark' dropped on Amazon Prime this week, and the reviews are in.

The hotly awaited AFL documentary series Making Their Mark debuted on Amazon Prime this week, and the football world is abuzz with it’s in-depth look into the Inner Sanctum of six AFL clubs over the 2020 season.

On The Press Box Podcast, co-host Jase Kemp raved about the documentary, saying he “loved it.”

“I thought it was really compelling, the insight into the Inner Sanctum,” he said.

“You got to visit inside the four walls which I love.

“We don’t get enough access as journos, and as punters really to see what goes on behind closed doors.”

“What I found the most interesting was how the coaches manage their players and how they try and develop their players.

“There were two interesting sides – the Adelaide Crows, Matthew Nicks, they’ve got a brand new team, but they’re losing.

“So the way he was trying to teach them was he was trying to wrap his arms around them,

“Then you’ve got Leon Cameron at GWS who have been at the top, they’ve tasted a grand final.

“They were also losing but he wasn’t wrapping his arms around him it was more, he was trying to fire them up saying, you know, you’re better than this you’re better than this.

“I found it compelling in how they were trying to inspire their players each week.”

However Kemp pondered how the documentary would have gone in non-COVID times.

“Without COVID, I don’t know what sort of angle they would have started with,” he said.

“Because that sort of consumed the doco in the first couple of episodes.”

Although the doco had it’s fair share of F-bombs, co-host Sam Tugwell said it added realism.

“Here I am thinking, if I’m going into the Inner Sanctum of an AFL team, I want to hear every little bit,” he said.

“I don’t want anything censored, I don’t want anything held back,

“That is what you get in the change room, and yeah fantastic.”

Guest co-host Jack Hudson also loved the documentary, but had a suggestion on a new format for a potential season two.

“Six episodes, one episode per team,” he said.

“Just go through a whole season just with that team.

“Just go through their whole story of the season, because you know what happens.”

When discussing a second series, Hudson said he would love to see it, and likened it to similar documentaries held on English football clubs.

“It’s [the doco] something you don’t see, because the media coverage in this country is not as great as it is elsewhere,” he said.

“You see these sorts of things elsewhere and it’s like you’re invited in, you feel part of it.

“You don’t really get that until you feel that.

“It was awesome, and I’d be killing for a season two.

“I’m an Arsenal fan and I watched the Tottenham one [doco].

“I saw Jose Mourinho in a whole different light, it was remarkable.”

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