Maya Markovski in action. Photo: Fox Sports A-League coverage.

The Markovski name may ring a bell to avid football fans across Australia, and now it's finally getting its next chapter.

The Markovski name may ring a bell to avid football fans across Australia. It’s a name that’s been involved in the sport for over three decades and is nothing short of legendary.

In the 1990s, Maja Markovski’s father Tom, and uncle John, lit up the NSL (National Soccer League), with John also appearing multiple times for the Australian National Team.

Both are still heavily involved in football today – John as coach of NPL outfit Altona Magic, and Tom as President of State League 4 West’s Spring Hills FC.

Fast forward to the present day and another Markovski is set to take Australia – and possibly the world – by storm.

Maja Markovski, 19, is a 184cm attacker that played her junior football at Heidelberg United and Box Hill United.

Markovski currently plays for Melbourne Victory, and although she’s yet to make her first start for the club, opportunities are starting to arise for the young attacker.

“At first it was a bit frustrating sitting on the bench, all you want to do is play. But it’s my first year in the top league so I think it’s a good time for me to sit back, learn, and gather experience to take into next season.” Markovski said.

“The coaches have mentioned that I will be getting more opportunities around the ground and even in different positions, but I’m just happy that I’m consistently breaking into the squad in my first season in the top league.”

To enter the W-League and be surrounded by some of the top players in the country as well as quality International players, it can be quite daunting for a young player.

But for Markovski, the experience was made a lot easier by her childhood hero and Matilda’s legend Lisa De Vanna.

De Vanna is an accomplished footballer with an impressive amount of accolades which include 150 appearances for the Matilda’s, FFA Female Footballer of the Year, two time FIFA Women’s World Cup All Star Team and more.

“Lisa has been a really great mentor to me, not only does she help me on the field but her help off the field is unrivalled. She’s a brilliant support to not just myself but all the young players at the club. It’s a privilege to have her around,” she said.

As much as De Vanna was an inspiration to Markovski growing up, her uncle and father have been her motives to help her get to where she is today, and the family name is her main drive to be successful in the future.

“My dad and uncle guided me through my career from a young age, I started playing because of them. They were the people that motivated me to put in the hard work and effort to be the best I can. Seeing their success made me determined to be as good as them or maybe even better. Now that I’m older I’m more self driven and motivated,” she said.

Markovski describes her self-motivation and drive as “some of her best attributes” as a player and a person, alongside considering herself as a leader.

She also has a set pre-game routine to get herself in the zone by relaxing and staying to herself by visualising her roles and responsibilities to the team and herself.

Although the Victory forward prefers to focus on the task at hand, she admits that she has an end goal she is determined to work towards.

“I’d love to play in England, that’s my end goal. It’s the best women’s league in the world right now. The Markovski name drives me to be as successful as possible and to decorate the name in women’s football. A lot of people know my background and the successes of my uncle and my father so I’m really hoping I can exceed expectations,” she said.

With the influx of Australian’s that have headed overseas recently – especially in England’s Women’s Super League – there’s every possible chance that an opportunity could arise in the future for Markovski to play football overseas.

Markovski’s short term goal is to be involved at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which is hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

She says that she will do everything in her power to earn a spot to play on the world’s biggest stage in front of her own country.

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