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PICK 60: Passed – Brisbane Lions.

PICK 60: Passed – Western Bulldogs.

PICK 60: Passed – GWS Giants.

PICK 59: Jacob Wehr – GWS Giants. The Giants pick up the mature-aged defender who spent four years on reserves list to finally have his named called out on draft night.

PICK 59: Passed – Geelong.

PICK 59: Passed – West Coast Eagles , Collingwood and Brisbane Lions.

PICK 58: Cameron Fleeton – GWS Giants. After missing out on Nik Cox and Zach Reid earlier on in the night, the Giants secure Fleeton, filling the tall defender position the side had hoped to on draft night.

PICK 57: Isiah Winder – West Coast Eagles. The second of the Eagles’ picks see them add Winder to the side who boasts a strong game sense. Winder also combines talents of athleticism, and efficient ball movement by foot.

PICK 57: Passed – North Melbourne.

PICK 57: Passed – Adelaide Crows.

PICK 57: Passed – Carlton.

PICK 57: Passed – Essendon.

PICK 57: Passed – Gold Coast Suns.

PICK 57: Passed – Port Adelaide.

PICK 56: Eddie Ford – North Melbourne.

PICK 56: Passed – Brisbane Lions.

PICK 56: Passed – St. Kilda.

PICK 55: Dominic Bedendo – Western Bulldogs.

PICK 54: Joel Western – Fremantle, BID MATCHED.

PICK 54: Joel Western – Western Bulldogs, BID PENDING.

PICK 53: Cody Brand – Essendon, BID MATCHED.

PICK 53: Cody Brand – Western Bulldogs, BID PENDING.

PICK 53: Passed – Fremantle.

PICK 53: Passed Richmond.

PICK 53: Passed – Sydney Swans.

PICK 53: Passed – Fremantle.

PICK 52: Luke Edwards – West Coast Eagles. Edwards is the Eagles’ first pick for the evening after trading off their picks to secure Tim Kelly in 2019’s trade period. Edwards will go on to being a versatile defender, notably being efficient on his foot.

PICK 52: Passed – Essendon.

PICK 51: Maurice Rioli – Richmond, BID MATCHED. There is no doubt that Rioli won’t go on to live up to his last name. He loves being in amongst the contest, being in the centre of the play.

PICK 51: Maurice Rioli – Essendon, BID PENDING.

PICK 50: Brandon Walker, Fremantle, BID MATCHED. Another draftee noticeable for his speed, Walker slid down to pick 50 giving Fremantle a bargain for his talents. Whilst he may not get the ball too much per game, he makes up for it by using the ball dangerously when he does.

PICK 50: Brandon Walker – Essendon, BID PENDING.

PICK 49: Ollie Lord – Port Adelaide. Comprises a depth in his kicking and plays for his team, making opportunities for those around him.

PICK 48: Henry Smith – Brisbane Lions. Smith has the ability to play forward as long as ruck, and is notable for his ground work efforts. The question is if Smith has the ability to go on to be the Lion’s number one ruckman or will he partner with someone?

PICk 47: Nicholas Stevens – Geelong. For his size, Stevens can play as a winger or half-back. A reliable defensive player, and will work hard for the ball.

PICK 46: Tyler Brockman- Hawthorn. Brockman is up there with some of the fastest in this years draft. He makes things happen around the ball, and doesn’t need a high disposal count to feel his effects.

PICK 45: Tom Highmore – St Kilda. Another mature age pick who is a great intercept marker. Highmore has worked hard at state level to earn his pick. A smart user of the ball with an 81% efficiency, who too is versatile.

PICK 44: Beau Mccreery – Collingwood.

PICK 44 TRADE: Port Adelaide to Collingwood.

PICK 43: Harry Sharp – Brisbane Lions. Harry broke the 2km time trial by a solid 22 seconds, so his speed will be something the Lions will tale most advantage of.

PICK 42: Phoenix Spicer – North Melbourne. An indigenous small forward, you don’t need to be told who he compares to. Spicer can make something out of nothing, and brings excitement to the game.

PICK 41: Jack Carroll – Carlton. A slider tonight, the Blues have picked up a bargain. Carroll is versatile, with stints in the halfback and midfield.

PICK 40: Samson Ryan – Richmond. He’s been on the radar for a little while, only later after pursuing his AFL career later on. He will have some work to do to earn his spot, but has the patience to develop.

PICK 39: Joshua Eyre – Essendon, BID MATCHED. He may be slightly behind in his development compared to the other Essendon picks tonight, but he has the ability to to create a presence with the help of his athleticism.

PICK 39: Joshua Eyre – Richmond, BID PENDING.

PICK 38: James Rowe – Adelaide Crows. Drafted this year as a mature-age pick, Rowe have work on his footy since being overlooked in his first draft year and played his best season in 2020. Although small, his ability in the forward line will allow him to crumb and kick quick goals.

PICK 37: Corey Durdin – Carlton. Trying his luck in the midfield, Durdin’s size has forced him to play more footy has a small forward.

PICK 36: Charlie Lazzaro – North Melbourne.

PICK 35: Connor Downie – Hawthorn, BID MATCHED. An accurate kick who can kick with style on his left foot coming out of the defensive 50. He possesses leadership and a terrific sense of teamwork to ensure the winning outcome for his team.

PICK 35: Connor Downie – North Melbourne, BID PENDING.

PICK 34: Fraser Rosman- Melbourne. The left-footer impressed in the APS school boys competition for Wesley College, allowing him to sneak a two games for the Dragons. it’s suggested Rosman has the potential to develop into a utility.

PICK 33: Shannon Neale – Geelong. Geelong pick up one of the few rucks selected in the draft this year. He averages 13.4 disposals and 4.3 hit-outs and is ready to improve on his game to make it at the top level if willing to put the time in.

PICK 32: Errol Gulden – Sydney Swans, BID MATCHED. With only his size being a questionable aspect of his game, Gulden has the ability to move around the forward line and midfield. His left foot is dangerous and is damaging inside 50.

PICK 32: Errol Gulden – Geelong, BID PENDING.

PICK 31: Liam McMahon – Collingwood. A patient player, who willingly waits for the ball to play where he wants it. His vertical strong, matching his 196cm height.

PICK 30 – Caleb Poulter – Collingwood. His left foot is powerful and his uses it smartly. The South-Australian is a tall midfielder who averages 25 disposals. His ball use is damaging, with great vision of the play around him.

PICK 29 – Seamus Mitchell – Hawthorn. Speed. Speed. Speed. At an elite level, the Hawks are sure that this man will run the entirety of a game.

PICK 28: Sam Berry – Adelaide Crows. A ball winner, who is great around the stoppage, and gets the ball when he wants the ball. His endurance is measured at elite, making it an easy task for him to cover the ground all game.

PICK 27: Nathan O’Driscoll – Fremantle. A hard-working player, with a strong build. His power is one that many of the other prospects don’t acquire. His ability to consistently grab the footy attracted club recruiters.

PICK 27 TRADE: Collingwood to Fremantle.

PICK 26: Matthew Mcleod-Allison – St. Kilda. One of the top tall forward this draft, who has a balance of skilled endurance and acceleration. The Saints have the option to give him game time in the midfield, where he has been played briefly and shown promise.

PICK 25: Brayden Cook – Adelaide Crows. The Crows have taken in another South Australian who can run, and runs lots. His versatility attracted the Crows into trading future picks to bring the forward on board.

PICK 25 TRADE: Collingwood to Adelaide.

PICK 24: Blake Coleman – Brisbane Lions, BID MATCHED. The quick small forward will be joining his brother, and could be dangerous partnership with Charlie Cameron. He is explosive and burns his energy quickly, therefore room to improve his endurance.

PICK 24: Blake Coleman – Collingwood, BID PENDING.

PICK 24 TRADE: GWS Giants to Collingwood.

PICK 23: Reef Mcinnes – Collingwood, BID MATCHED. Collingwood have done exactly as planned and picked up their Collingwood Next Generation Academy prospect. With room to improve his endurance, he makes up for this by playing basic and fair to the team.

PICK 23: Reef Mcinnes – GWS Giants, BID PENDING.

PICK 22: Bailey Laurie – Melbourne. Reads the game brilliantly, and knows how to use the ball smart. A creative player, that knows how to use his step to fend-off players.

PICK 21: Jake Bowey – Melbourne. Small in size, but has a proven ability in speed and endurance. Can score close to goal but isn’t afraid to move up field and use his body in the contest.

PICK 20: MAX HOLMES – Geelong Cats. Coming back from a broken arm, Holmes has been persistent in his recovery. Also quick, he rain the 2km trial in 6:25 and dominated the 20m sprint, at a time of 2.8 seconds.

PICK 20 TRADE – Richmond to Geelong.

PICK 19: Finlay Macrae – Collingwood. Smart move by the Pies who need to start replacing some big names lost in their midfield. He has a clean disposal efficiency, making him the potential to develop into the role left by Treloar.

PICK 18: Ryan Angwin – GWS Giants. Still with a bit of growing to do, it hasn’t sopped Angwin from playing with courage in the midfield. He commits to running, and can endure the speed of the middle of the ground.

PICK 17: Oliver Henry – Collingwood. Proving to be a natural forward, Henry fits comfortably inside 50, creating a spark that will fit well with the other forwards at the Pies.

PICK 16: Lachlan Jones – Port Adelaide, BID MATCHED. Port have been waiting to bring Jones to their side and have just done so. He’s full of power which he matches with courage.

PICK 16: Lachlan Jones – Collingwood, BID PENDING.

PICK 15: Conor Stone – GWS Giants. On paper Stone is a forward, but with his kicking ability you can push him up the ground, and even half back given the opportunity. His kick feet can help him find the space and take a strong overhead mark.

PICK 14: Heath Chapman – Fremantle. A hard worker who can identify where he needs to improve his football. He is a marking-intercept specialist who gets his hands on the footy.

PICK 13: Tom Powell – North Melbourne. A ball-magnet, and an Einstein on the field. This season, he averaged 34.1 disposals, and 8.4 clearances for Sturt this season and does the right thing with the ball. Classy and clean.

PICK 12: Tanner Bruhn – GWS Giants. Despite injury setbacks, Bruhn is classy, and one of the best ball users in the draft this year. He can pass the footy on strongly both with hand and foot and his stoppage work will allow him to fill the gaps left in the Giants side.

PICK 11: Luke Pedlar – Adelaide Crows. Perhaps the advantage of South Australia being able to play this year, the midfielder has moved his way up the predicted draft order. Pedlar possesses power that many of the other potential picks don’t.

PICK TEN: Zach Reid – Essendon. Standing at 202cm, he surprisingly has a strong kick and marking ability. He can play like a midfielder; below the knee and fair agility. He too has the ability to move ip the ground like newly drafted teammate Nicholas Cox.

PICK NINE: Archie Perkins – Essendon. The Sandringham Dragon gets his wish and will remain in Victoria in 2021. With already a strong body structure, Perkins will be able to make an immediate impact in the forward half. He’s a quick thinker, and has the confidence to make a decision straight away.

PICK EIGHT: Nicholas Cox – Essendon. He may be tall, but Cox can run around, smashing the 2km time trial in 6:03. He can move around the field, and be the key defender or forward. The question is where will the Bombers play him?

PICK SEVEN: Elijah Hollands – Gold Coast Suns. Hollands can move around the midfield and forward, with the ability to have an accurate kick on both his feet. Pushing forward, he is able to make himself a target and win the ball.

PICK SIX: Denver Grainger-Barras – Hawthorn. The Hawks have just secured themselves the best defender in the draft this year. His football smarts allows him to know where the ball is going, and he’ll get there.

PICK FIVE: – Braeden Campbell – Sydney Swans, BID MATCHED. The Swans have matched the Hawks bid and have kept their hands on their Sydney Swans Academy midfielder. He’s a damaging player, with a punch to him, evident of the training he’s had along the Swans big names.

PICK FIVE – Braeden Campbell – Hawthorn, BID PENDING.

PICK FOUR: Logan McDonald – Sydney Swans. Recognised as one of the standouts of the WAFL League competition, his efforts were rewarded by making Team of the Year. The Swans will benefit from his overhead work and endurance.

PICK THREE: Will Phillips – North Melbourne. Perhaps not everyone’s top three selection, but Phillips will provide a little bit of everything in the midfield. He loves putting his body on the line, but can do it with clean hands and a thorough thought process.

PICK TWO: Riley Thilthorpe – Adelaide Crows. Developing in the SANFL over the last couple of years, Thilthorpe will offer a large presence in the forward line.

PICK ONE: Jamarra Ugle-Hagan – Western Bulldogs, BID MATCHED. The Western Bulldogs have matched Adelaide’s bid and have secured the forward who has continually been compared to Lance Franklin. No surprises that the bid was matched, but now the Western Bulldogs are looking scary for 2021.

PICK ONE: Jamarra Ugle-Hagan – Adelaide Crows, BID PENDING.

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