Sarah Coyte

Sarah Coyte in action for the NSW Breakers in 2017. Picture: cricketnsw.com.au

The most successful team in WNCL history has big plans to return to its winning ways in the upcoming season, with the return of star pace bowler Sarah Coyte.

The New South Wales Breakers have been missing from the last three finals in the Women’s National Cricket League, and last season were ahead of only the ACT Meteors on the table, with just four wins.

But their fortunes may start looking up this season, with the Breakers moving to lure home former Australian representative, Sarah Coyte- who is fresh off her finals heroics for Tasmania in February’s final against South Australia.

Having taken 100 wickets across 81 games in the green and gold, she has continued to wreak havoc on the national competition since her retirement in 2016.

The Head of Female Cricket at NSW, Leah Poulton spoke about the move at a press conference.

“It’s always really nice to have good quality New South Wales people return home, and I know that was a really big consideration for Sarah to get back around family, and the Cricket NSW setup,” she said.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Sarah back and she’ll be a huge signing for us, on and off the park this year.”

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Despite the high number of ex-Breakers in the tournament, Poulton said that no further approaches have been made to lure other players home.

“Sarah was our focus this year, but like we said at the start, its always nice to welcome New South Wales people home so if there are opportunities in future seasons to welcome people back then we always look to do that.”

Furthermore, the return of Coyte may have a flow effect on to the rest of the Breakers bowling lineup, which Poulton discussed in reference to February’s final.

“The way that Sarah plays was very appealing to us,” she said.

“She’s got this fantastic kind of competitiveness; I think she mentioned it in that last over that she bowled for Tasmania- you know ‘we’re not losing this one’ that mindset of ‘it ain’t over till it’s over.’

“I really like that about Sarah, and I think she can really bring that to our group. I won’t say that we didn’t know how to win, but I think when you’re developing younger players, I think any sort of experience can only be beneficial, so that was really appealing to me.”

The 2023/24 WNCL season starts later in the year.

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