MAMMOTH jungler Goodo has lofty aspirations for his League of Legends career. (Photo: MAMMOTH/Twitter)

MAMMOTH Goodo talks to The Inner Sanctum about his path into LCO, the Australian professional League of Legends circuit.

Jeong ‘Goodo’ Min-jae was a fashion model in Sydney just two years ago when he decided he wanted to take League of Legends seriously.

After that it took him a year and a half to reach Rank 1 on the OCE server. Within a month he was signed to an LCO team, as the starting jungler for MAMMOTH for Split 2.

Goodo had been playing League for years prior to entrance into ‘high-elo’. He has been playing on the OCE server since season four (2014), after moving to Sydney from Jecheon, Korea.

As he continued to model, he began to feel as though it wasn’t the career for him. When the first wave of COVID-19 halted film and photo shoots around the country, suddenly there was no more modelling work.

That was when Goodo knew it was time he realised his potential playing League of Legends.

“I was doing [modelling] in Sydney… that’s what I did when I was a normal person,” Goodo told The Inner Sanctum

I used to do that [before] COVID came up. [Then] there was no work… [Then] there was a moment where I decided to play really seriously on this game. I tried and I made it.”

Goodo caught the eyes of LCO fans and broadcasters alike after opening his debut split with spirited performances on Rumble and Diana across two weeks. 

Despite close games against good teams and glimpses into the young teams potential, more than a few of those from Goodo, MAMMOTH still has not secured their first win of the split. But the jungler is bullish that the first win is coming soon, claiming the young team is hungry and taking steps forward everyday.

“The thing is we need to go forward, to win. We really need to win, that’s what we want to do,” he said.

“I think the gap has been closed [between LCO teams].

“I think Legacy has improved a lot. The other two teams, our team and Gravitas [had roster changes in ADC and jungle positions]. That has been really impactful for each team. The bottom of the two teams have… really improved. That’s the reason why the gap has been closed.”

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Since the inception of the LCO, younger players who did not compete in the OPL like Kyose and Kisee have been consistently impressing at the level, while long time veterans of the scene like Claire and Only have not been reaching the heights they have in the OPL.

One major factor that could explain this trend could be that OPL veterans are used to playing competitive games in gaming houses, and to some of the new LCO talent, competing online from the comfort of their own home is all they’ve ever known.

“I think the new players are better in the environment of playing in their own house,” Goodo said.

“Some of the players that have been playing in the OPL… they can feel uncomfortable playing in [their] house. For us I think it’s fine, we probably haven’t [experienced playing in a] gaming house.”

Although the team could not capitalize on the fabled ‘0-10 power spike’ and failed to secure their first win in week 5, Goodo and teammate Frosts have been putting up impressive performances. But one win won’t be enough, and Goodo has his gaze firmly squared on the top of the LCO.

Like many professional League of Legends players, Goodo has his eyes on the ultimate prize, winning the LCO and going head to head with the best League of Legends teams from around the globe in the LoL World Championship.

The jungler also plans to battle to the top of the ladder in his LCO career to follow in the footsteps of fellow South Korean residents BalKhan, Mir (now Arthur) and Croc.

“That’s my personal goal as well,” Goodo explained 

“[BalKhan, Mir, Croc] they went… overseas, Turkey, the LCK… – they were [in top teams] in the OCE when it was the OPL. Getting into the international teams, personally I think we need to make our teams stronger and then people will see us. I think that’s… step one.”

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Along with his lofty aspirations, Goodo not only possesses belief in himself and his abilities, but also in the potential for the young MAMMOTH roster to be the squad that takes him to the Playoffs – where he can make his case that he has the talent to play League of Legends internationally.

“I can see that our team has been improving week by week… and we believe that dreams come true.”

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