WSL Asia's World Junior Championships representatives [L-R] Kian Martin (SWE), Tenshi Iwami (JPN), Anon Matsuoka (JPN) and Nanaho Tsuzuki (JPN) at the Minamiboso Pro. (Photo: WSL/Yamamoto)

The pair of Kian Martin and Kana Nakashio have claimed victory in Japan defeating 50 of the best junior surfers Asia has to offer in the Minamiboso Pro Junior tournament.

After two intense days of surfing in the Chiba region of Japan, the winners of the Minamiboso Pro Junior have finally been crowned in both the men’s and women’s category. The tournament featured 50 of the best young junior surfers from Asia, with all competitors looking to make a name for themselves.

Men’s Winner: Kian Martin

Kian Martin in action. (Photo: WSL/Yamamoto)

Born in Sweden, and raised in Bali, Kian Martin came into the competition with hopes of toppling the competition. Catching ten waves in the Final, he used a combination of skill and elegance to finish in first place at the Minamiboso Pro Junior.

After an impressive road to the Final, Martin would go up against Japanese surfers Roi Kanazawa, Soma Hirahara and Tenshi Iwami.

Trailing for most of the 30 minute duration, Martin caught a near perfect wave earning himself a score of 7.27. With the stellar performance he overtook Roi Kanazawa who finished in second place. With his second tournament win of the year, it moved him to the top of the World Surf League Asia rankings.

Road to the Trophy

Round of 32: Advanced to the Quarter-Final with Riki Sata scoring 9.43 eliminating Horoto Mori and Ren Okano

Quarter-Final: Advanced to the Semi-Final with Soma Hirahara scoring 11.37 eliminating Shohei Kato and Tenshi Ishii

Semi-Final: Advanced to the Final with Soma Hirahara scoring 9.10 eliminating Riki Sato and Shotaro Wake

Final: Scored 11.27 defeating Roi Kanazawa, Soma Hirahara, Tenshi Iwami

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Women’s Winner: Kana Nakashio

Kanana Nakashio in action. (Photo: WSL/Yamamoto)

Continuing her great year, Kana Nakashio added her first ever event win to her resume. Finishing second and fourth earlier in the year, she came into the Minamiboso Pro Junior eyeing her maiden pro tournament event win.

Going up against Anon Matsuoka, Mirai Ikeda and Sai Maniwa in the Final, she captured the win. This was with a score of 12.04, 1.48 points clear of the second placed Matsuoka. Nakashio’s score was achieved in her first and last wave.

Her first wave achieved a score of 6.67 to set up a quick start. With time winding down in the 30 minute time-limit, her ninth and last wave earned her 5.37 points.

Road to the Trophy

Quarter-Final: Advanced to the Semi-Final with Hinata Shimizu scoring 10.67 eliminating Cocona Kawase and Rita Suzuki

Semi-Final: Advanced to the Final with Anon Matsuoka scoring 11.0 eliminating Hinata Shimizu and Arisa Ishii

Final: Scored 12.04 eliminating Anon Matsuoka, Mirai Ikeda, Sai Maniwa

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