Kaleb Rideout fights for the Eternal MMA Welterweight title against Kevin Jousset (Photo: krazy_horse_mma/ Instagram)

This Saturday, Australian MMA prospect Kaleb Rideout (6-2) faces his biggest and most difficult test when he takes on world-class judoka Kevin Jousset (5-1) for the vacant Eternal MMA Welterweight Championship in the Gold Coast.

For Rideout, his second fight under the Eternal MMA banner will be the first time he fights for a championship in his professional career.

Currently riding a four-fight win streak, the 25-year-old knows what a championship win could mean for the future of his career.

“This fight is massive” Rideout told The Inner Sanctum, “I think it is pretty much one of the most important fights I could have right now.”

“Because I feel like this fight could be the ticket to the UFC.”

“I feel like Kevin and I are the top fighters in Australia and New Zealand at this time, this fight is not only for a belt but it will determine who is the best fighter.”

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In the regional MMA scene, The Eternal MMA Welterweight Championship has a great amount of prestige. The title was previously held by Jack Della Maddalena (12-2), who has since gone on to become one of the hottest up-and-comers in the UFC.

Whilst only turning 25 last month, Rideout hopes to follow in the footsteps of his Australian counterpart with a statement win.

But although the stakes are high, Sydney’s “Krazy Horse” is in a cool and calm state of mind.

“I don’t get too nervous before fights believe it or not” he said, “at the end of the day, it’s just a fight.”

“So I’m just going in there, performing my best and whatever the outcome is, that’s the outcome.”

Standing in Rideout’s way of championship glory is French Judoka turned Mixed Martial Artist Kevin Jousset.

When it comes to Judo, Jousset is as accomplished as it gets, as he is a multiple-time French National Championship medallist.

The Frenchman also competed both nationally and internationally for his country for many years, representing France at both European Championship and World Cup level.

With predominantly grappling credentials, Jousset has spent time at world-renowned gym City Kickboxing to hone his striking.

But with four of his six wins coming by knockout, Rideout plans to test the striking skills of his French opponent.

“I’m definitely going to test his striking 100 percent” Rideout added “I feel like I would test everyone’s striking.”

“My striking is at another level, so I’m told by a lot of people right now, so it would be really interesting to see what he has to offer (striking-wise).”

Kaleb Rideout won his Eternal MMA debut against Ben Johnston Last March (Photo: krazy_horse_mma/ Instagram)

When you look back at his highlight reel, Rideout’s finishes consist of some unorthodox knockout wins, with spinning knockouts in two of his last four wins against Ben Johnston and Thomas David.

When asked, Rideout expressed that his unpredictability will play a role in him getting the victory in the Gold Coast.

“My unpredictability plays a massive role in any fight I do,” Rideout said.

“Because the secret to my unpredictability is that I don’t even know what I’m going to throw, I’m just gonna throw it.”

But no matter what the tactics are from both sides, this classic striker vs grappler match-up will most certainly bring fireworks to the GC Sports & Leisure Centre, with Rideout even noting his preferred finish.

“I’m going to look for the knockout” Rideout stated.

“I’d like to do the knockout in the second round, just to give the fans something to watch.”

“But man, I’m always keen for a bloodbath too so if Kevin wants to have a bloodbath I’m down.”

With much to gain for both men, this is a fight that Australian MMA fans certainly do not want to miss out on.

To see Kaleb Rideout in action be sure to watch the fight on UFC Fight Pass (Subscription Required)

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